PM Lee has also announced public donations without anyone questioning his motive

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The Facebook post by Ho Ching deriding public announcement of donations is all the more baffling when you consider that her husband Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has done it on at least two occasions.

In a 2012 statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, it was announced that PM Lee would donate $350,000 for three community causes – Prime Minister’s Social Service Award, Prime Minister’s Valedictorian Award and Community Initiatives Fund under the People’ Association.

Statement issued by Prime Minister Office:
Prior to this, when there was a hike in ministerial salaries in 2007, PM Lee also publicly announced that he would donate his own salary increase to charity for a period of five years.

Given this backdrop, what’s the point in Ho Ching saying “there are lots of folks who donated and continue to donate quietly, without making any public announcement”?

Since her husband has made public announcements of his donations, he surely cannot be counted among those “who donated and continue to donate quietly.”

What’s more, donations are more overt when they are intended to reflect and acknowledge the benefactor – such as Prime Minister’s Social Service Award and Prime Minister’s Valedictorian Award.

Ho Ching’s Facebook post came in the wake of Workers’ Party chief Pritam Singh announcing his donation of half of his salary as Leader of the Opposition.

Are we seeing a case of double standards? When the opposition does it, there must be an ulterior motive, there is more to it than meets the eye. But when the establishment does it, it is in the name of transparency and keeping the public informed.


Augustine Low




26 Responses to “PM Lee has also announced public donations without anyone questioning his motive”

  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Morons:

    Did all of you receive a letter from Mr Heng asking you all to donate?

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  • RDB:

    He the Peeing And Pooing pm got no motives lah! It is just his style lor… Tioboh… If you know what I mean lor!!!

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  • limpei:

    what is 350k for his kind of salary? knn

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  • They like that one:

    This is what I am talking about when I say many Singaporeans cannot discern what’s wrong. Specifically, I talking about policies.

    It’s not that they are idiots. It’s just lack of guidance. And it’s due to psychology as well.

    SG has been ruled by one party rule for essentially day one although not strictly true. There is a strong effect : people thought democracy is one party rule because they have never been taught by the country what ideal or superior form of democracy should be.

    Missteps, mistakes, failures have largely gone unnoticed by these whom I cannot say are idiots.

    This is why change has been so slow.

    Change require generations because of this psychological factor.

    Many who support them cannot discern.

    They need to be spoon-fed to know.
    1. If garment do not tell them to wear masks, they don’t know.

    2. If garment don’t make Opposition leader official, they don’t know. Now maybe they regard opposition leader like pap.

    It’s politically incorrect to call them idiots. So I won’t.

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  • Failing to Wash Own Backside:

    This is an exposed case of epic failure in washing own backside in own backyard. Yet trying very hard to wash others’.

    Couldn’t imagine more of such nonsense that backfires own backside.

    Look before you leap. Stop poking other’s nose before dipping your finger in puddings and pies. It’s a disgusting act, more so coming from someone of aristocraptic status. Simply disgraceful and extremely disgusting. It clearly reveals a very ugly character deep within.


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  • AristoCATs - Donate 99% !:

    Not to be outdone,
    Ho Jinx immediately announced she would donate 99% of her salary !

    Just Kidding !

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  • Samuel S:

    Waiting for HC to reply.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

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  • Realist:

    Empress of Hypocrisy. Time to send her to IMH

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  • Asd:

    I think it is not right to fill own pocket then donate

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  • ricardo:

    mudder fattkers.
    both of them.

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  • xoxo:

    both husband and wife are a cause of much misery of common sgs.
    husband bring in foreigners to replace sgs,rob their cpf,up gst and taxes/levies.
    wife make dirty money from commoners from telco to banking services to utilities and transport. n even private housing.

    both will go n burn in Hell a million times.

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  • Woolovereyes:

    When the rich gives, it is never a sacrifice but an empowerment. But when the poor gives out of their lack, it is a sacrifice.

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  • Gives me the shivers!:

    Being the educated person that she is, she must know that “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”! So it amazes me that for someone as educated as she is, how could she make sweeping comments knowing that this could come back to bite her. Mind you we are not talking about the average wage earner. We are talking about someone who manages billions of dollars of taxpayers savings. Just gives me the shivers!

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  • Do more:

    OK Lah..all MPs should donate more…especially the part-timers.
    Many Singaporean are suffering now..please donate more to help…
    Learn to live with $500pm as advised by MSF…

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  • Cpf life:

    CPF where art thou called out by the elderlies.roy championed persecuted like jeyaratnam who was help to be extremely charitable even with his bungalow. CPF life!,, ha ha ha ho ho ho down the chimney to the rat hole Think Sinkies stupid huh. 100 millions! Increase salary 10000 x. Where the 60 ++++ billions go. Aims how many? What r their share? Foreigners ? No problem to import to replace n displace sinkies from job n their children from univ. what r their shares out of 60 billions huh. F.. s…

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  • Dr M:

    Make money out of sgs.
    Buy cheap water from Malaysia and sell at multiple times the cost and claim water conservation by charging surcharges etc.

    Damn blood suckers.
    Then squander away to ang moh banks in the billions after squuezing Asean neighbour and own citizens.

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  • Pao kung:

    The odd couple screws our lives up.
    Take away jobs and still push up cost of living.

    May the vanish from our sight!

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  • Ho Chin F Off:

    It is said that a flame burn its brightest before being extinguished.Ho FUCKING Chin you should be the last one to comment about such matters. You and your husband the useless Pinky are up to no good.You are the CEO of Tumb of sick, please concentrate your energies in running it well.I warn you do not open your FUCKING mouth were it does not belong.
    If you insist on making comments about matters that donor concern you please let SINGAPOREANS KNOWN HOW MUCH YOU ARE PAID before opening your SHIT MOUTH.
    Singaporeans MUST START a petition ABOUT YOUR PAY.
    As for me I curse your to BURN IN HELL.

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  • CPF =Chiak Png First:

    We, the elderly citizens of Singapore, just wish to know whether CPF is a RobPeterPayPaul scheme or, worse still, a Ponzi? Could there be a perpetual Roundtripping somehow, somewhere?

    We are just asking these questions to avoid making Pofmaddable and prosecutable statements, so as to assure our happiness and the wellbeing of our fragile remnant life. All we care is Chiak Png First.

    Any takers?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    AristoCATs - Donate 99% !:
    Not to be outdone,
    Ho Jinx immediately announced she would donate 99% of her salary !

    Just Kidding !

    You will receive notice from POFMA soon. It is 100% of her salary!

    However, we won’t know how much in $ and cents, because her salary is state secret!! It could be $100 million!

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Atraits Times website :Quote – “SingPass to be upgraded to NRIC’s digital equivalent

    The upgrade will in effect transform the 17-year-old technology into the digital equivalent of the pink NRIC.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM SINGPASS WEBSITE
    Move will allow it to secure high-risk online transactions such as bank account openings
    Irene ThamTech Editor
    National authentication system SingPass is undergoing an extensive upgrade that will allow it to secure high-risk online transactions such as bank account openings or fund withdrawals and transfers.

    The upgrade will in effect transform the 17-year-old technology into the digital equivalent of the pink NRIC, putting Singapore on the world map for being among the first to do so… “Unquote.

    Response : So next time can use Singpass to open new bank accounts. Wait till hackers come and steal all the Singpass and open bank accounts under your name to do transfer of money laundering activities, and hackers will also use Singpass to steal off all your money in your old bank account. Singpass =NRIC digital equivalent? And the new approach is digital banking??? All the hawkers and good court food has become super high pricing become Singapore doesn’t want to use less cash payments but want to pay by digital payment through Internet transfer taking up more mobile data. Wonder why our Internet nowadays speed is so much slower? No mystery as everything use Internet for safe entry, home based studies,…..

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Between the one who wear “Pants” and the one who wear “Pink Panties”…

    they can give $$$666Million and still have enough to take a Private Rocket to the Moon and Back with Branson as Guest of honour and leaving an Albino behind with a hundred willing maids well paid to breed a Dynasty on the Moon

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  • Your monies, my name:

    Ask any elderly non bootlicking professionals, (not many but there r there) about. The once Catch phrase in their generations “your monies, my name charity “. Jeyaratnam has been acclaimed to be a highly persecuted charity including his whole hugh bungalow In a prestigious residential area which is an envy of the humonguous greed. The ownself xxxx ownself could probably a vehicle for them to get enough by ownself xxxx ownself to negotiate for a cheap threat dealwith personal lawyer!

    Perhap a question for GCT, now he is well garbaged n proven his desperateness to climb out is futile n worse shits pours not by one who he went after on succumbation but one whom he longed for respect just as his equally stupid comtempory who is saved by the faked Malay From mbeing garbaged. Now is the question,

    His claim of millions package will stop corruptive genes from eruption. Has he nything else to add, unfake with the 100+++ millions n 60 billions hovering in SIN sky!

    GD Star Rating
  • Quoting Mrs GCT:

    Mrs GCT for unknown reason ccommented publicly that the NKF corruption amt was peanut implying presumably why so much fuss. Hence ob peanut becomes a SIN cliche. Hence with apology to Mrs GCT, why gorilla creates sime much fuss over peanut while the 100 +++ millions saga still hanging with no actual amt declared as yet! Why so easily available figure over peanut while abnormally humongous melon is so difficult to disclose. R there implication(s) Singporeans have to inferred themelves papic opacity to avoid the illegal violation of onstitution Laws on Separation of Power n thr infamous n depraving act among the legal fracternity of their shame of CoI while they r self protectively helplessness.

    In the words of the four female U S Congressmen, Singaporeans feel humiliated n ashamed of FGPAPic PSTLIbs, weakminded, self glorifying n of the same feather as the one the Congress hawks went after, that wasted 28+++ millions. As the American Police Chief Warned Absolute power corrupts absolutely even in a world assumed democratic Nation in her warning to the House Representative but again she is black nthe reslts is a foregone conclusion.

    This remind SIN has counterparts worse coloured not acting as colored but wayanging n fake as white supremacist bullying our WP Malay MP over politics n religion which G1Papists tried all their efforts to ensure harmony thru mutual respect in their political decision! FG failed tosee the inhuman Finister who has gone virial over the covid death of imported labor exploding the differential treatment of alien import Trash r well treated but humble workers r treated like xxxx n the shamless r still retained in FG papic carbinet deldpite the return of their benefactor n the depravity of SIN to
    Demolish the dynasty lagenda n to dismember the harem of brownnosers!

    GD Star Rating
  • my uncle:

    Sgs will prosper again if we get rid of the daft shown in the photo.
    He is so daft that he does not know how stupid he really is!

    GD Star Rating
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