MOM issues 5 Correction Directions against various online media

Expectedly, the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) Office have issued 5 Correction Directions (CD) on Sunday evening (5 July) to 4 online media.

The 4 online media which were issued with the CDs are NUSS, TOC Asia, CNA and New Naratif, who have all complied with the CDs (as if they had a choice).

According to the POFMA Office’s press release, the NUSS video, TOC’s Facebook post and videos, CNA’s online article and New Naratif’s audio recording contain the following statements by Dr Paul Ananth Tambyah, which are allegedly false.

• Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) email advisory to employers on testing of migrant workers was made without the advice from public health medical professionals
• MOM‘s advisory stated that employers would lose their work pass privileges if they brought their workers for COVID-19 testing
• MOM actively discouraged the testing of workers

The details of the offending posts are as follows:

• Video “NUSS Pre-General Election Forum 2020”, published by NUSS on 3 July 2020 on YouTube

• Facebook post and video titled “Dr Paul Tambyah reveals MOM’s role in outbreak of COVID-19 within dormitories”, published by TOC on 4 July 2020
• Video “TOC GE2020 Livestream – Afternoon session 2 July 2020”, published by TOC on 2 July 2020
• Online article “GE2020: Focus on public health could have been lost in March amid talk of early election, suggests SDP’s Paul Tambyah”, published by CNA on 4 July 2020
• Audio recording titled “An Interview with Dr Paul Tambyah”, published by New Naratif on 5 July 2020

The CDs were issued under the instruction of Aubeck Kam, Permanent Secretary for MOM and Alternate Authority for the Minister for Manpower, currently the record holder for issuing the most number of CDs within a day.

As for its justification and supposed facts, please refer to the Factually website for a list of “he said this, she said that, they said this and that, I no say, you got say, yeah yeah yeah, bla bla bla…“.


 * Download yeah yeah yeah, bla bla bla… by using ‘right click – save as’, if you have a slow internet connection.




15 Responses to “MOM issues 5 Correction Directions against various online media”

  • Yawn…

    The problem with human beings is that we are born sympathetic towards weaker species. We see a stray cat or puppy on the road, we either take her in or buy her food. We see a youngster shouting at an old man at the roadside, we would fiack the youngster first, regardless of the fact that the old man being in the wrong. Its simply human nature, no amount of POFMA can change that.

    Therefore the problem I see with this POFMA here and there will eventually work against the party because people will tend to side with the weaker party and thus may be “encouraged” to switch sides.

    Voting youngsters nowadays are no longer the uneducated lot that the 1G and 2G leaders have been able to hoodwink in the past. Chut more pattern and shoot a few more POFMAs the oppose way and the party may find itself losing GRCs or SMCs that were supposedly “a walk in the park”.

    Currently, as I see it, only the following GRCs are at risk of falling to the oppose, add maybe 2 or 3 SMCs:

    West Coast GRC
    Aljunied GRC
    East Coast GRC

    What the party has been doing to date only confirms its kiasu, kiasi and chao kuan (smelly) mentality. The party must remember that in instances like this, it is not only just battling with the oppos alone, it is also battling against voters.

    Continue to fiack around some more and the party may be looking at another GRC and a couple of SMCs falling to the oppos.

    It is already a foregone conclusion that the party will form the next government, why must take it to such an extreme?

    Heard of “物极必反“?

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  • Not really:

    Many Singaporeans are reverse.
    They see a stray cat, they give it a kick. Bystanders will join in with more kicks.

    Nevertheless, hope you are right!

    TRE Techie: The problem with human beings is that we are born sympathetic towards weaker species. We see a stray cat or puppy on the road, we either take her in or buy her food.

    Therefore the problem I see with this POFMA here and there will actually work against the party because people will tend to side with the weaker side and thus may be “encouraged” to vote against the party.

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  • @Not really

    In this instance, I hope that I am right because all these kiddy childish pattern chutting is really getting on my nerve. Its one thing to be carrying balls (I do that too at times), but carrying not enough, still must lick meh?

    Anyway, for the record, I confess that I am typically apolitical, I really don’t give a shit as to who becomes the President or Prime Minister. As long as my family has food on the table and I can provide for them, I am content.

    Of course, it doesn’t mean that I am selfish and I do not help the weaker ones whenever I can if it is within my means to do so.

    So whenever I see weaker people kenna bullied be it in China or online, it really irritates me and turns me off and I do whatever I can to help. If anyone is interested, I once drove a KTV hostess whom I barely know to the hospital in my car when she was assaulted by a group of drunkards. Had to replace the backseat cushion after that because it was stained with her blood, but no regrets, no big deal anyway.

    Truth be told, I am not against the party or the government per se. I would have voted for Mr Shanmugam or Mr Tharman if I were in the country or in Beijing, where the polling stations are.

    I do not see them as a party, but an individual that I am comfortable in trusting that they would do a reasonably good job. The same goes for Dr Tan, regardless of whether he is with PAP or PSP.

    Oops! Did I forget to mention Nicole Seah too? Hee Hee…


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  • MarBowling:

    Perm Sec of MOM, BECKING Kam is just taking ORDER from Minister of MOM, JT, to POFMAD and issue the 5 CD, period. Dirty and sneaky moves! Heaven has eyes. Heaven and the Barn Owl are watching her Sneaky moves 24 hours!

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  • mountain_tortise:

    well said, this fake news law have me worrying, just to quote an example
    “I saw u throw a cat out of the window” reply no this is fake news “I threw a kitten out of the window”

    I can only pray for miracle, but unlikely, some alternative parties really need a slap on their face, reducing NS to 6 months ? yes many of us hate NS, but how reduce to 6 months ? there’s no threat from immediate neighbour doesn’t means no threat from beyond

    well we can only pray alternative parties can win more seats than last GE, but not hopeful knowing most Singaporean are kiasu, kiasi, kiatiogan, a complete wipe out of alternative parties seems also likely, what’s important is not giving them more than 60% votes, otherwise they’ll think they have mandate of people, not they have mandate of people, but most vote out of fear of losing their comfy life.

    do we still think we have a better life with 1 party rule ? this is good as dynasty rule in olden days, thats how many dynasty eventually collapse !

    Vote Wisely

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  • Dr Tan Tai Wei:

    The reaction to Dr Tambyah’s is yet again not “constructive”, responsible politics. Responsible, responsive governance should only take his statement on the matter as opportunity for clarification and “transparency”. MOM did issue that “advice” to employers but with threat to penalise which only powers-that-be could enforce. So despite medical advice being available and listened to within that Committee in charge, it’s clear that the final decision, which on the surface went against purely medical considerations, was “Ministerial”. And as it turned out, infections among such workers since exploded, showing on the surface it was a wrong decision. And it’s commonsense that even though one test would not rule out infection, it would have picked out those infected, and ruled out arguably the majority even if some would need further testings? So to the public who cannot know the inside story, clarications are needed, and Dr Tambyah has therefore rendered it the service of asking, as political opposition is duty-bound to do, just as rulers are duty-bound to explain. And, for “non- adversarial” politics’ sake, don’t yet again cast aspersions, insinuating that more in character is expected of the doctor even though he associates with Chee Soon Juan. Hey, don’t we expect honourable conduct of such as Vivian, who started it all? We remember him as a school debater, who was trained to refer opponents as “my worthy opponents”. Has all that moral education gone to waste?

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  • Spies:

    Way Lao……..pappies now bring Government institutions to play Mata Mata during Erections.

    No wonder, the world needs a FIFTH COLUMN!

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  • Wah getting complicated..:

    Actually many uncles only interested how each party can help them find a decent jobs and feed the family.Now only NATO…
    Also make sure uncle can retire and not join many of our Seniors so cash poor that they cannot have a decent retirement ….
    All their money is in the HDB house that is going to be Zero value at the end….
    But then all the would be MPs don’t have uncle problem…
    No wonder no sound from them…how to solve uncle main problem…

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  • Asd:

    I think it’s very interesting the question is mom or moh knows better

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  • Same Fear Tactic:

    PAP is getting very desperate. They are using the same scare tactic that the Cow used to frightened the voters into voting for the. One time works, twice sorry people getting smarter. ” If PAP lost 4 GRC and 2 SMC, the investor will pull out of Singapore because it is a weakened government. The leaders should be POFMA for spreading fear.

    Who knows investors may pour in more money into Spore because there is more democracy, more freedom, more innovation and no more groupthink mentality.

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  • Be fair to everyone:

    As 10 July approaches, expect to see POFMA here, POFMA there.

    And lots of poison darts thrown at oppo candidates.

    Same old sh*tty tactics by pap for the past 50 years.

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  • Don't cry for me , Singapore:

    WTF pap doesn’t engage in fair debates.

    They resort to character assassination and rebut anything they don’t like as falsehood or baseless.

    Now they have one favourite weapon POFkiMA to thumb oppo down.


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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    Straits Times: Singapore GE2020: PM Lee Hsien Loong says he will see country through the crisis

    PM LHL has “seen the country” through the following since he became PM:

    (1) Price of HDB flats MORE THAN DOUBLED with STAGNANT wages.

    (2) Thousands of Singaporean PMETs lost their jobs to “cheap” (no CPF) of foreigners.

    (3) Loss of jobs security for Singaporeans.

    (4) CPF accounted were “depleted” (ie., drained) by over-priced HDB flat.

    (5) More CPF savings were “trapped” in a basically depreciating (to ZERO) asset – HDB flat.

    (6) HDB, the public housing scheme, has become Ponzi scheme. You need a fool to pay a higher price for your depreciating flat.

    (7) More foreigners were given places in local schools that could have gone to Singaporeans. To add insult to injury the foreigners were given scholarships using taxpayers’ money.

    (8) Singaporeans are worse off since LHL became PM.

    Singaporeans need PM LHL to continue to see the country through anythng as much as they need a whole in the head.

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  • We are Singapore:

    Pofma will just reinforce in our kids that everything is either black or white. But threats not true in real lif
    In many business and life’s negotiations, there are many shades of greys..

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  • Ahlim:

    Use pofma do disinfectant work.Help out the cleaners.

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