Covid-19: FTs from India reinfecting Singapore

Not me, but the constructive, nation-building propaganda arm of the PAP govt ST

More than 100 such cases confirmed in past month, with over half from India

ST headline yesterday, somewhere in the middle of yesterday’s paper


A lot more than half, 62 to be precise, ST reported on Thursday.

From June 30 to last Tueday, there were 107 cases of infections from abroad and they were imported from nine different countries, with more than half – 62 cases – coming from India.

Another 23 cases were imported from the Philippines, while the rest came from countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan and the United States.

Most of the imported cases – 27 – are work pass holders, while 23 of them are S’poreans. There were 20 permanent residents and 19 dependant’s pass holders among the imported cases.

Given that India is full of Covid-19 cases, third behind the US of A and Brazil, why let people from India? Btw, PeenoyLand also saw a recent coronavirus surge, so why let Peenoys in?

Why not impose stricter quarantine rules, if they are that impt to the economy?

These FTs tua kee isit?

Btw2, FTs are also a problem in HK: Covid-19: Silence of Lim Tean, Meng Seng and TOC is deafening.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor


17 Responses to “Covid-19: FTs from India reinfecting Singapore”

  • xoxo:

    NOT ONLY SGS GET REPLACED BY FAKE FTs,sgs oso get all sorts of germs dumped here
    There was TB before COVID.


    Are ninisters XENOPHOBIC?


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  • Nathan Chen:

    GE 2020 is over. Back to the future. Business as usually. It’s my way or the highway.

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  • PAP want to kill Singaporeans:

    Why let those who got Covid 19 return to Singapore PAP?

    Are you trying too kill all Singaporeans by encouraging them to bring in more COVID 19 cases ?


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  • That's it!:

    Dear CI

    Returning FTs aside, the surge in number of unfair employment termination of SGs is adversely affecting their families especially those who are not represented by any trade union.

    Could you do a write-up of this as it is now the main concern of many SGs who may, at any moment, be terminated abruptly without any compensation or retrenchment benefit.

    Would there be another round of drawing from the reserves should the situation go beyond contol?

    What do you think the relevant ministries should do to mitigate such adversities?

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  • PAP d Problem for SG:

    Reasons for PAP willing and intently importing Covid 19 infections from I Dia could possibly be on orders of Modi, invoking a certain CECA clause which PAP cannot don’t comply.
    Next is bcz likely Pinoy workers are crucial to their SG employers – bottom line and govt coffers drastically impacted.

    I can’t think of other practical and medical reasons – it’s like the one moment the Commander on Chief said don’t wear mask, and the next after disbelieving his own doctors, u turned his allegiance back to local doktors.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Cynical Investor; Minister Teo already switched off.

    What do you think it was so easy for these FTs to board the plane and flew to SG? The countries that these FTs departed were trying to get rid of these infected people and let the receiving country, Singapore, to take care of them at Singapore’s taxpayers expense!

    Singaporeans are paying for these infected people hospital expenses, quarantine accommodation and 3 meals.

    Thank you Singapore, especially the 61% voters.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    SATA eradicated TB or CONsumtion CECA brought it back with a Strain that needs longer recovery…

    INDIA is in Denial of the evil virus…they have their Mystics to deal with it…chant AUM and drink Cobra Venom and spit it over the victim and Voila!!! no lah!…EUREKA!!! cure for COVID if NOT, the victim has decided to Leave his Body…Not Die hah!!! that is only for mortals

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  • get tough now:

    those LTP holders/ dependants should pay for the 14day quarantine out of own pockets, if they insist on coming here.
    why shd our taxpayers pay?
    theyre non essential, so just stay back home!
    many countries have already implemented this criteria.
    being so generous to outsiders but so stingy to our own…
    why on earth the 61% vote this traitorous party in again is simply being selfish!!

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  • 61% traitors voted for this!:

    please send back all the jobless ones still enjoying their stay here at the expense of struggling tru blu sgs.
    no need to be so generous …
    this is a life or death situation …
    PAPs, have u never heard of the famous saying “charity begins at home”?

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  • How about ?:

    How about send the bill to India ?

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  • Do more to stop the spread:

    Need to do more to stop the infection from people coming back from India.
    Need to put tighten measures to prevent the spread to community.Too many cases from India now.

    May be good to halt the return for now as there is still so many cases in India and does not look like it is under control at the moment.

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  • Halimah Totally Useless:

    Stop those Ah Neh Trash from coming in, when will all these imported trash going to stop ???

    Why are they not into quarantine, istead of Stay At Home, infecting others in the home and spreading when they go out.

    MOM and MOH, what the hell are you people doing ???

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  • It's Illogical To Restrict FTs:

    When the virus broke out in Wuhan, I remembered someone saying it’s “illogical” to impose travel ban on Chinese from Wuhan and other Chinese cities. So, I guest it’s the same here, it’s “illogical”. However, as a software developer and programmer, it baffled me.

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  • Reserves spending:

    The government is doing a good job by spending our reserves to treat Indian FTs

    Who bring the Virus to Sinkiland!

    Wonderful government which says our cardboard pushers need to exercise and off course to keep the environment green!

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  • Bloody Englishman of Suez:

    For dictators, lives do not matter, money matters most

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  • sg at a point of no return:

    make the unneccessary visitors pay their own 14day stay home quarantine expenses.
    for those infected they pay their hospital bills themselves.
    wasnt that what MOH told us sgs if people flout the safe distancing / wearing masks rules, are found to be infected ,we will bear the hospital bills fully?
    why then the double standards????

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  • Worrying:

    Read a Yahoo article on empty shopping malls along orchard road, sad to see our economy is so bad as to the retail tourism industries are buckling under the Covid pressure. Some even gone for good. This is what happened when your economy is fixated on a few common industries not built on diversity and niche. Every shop sells almost similar stuff. Sad

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