Which party is the one really ‘free-riding’ on the money of Singaporeans?

The GIC was set up in 1981. Medisave was set up in 1984, land costs were included into HDB flat prices at market value in 1985 and the CPF Minimum Sum (also known as the Full Retirement Sum today) was set up in 1987, which together has enabled the PAP to siphon off a large proportion of these monies into the reserves.

Opening the books and returning the money to Singaporeans in the form of social expenditure would require accountability the PAP has ran away from for the last 40 years.

While Lee Hsien Loong called opposition voters “free riders,” which party is the one really free-riding on the money of Singaporeans?



Philip Ang




16 Responses to “Which party is the one really ‘free-riding’ on the money of Singaporeans?”

  • FreeRiders and Free Raiders:

    Free Riders and Free Raiders
    Two dinstinct characteristics of political party/parties in power. Just be wary of the ones riding on and/or raiding the reserves. Ony time will tell.

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  • Sack foreigner & hire a local:

    Straits Times: Firms to get up to $30,000 for each new worker under Jobs Growth Incentive to hire more locals

    In an economic downturn companies often find themselves overstaffed. The last thing they want to do is to hire more staff. What they actually need to do is retrench staff (downsize the company) to cut operating cost and stay profitable.

    So it does not make sense for the Government tell companies to hire staff when business is down sharply. I suspect what it is really telling local employers is to sack their foreign workers and replace them with local to get the Job Growth Incentive.

    Employers should get the hint. Sack the foreigner and hire a local. The more foreigners you sack the more locals you can hire and the more money you can get under the Jobs Growth Incentive. Employers should view this incentive as a “Send Foreigners Home” Scheme.

    Foreigners should start packing their bags. They can do their crying at Changi Airport while waiting for their flight home. Good riddance. Foreigners are only welcome to come back if they have REAL talent which does not include lower pay because of exemption from CPF.

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  • Billy ma:

    Lhl must be losing sleep & may even be slapping his own face for talking about free riders.

    Singaporeans will not let this crown know who is the real free riders.

    For a start, PAP is transferring millions of taxpayer $$$ to PA, then PAP make use of PA to do its political bidding. Biddings that not necessarily for the Singaporeans.

    Who’s the free riders here?

    The PAP president us another free rider.
    PAP use it super majority to pass laws to place this PAP president in her position.

    Who’s the free rider here?

    Lky uses his authority to place his son in his current position?

    Who put ho ching in her current position?
    Who put lim boon heng in his current position?
    What about the Rasid who got kick out from Aljunied?

    The list goes on & on.

    These free riders are paid by the $millions by the way.
    Expensive free riders.

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  • Go for colon endoscopy:

    Strait Times: All Integrated Shield Plans to provide coverage of diagnostic endoscopy, says insurance body following outcry

    “Those who are well and undergo gastrointestinal endoscopy for screening purposes would not be able to make a claim, it said, as IP plans do not cover health screening.”


    Note can only claim if endoscopy is “diagnostic” (you have the symptoms) but not if it is for “screening” (you do not have the symptoms).

    Colon cancer is a serious matter considering the following (from Straits Times 18 April 2019:

    In Singapore, colorectal cancer is the:
    No. 1 most common cancer in men (about 1 in 6 of male cancer patients)
    No. 2 leading cause of cancer deaths in men
    No. 2 most common cancer in women (about 1 in 7 of female cancer patients)
    No. 3 leading cause of cancer deaths in women

    The risk of developing colorectal cancer increases if you:
    - Have a family member who has had colorectal cancer
    - Are above 50 years old
    - Have polyps in your colon or rectum (most are benign but some can develop into cancer)
    - Smoke, or consume a diet that is high in fat, red meat, processed meats and low in fruits and vegetables.

    It is possible to prevent colorectal cancer. Regular colorectal cancer screening is one of the most powerful weapons for preventing colorectal cancer. Precancerous polyps can be present, often without symptoms, in the colon for years before invasive cancer develops. Colorectal cancer screening can find precancerous polyps so they can be removed before they turn into cancer. In this way, colorectal cancer is prevented. Note that 90% of colon cancer starts the polyps mentioned above.

    For early detection of colon cancer a fecal occult blood test (FOBT) can be done at home using a test kit given out FREE by local pharmacy like Guardian. The test looks at a sample of your stool (feces) to check for blood. Occult blood means that you can’t see it with the naked eye. Blood in the stool means there is likely some kind of bleeding in the digestive tract. So blood in the stool could mean early stage of colon cancer.

    So getting colonoscopy early even without early symptoms of colon cancer makes sense. No need to wait for polyps to bleed.

    How to get insurance to pay for pricey endoscopy/colonoscopy? I know some people mix dried blood on the feces sample they put in the free test kit and sent it in for test. The result would then indicate they have early symptom of colon cancer. Then they go for diagnostic colonoscopy (since they have the symptoms) and claim the cost from their insurance.

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  • xoxo:

    one more.

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  • OYK still talking cock:

    Straits Times: Parliament: Ong Ye Kung explains why median wage band of S’poreans in financial sector is lower than those of PRs, foreigners

    “The reason is that financial institutions often bring in higher-earning foreigners to perform specialised, or regional and global roles.”


    OYK explanation is crap. It begs the questions:

    1) What is trend (over the last 5 years) of the disparity of the median wage bans between Singaporeans and foreigners?

    2) What are these “specialised or regional and global roles?

    3) Why can’t Singaporeans fill these posts?

    4) What training is provided by banks for Singaporeans to fill the above roles?

    5) When will Singaporeans fill the posts in Singapore currently filled by foreigners?

    6) What is the commitment of banks in Singapore to “localise”? How is it measured?

    OYK needs to be reminded he is NOT paid millions to be a “messenger” / spokesperson for foreign banks in Singapore. He is paid to look after the interests of Singaporeans.

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  • MOM still hiding facts:

    Straits Times: Parliament: 5,280 Singapore citizens retrenched between January and June

    MOM is still protecting foreigner by hiding facts like:

    (1) How many foreigners were retrenched between Jan and June?

    (2) How many foreigners got pay cuts?

    (3) How many Employment Passes and S-passes were renewed / extended since the start of the year?

    (4) How many NEW Employment Passes and S-passes were issued since the start of the year?

    (5) How many Employment Passes and S-Passes were NOT renewed / extended since the start of the year?

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  • pap liars:

    we have not bought pap states times for a very long time.

    even then, we sneak a view of the pap states times website every day.

    lately, some months now, we don’t do that anymore.

    you know what?

    we actually live no differently.

    which means we have freed ourselves of the pap crap.

    one more thing. we still switch on pap tv at 6.30pm for that pap news broadcast channel 8.

    but lately, we skip portions.

    you know what?

    we are weaning off that pap tv too.

    because we don’t even miss those moments we consciously move away from pap tv during the 6.30pm Chinese news channel 8 broadcast.

    what are we saying?

    the pap crap pap is trying to rig via pap states times and pap tv won’t work if we walk away from them.

    sure. some habits are hard to remove such as switching on the tv at 6.30pm. but we can switch on pap tv and not watch it. we are doing it despite years of conditioning. so it can be done.

    right now, if not for TRE, we just don’t know what pap is lying about since we really don’t care at all.

    maybe we will also avoid reading TRE stuff about pap. we haven’t done so yet because we don’t know if doing so will make pap dies faster or die slower.

    if doing so makes pap die faster, we do it.

    if doing so makes pap die slower, then, we won’t do it.

    we are still deciding on the matter. will keep fellow 39% posted.

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  • Desmond also talking cock:

    Straits Times: Parliament: Govt and S’poreans need to work hand in hand to solve problems, says Desmond Lee

    Why should Singaporeans work hand-in-hand with the PAP to solve problems it created?

    Why should Singaporeans work hand-in-hand with the PAP after it gave their job to foreigners?

    Why should Singaporeans work hand-in-hand with the PAP when it “drained” their CPF accounts by selling them over-priced, poor-quality, depreciating (to zero) HDB flats?

    Why should Singaporeans work hand-in-hand with the PAP after it lied by saying the value of HDB flat will never go down?

    Desmond and his colleagues in Cabinet should earn their million $ pay by solving the country’s problems on their own. Singaporeans are busy coping with the problems created by PAP.

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  • Asd:

    I think alot mp are free rider they get parliment allowance $ but either sleep in parliment or never attend parliment or attend parliment by being dumb this is an example of how tax payer $ are wastefully deployed and in day light arragontly for tax payer to see

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  • freeriders feeding freeloaders:

    who is really raiding the reserves..giving out bils$ to undeserving companies who quick as flash retrench their sg staff regardless.
    no sense in giving out money to encourage companies to employ sgs.
    its a bribe,nothing else.
    should be a law like many other real 1st world.

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  • Bring Modi:

    Maybe the Ceca Agreement shd bring in Indian political appointees to run Sinkiland…….allow them to form political talent party.

    We think Modi will contest well!

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  • oxygen:

    THE IRONY IS HERE- HDB lessee (legally stated in transfer document as “TENANT”) PAID FOR THE LAND on which their HDB units sit but no legal title to that “property.

    And when it comes to estate upgrading, your estate won’t be or the last to receive upgrading – ALL FUNDED OUT OF TAXPAYERS – if your electoral ward vote for Opposition candidates in election.


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  • oxygen:

    I don’t think the answer is – for you, with you and for Singapore in the above riddle.

    I strongly suspect that the correct answer is – FOR ME, NOT YOU AND NOT SINGAPORE.

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  • SGP is ready for INDIAN pm:

    Bring Modi:
    Maybe the Ceca Agreement shd bring in Indian political appointees to run Sinkiland…….allow them to form political talent party.

    We think Modi will contest well!

    since pap has instilled an INDIAN president, which is a pledge breaking action we fully disagree with,

    we are now saying Singapore is fully ready for a pledge breaking appointment of an INDIAN prime minister, which we support fully.

    pap has already signed a ceca with ah nehs.

    we are now shouting for one ceca to be appointed as prime minister of Singapore. we are Chinese, I/C can be provided for verification purposes, and so we are impartial when we say Singapore is ready for an INDIAN prime minister.

    if pap can appoint an INDIAN as president, surely the 39% of citizens can appoint an INDIAN as prime minister. if no Singapore INDIAN wants the job, we approve of importing a ceca ah neh to do so.

    as Changi village has shown, we are almost a ceca nation already. so what is wrong with a ceca nation run by a ceca ah neh prime minister? we say, as pink I/C citizens, there is nothing wrong at all.

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  • Sibeiho:

    Ooi Ah Loong, if we are free riders, then you and your bunch are blood suckers.
    Looks like you still did not grasp the results of this election. Sulking and giving names will not help.
    We will NOT FORGET you said this in the next election. More Singaporeans will want to get on the free ride.

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