10 good reasons to vote for the alternative parties

For GE2020, the alternative parties face the double whammy of COVID-19 uncertainty and cash handouts in the hands of voters. Their best hope is that the People’s Action Party has misjudged the sentiment of voters, just as it has mishandled COVID-19.

Singaporeans have to think wisely and vote wisely:

1. The more alternative party politicians we have, the more robust the debate and proceedings in Parliament, which is now a chamber for rubber stamping and cashing blank cheques

2. The stronger the alternative voices, the more difficult it is to whitewash and sugarcoat failures such as COVID-19 mishandling

3. Lee Hsien Loong and his comrades have assured that Singapore will emerge from COVID-19 “stronger and better” – they are right, the resilience of Singaporeans will pull through, so do not be fooled when they tell you that a strong mandate is needed to fight COVID-19 because it has absolutely nothing to do with mandate

4. Has your PAP MP done anything noteworthy or asked any tough questions in Parliament? If not, what is the harm of giving the alternative party politicians a chance to see if they can do better as MPs – not NCMPs

5. Ownself cannot check ownself – only the opposition can provide the checks and balances against the steamrolling of policies, against putting party and not people first

6. No fear of repentance – just ask the people of Hougang who have been voting opposition for 29 years and have yet to repent

7. No fear of abandonment – having an alternative party serving you while the PAP is lurking around, trying to woo you, is having the best of both worlds

8. It’s said that every dog has its day – why not give the underdogs a chance because the top dogs have had their day for the longest time and they look jaded, it’s time to give them a rest or retire them from politics

9. In 2011, the people gave the PAP a big scare, and followed it up with a warm embrace in 2015 – the years after 2011 were much better years, which shows that a scare works better than a warm embrace

10. To sum up the case for change in GE2020, let’s hear it from Lee Kuan Yew: “I think there will come a time when eventually the public will say, look, let’s try the other side, either because the PAP has declined in quality or the opposition has put up a team which is equal to the PAP and they say, let’s try the other side.”


Augustine Low




14 Responses to “10 good reasons to vote for the alternative parties”

  • trublu:

    A vote against GROUPTHINK is a good thing.

    Vote for diversity.

    Why continue to be content with just mediocrity when you can have better sgs serving you?

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  • Reasons to Vote Alternatives:

    We must not say vote for new govt.
    Many citizens live in FEAR and depression.

    Reasons to vote for More Alternatives :

    1. WIPE OUT is very possible this GE.
    If that happens, it could be a one way street of no return. Do not think another GE may let you vote them back. The Constitution can be changed to have no Alternative MP by their justification using NCMP.

    2. WHO wrote the scripts?
    Who did the research for policies?
    Permanent secretaries.
    Do not be fooled.
    Even a TPL can do the job because behind the scenes is their platoon of point scoring glass loot people. The 80 odd can be replaced. Not required.

    3. Dr Tan is try experience the Alternative MPs can rely on.

    4. The NCMP could lead to a Constitution change abolishing democracy.
    The writings are all over the wall.
    Once without any Opposition MP, they may wayang to the naive that ncmp does the job and therefore they scrap the election permanently or create a new law such that there is no way to run for elections, something like EP.

    5. Be the Karma for Pap. Jo Teo is elite who does not find a need to apologise.
    In the past during LKY time, a lady mp simply washed her hands after shaking hand with a fish monger and she was removed.
    Erosion is true.

    6. Better lives for you and me if while giving pap mandate, alternatives keep them pressured to maximise benefits for citizens.

    EXPECT THE WORSE AND PRay for a Miracle.

    A track record exists proving that GE RESULTS almost always OPPOSITE GROUND SENTIMENTS.

    I have made my prophecy. You shall prove are you DAFT .

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  • Opi very impressive:

    PAP has taken 50 over years to build our strong reserves. Today we have a strong dollar which all Singaporeans are enjoying. This is due to the cohesion of Singaporeans. Are we doing badly today?

    If we are not careful and divided, changing our government every four or five years with different parties taking charge, LKY said within 2 terms we will never come back.

    When different parties take charge nobody will bother to build reserves and will keep spending.
    That will be the end of the Singapore success story. If this election PAP does badly, this would be the beginning of our decline.

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  • Harder Truths:

    For all those brainwashed people who still think the leeders are a good choice.

    There are many more of you than us who know the Truth. That this island full of foreigners and broke with no Reserves is one small step away from being taken over fully by foreigners or collapse – or both. take your pick.

    It is also very possible you will get the government you deserve – again. With a large enough majority to pass new laws and change your future forever. I am sure to hear a lot of you cheering for the despots a few days from now.

    Just don’t come begging to the opposition voters when you end up destitute. We have our own problems. Frankly – I don’t care a sh*t what happens to you after the communists come out of the closet.

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  • Hands off the cpf cookie jar!:

    The Emperor Dowager’s court is mired in (corrupted) crony-capitalism and the (cpf) sheeple are suffering from super inflated costs of living without social safety nets (like minimum wage) six years running world’s most expensive city (easily affordable to filthy rich elites).

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  • best outcome:

    The future is going to be very tough…due to external factors beyond Singapore control….even USA or China.A strong Government is needed.
    That is the reality…
    Vote for the opposition leaders in the SMC…we do not need a PAP lite.
    Better get the real deal.
    Let see how the different set of opposition performed in the Parliament…hope they do their job and provide real options with their vigorous debates and questions..less risks for Singapore.

    Best outcome is a strong PAP Government and an accountable one to the people.
    We need real opposition that will ensure Policy are debate thoroughly and only implemented for Singapore good.
    Vote wisely..Singapore Future in our hand.
    We can also destroy it…

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  • Charlie:

    Come on Sinkies, let’s do it, let’s have the guts to vote for a better tomorrow – send the PAP a message they cannot forget nor ignore!

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  • Realist:

    Vote against gutter politics, vote against ugly, dirty tactics, vote against bullies, vote against the PAP. For the sake of our families, for the sake of our children.

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  • Leelian:

    Lee Kuan Yew is asking what is happening to my beloved family, what is happening to Sg? Give LKY some peace, send LHL into retirement, so he can reconcile with his siblings. It’s time for change, it’s time for unity.

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  • SG Opposition WIPE OUT:

    Think of HK.
    Do not under estimate the super majority.
    They want no democracy.
    They want One party rule.
    This betrays the Constitution.

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  • John Richards:

    Let’s be frank here. The Singapore government is actually kept running by the civil servants in the various Ministries. The Ministers merely initiate policy but the civil service gets the job done. Policies can be changed by NEW Ministers but the civil service will remain to keep the country running efficiently. It is the same in every democratic country.

    So do not fear if a Minister is voted out. His former ministry will be perfectly fine without him. Think George Yeo.

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  • We Could Have Fared Better:

    We could have fared much better in handling covid-19 if we had louder alternative voices. Initially, the few doctors who appealed to the covid-19 task force to mandate wearing of mask (which is so intuitive in my opinion) were adopted by the task force until things went out of control.

    We need louder alternative voices to safeguard ourselves.

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  • GivePowerBackToTgePeople:

    getting in the best alternative parties is not an option anymore, rather a must!
    or theres no more future for sheeples.
    only the elites and theirs will be enjoying life..
    the rest will become their slaves just surviving from day to day..

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  • Better Result for Opposition:

    As expected the result for the Opposition is better this time.
    Could have been better,especially for West Coast GRC.
    All eyes is now on WP with 10 MPs..
    Hope will not disappoint this time …not NATO.

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