Covid-19: Modi in denial

The BBC reports that Indian experts say that “full-blown” community transmission is happening in India.

But the government refuses to accept that community transmission has begun, saying there is no clear definition of the term, and each country can define it based on local conditions.

So far, Kerala and West Bengal are the only two states to accept that they have entered this stage.

But global understanding on the subject is simple: when the source of infection can’t be traced in a large number of cases, it’s safe to define it as community transmission.

The WHO’s guidelines say: “community transmission is evidenced by the inability to relate confirmed cases through chains of transmission for a large number of cases”.


According to Dr Arvind Kumar, chairman of the Centre for Chest Surgery at Delhi’s Sir Gangaram Hospital: more and more patients are turning up at hospitals whose source of infection cannot be traced. And, he adds, the rising case numbers support this.

For the record: India has recorded more than 1.2 million cases and nearly 29,000 deaths.


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13 Responses to “Covid-19: Modi in denial”

  • Denial:

    In India 1.2 million cases and nearly 29,000 deaths…
    Not serious enough ? Still in denial?

    In Singapore more than 50,000 cases…still a good job?

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  • thousands in sg:

    totally hopeless that country.
    with their crazy caste system.
    the millions of destitude cant even get a chance to see a doctor on good days, much less in this pandemic.

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  • Numbers Tell A Story:

    PAP also wants people to believe that there is very low community spread in SG. But how can you be sure when there is no extensive mass testings in the community? During the days before GE, the cases of new infections kept falling to the low 100, but after GE, the numbers went up to 400-500. Are Singaporeans in denial too?

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  • xoxo:

    this cheat at least know how to OUTWIT THE PAP MINISTER$ here.
    He made these joker$ commit to employ his jobless citizens who cannot even qualify for jobs back home in India but treated like some TALENTS here?

    No one govt is as daft as ours.
    He says majority of sgs are DAFT BEYOND HOPE.

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  • CNA on CECA land....:

    MUMBAI: Spurning free air tickets, accommodation and higher pay, millions of migrant workers who fled India’s cities when COVID-19 hit are too scared to return, with grim implications for the already crumbling economy.

    Migrant labourers form the backbone of Asia’s third-biggest economy toiling in every sector from making consumer goods and stitching garments to driving cabs.

    But when India went into lockdown in late March, vast numbers lost their jobs, prompting a huge heart-rending exodus back to their home villages, sometimes on foot, their children in their arms. Some died on the way.

    Mumbai’s swanky high-rises, for example, were built and largely staffed by people from poorer states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha, who worked as security guards, cooks and cleaners.

    But as the city became a virus hotspot, around 80 per cent of construction workers left the financial hub after work came to a standstill, according to the Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry.

    Four months on, with lockdown measures eased, some workers have trickled back but more than 10,000 building sites are lying virtually abandoned due to severe labour shortages across the city.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Modi’s loss is $G’s gain!

    Think of all the millions of FT on their way here!

    Thank you ballsless balls carriers. Enjoy your New $G.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on TR Emeritus website :Quote – “Covid-19: Public concerned that the number of imported cases in S’pore from the same source
    Of the six imported cases, five travelled from India. Two are permanent residents, a 17-year-old male returning from India and a 22-year-old female returning from the UK. The remaining four imported cases are dependent pass holders from India

    Photo: from Facebook public photos / Reuters India

    Hana O

    July 27, 2020

    Health & FitnessHome News

    - Advertisement -

    Singapore – In response to the daily coronavirus updates provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH), members of the public have expressed their worry about the recurring imported cases, most coming from India.

    Singapore reported 513 new Covid-19 cases on Saturday (July 25), including two cases in the community, a new cluster, and six imported cases who had been placed on stay-home notice upon their arrival, said MOH.

    Of the six imported cases, five travelled from India. Two are permanent residents, a 17-year-old male returning from India and a 22-year-old female returning from the UK. The remaining four imported cases are dependent pass holders who arrived from India between July 11 and July 13. One of the imported cases with a dependent’s pass includes a 3-year-old boy. According to MOH, all of them were placed on a 14-day stay-home notice upon arrival in Singapore and tested while serving their notice.

    Netizens expressed their concern with the recurring imported cases, most of which are coming from India……”Unquote.

    Response :Some times back, I already highlight on TR Emeritus website that India will not be able to solve its corona virus problem easily. Its corona virus expansion is equally as fast as its population explosion, and you see the stupid Modi Indian President don’t even need to use his brain to control its population expansion. Singapore should mandatory migrate Indranee Rajah, Kasisviswanathan Shanmugam, “Malay president” Halimah Yacob, iswaran, Janil Puthucheary,…… Josephine Teo Li Min to India to station there permanently to help India population problem. And for once, shameless beast woman Josephine Teo Li Min to be stationed in India, will be very effective to solve India population problem because stupid Josephine Teo Li Min don’t know how to increase population but 100% effective to stop population growth. And stupid Modi need Josephine “talent(sarcasm intended)” . And Josephine may open her big mouth as big as a ferocious woman tiger and demand 100,000% fine increase in food, implement $10,000,000 for motorcycle COE in India, $50,000% increase in taxes,…. So very fast India population will decrease because all their males cannot survive . And Josephine Teo Li Min will have her women wing empire system in India and the future potential of Indian Queen there! Pui!

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Call the Mystic and Gurus leh!!! they can perform wonders they don’t die drinking s*ake especially Cobra Venom…covid 19??? no problem lah!!! the Mystics and Guru will walk among the infected and cure them with their Snake Potion

    Cobra venom kills within hours and the COVID virus take days-weeks or months. Enough time to perform the “rope trick” lah!!!

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  • PAP Cannot Be Trusted:

    The statistics given by PAP have all been manipulated to give a false impression. So cannot believe the numbers.y

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Apparently some countries going for herd immunity. Can do but cannot say.

    1 In 4 People In Delhi May Have Been Exposed To COVID-19: Can We Achieve Herd Immunity Soon?

    Fake news ? Wrong conclusion ?
    Lets Keep in view!

    Of course scare shitless oppies supporters will object to it and shot it down.

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  • Halimah Totally Useless:

    Why are the CERCA Ah Nehs coming here not put into quarantine, most of them are infected. They should be isolated and made to pay their own for their hotel stay and tests.
    And why allow these Trash to come in when they are already infected ???
    Most of the imported cases are FTs work permit holders from Ah neh land and Pinoys.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Yesterday, I went to one of orchard central shopping mall. Inside one of the building there, there is a long big space shop at one of the level, and the shop business is hairdressing plus facial treatment or whatever. Seem very high class and expensive to open a big hairdressing/facial treatment shop there. Imagine the rental cost of such space plus the expensive salaries of such women employees there. How do one still make money profit from such expensive shop space especially when customers are not really many? And another shop doing kickboxing business for women. And I see a beast woman there trained to fight like a ferocious tiger at her “enemy”. No wonder previously reported out that there is one high kick from a woman whose shoe heels burst the eyeball of another woman in a “cat fight”. And such boxing business is becoming popular in shopping mall. And the business scene now develop in selling sex toy in one of the level in Sim Lim Square.

    And nowadays things have become super expensive. Last time can get five toothbrush for one dollar at value$ store. Not too long, cut to four toothbrush for one dollar, then to three toothbrush for $1. Now LHL government is totally sleeping. And two toothbrush selling at $0.85 at value$ store. The mist basic essential thing and that is toothbrush, yet LHL still can allow NTUC,… all supermarkets to milk huge profits from people. One can check a lot of shops selling one toothbrush for a few dollars! Pui! When the whole country business and malls are run by a whole bunch of beast conwomen wing, this is why costs will never come down.

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  • plenty of rent seeking:

    //When the whole country business and malls are run by a whole bunch of beast conwomen wing, this is why costs will never come down.//

    plenty of rent seeking in sinkie land ?? too many REITs and even some companies who cannot succeed as well in their core business also branch out into real estate / property businesses and with 6.9m or 10m open-leg policy, the heat is going to get hotter when it comes to fighting for space (rental or purchase costs) in either living or doing businesses ????

    the reason why many northern neighbours got to travel to and fro from their country to work here as their salaries (low or competitive) may not be enough for them to put up abode here ? and yet white monkey idiots are spewing rubbish that daft sinkies are not competitive, hard working and choosy ?? and the reasons why low-wage workers are put up in more lower cost domitaries as their salaries definitely cannot afford for them a rented flat on their own ????

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