You people are so damn racist..

“You people are so damn racist….No other country is reporting stats in such a xenophobic way… Show some respect to Indian workers here”.

The above quote was purportedly uttered by an Indian PME Vice President of United Overseas Bank and it has gone viral.

Singapore started as a migrant society and we have always welcomed foreigners in our midst whether to stay, to study, to work or to visit. Our migrant stocks range from minorities such as the Jews and Sikhs to the majority Chinese and many more in between.

Like many fellow citizens, I love my country, my fellow citizens and I am very proud of my country’s achievements but unlike most meek and unthinking suckerporeans, I seldom take unfair and unfounded criticisms of my country lying down.

Currently, almost every country is undergoing very, very severe challenges due to the C19 pandemic and we are no exception. It is only natural that when jobs are scarce, opportunities are shrinking and the future is uncertain, then it is every man for himself. Charity must begin at home.

Whether it is Singaporeans when we are overseas or foreigners who are in Singapore, it is only common sense, right and proper, that all behave appropriately as guests.

Although we currently have an expensive but mediocre government when compare to what we used to have during the late LKY era, still, Singaporeans by and large are not xenophobic, racist or stupid and foreigners working in Singapore, especially foreign PMEs should always be mindful with their behaviours and words when they are criticising Singaporeans or when they are angry.

To all foreigners who are in Singapore, I will say this to you. Singapore and Singaporeans welcome you but Singapore and Singaporeans don’t owe you a living just like your country doesn’t owe us a living too. Don’t ever forget!

That Erramalli Ramesh with his 1.5 million condominium and $10/ parking incident was bad. There are valuable lessons in it. Foreigners and not just Singaporeans must learn from it too.


Simon Lim
* UOB has clarified that the author of the above quote in the opening paragraph is not a staff of the bank.




27 Responses to “You people are so damn racist..”

  • Harder Truths:

    A failed nationality will always start trouble by claiming racism as the reason why they failed. These people do that in the own country from nort hto south – now they are doing it here – brazenly.

    It will only get worse with time. Will the pappies rush to their defence? I think so.

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  • Time To Stand Up:

    It is time for Singaporeans to stand up for Singapore, now that foreigners not only infiltrating, invading, infesting and dominating our small limited space of a tiny piece of rock, but also starting to dispise us, belittle us, humiliate us, and tell us how to run our country, teaching grandmothers to suck eggs. And, worst of all, using their thousands-year-old deeply ingrained, unerasable caste-system-mentality to look down upon and even openly, aggressively bully our less endowed and lower-paid fellow Singaporean workers.

    We must be united and tell these visitors and guests who are in our country because of our hospitality not to overstep their stay and underestimate our resolve.

    Our present incompetent and GDP-obssessed money-mind multimillionaire ministers are partly to blame. For they are collectively a major single contributor to our present sad state of affairs. They must also be told off through our ballot box in the next GE in no uncertain terms.

    Collectively, we as the Singaporean citizenry is fully responsible for who we choose to run our country – whether it’s for our collective greater good or for the advantage of a tiny group of selfish, power-addicted, self-proclaimed “natural aristicracy” elitists.

    We have been taught a very important lesson over and over again. We must learn it well and remember deep down in our heart and mind. We must spread this lesson far and wide within each of our individual circle of influence in the next four years, working to our utmost respectively, to deliver the message and lesson so that the many who have forgotten or did not get the message, get it this time. This is our only chance to take back Singapore for the sake of Singaporeans. There won’t be any more chance after the next GE. After the next GE, it would be too late then to do anything positive.

    So, please collectively stand up for Singapore, for a better and more equitable and more glorious society for us and our future generations.

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  • xoxo:

    yada,yada,yada…sgs are so xenophobic that FTs here find it so difficult to live here.

    But these fake talents still love to live here especially INDIAN FTs’ wives???
    ??? Ang moh wives too!

    Maybe,they shud stop complaining and go back home?

    Why sgs are so xenophobic that they get unfair treatment in job-seeking in their own country so much so got FCF from the gahmen?

    Btw,DO YOU SEE FTs getting mugged here very often like elsewhere?


    I say F U!

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  • blueview:

    To the Indian PME Vice President of United Overseas Bank – read this truth man!

    1. “…Show some respect to Indian workers here”. – First and Foremost – Singaporeans DO respect everyone including Foreigners! BUT Singaporeans will come first in every aspects of life! This is a truth every foreigners need to learn to SWALLOW big time.

    2. “You people are so damn racist…. – REALLY? You mean every other countries’ citizens are not “damn racist”? I live in one of the so-called best western countries in the world and what you said is SO DAMN INCORRECT! Please educate yourself and learn the ironical deeply hidden ways and mannerisms of how the so called “diplomatic, sweet smiling, pink skinned” Caucasians shows their god-damn racists remarks. Please don’t fool Singaporeans with your motherhood damn racist speeches to Singaporeans in Singapore.

    3. “….No other country is reporting stats in such a xenophobic way…” – REALLY? There are so many stats by race, gender, marital status, age, nationalities upto your DNA is being recorded by most countries, thanks to the global economic work movements. Almost anyone from any countries can immigrate to western countries that have a VERY FAT DEEP WELFARE Money pockets! Why did you think BREXIT happened? What is Trump’s intention on immigration to America? What is happening in the EU countries – Immigration is a HUGE ISSUE!!!! So Mr. Indian VP of UOB – please don’t be bias and sprew nonsense.

    Every else Simon said above stays true. Foreigners will not fight to defend our country neither will they stay long enough to contribute to Singapore OR they will try to get the best of both worlds – Singapore (Asia) and any western country for golden retirement and social security benefits unlike Singapore.

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  • Indian Women Got Hairy Legs:

    All these Indians that come here are racists themselves. Becos they only hire their own kind. I saw a large group of mamas dining at Buddy Hoagies. And that mama woman gave me a dirty look. There was a token Chinese man sitting with them – to show they aren’t racist.

    They cry racist is also a ploy to get employed. People are obligated to hire them, otherwise they look racist.

    They also like to fiack with fairer races. Tacist towards own kind?

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  • Yinggapore Singgapore?:

    Without Americans will there be America?

    Without Chinese will there be China?

    Without Indians will there be India?

    Without Singaporeans will there be Singapore?

    So what actually is racism or xenophobia?

    Singaporeans are naturally defending their country from being colonised or invaded, militarily or economically.
    Failing which, their livelihood and posterity will be gone forever.

    Whither do Singapore? Yinggapore?

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  • release their steam:

    //You people are so damn racist….No other country is reporting stats in such a xenophobic way.//

    aiyoh. no country got open-leg policy like sinkie land lar ??

    other countries may not report stats like that lar, but if their people buay song they go out to have protests and demonstrations lar ??

    here, daft kiasi sinkies only tok tok no action (becos in sinkie land wrong action can get you arrested lar) to release their steam lar ??

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  • ceca ah nehs:

    ah neh land is a land of over 1 billion mouths.

    a lot of mouths.

    pap island is a very small island. by Darwin’s law, the pap island naturally harbors no more than 3m local born. by natural selection. due to limited land size.


    out of pure stupidity, pap brainless folks chose to sign with ceca ah neh open border agreement. one thing about ceca ah neh which pap folks do not seem to know. these are cheap laborers. they bring their toiletless habits wherever they go.


    a few of ceca ah nehs make the world stage. but look carefully. a few out of over 1 billion. worse, ceca ah nehs do NOT invent anything. wherever they go, the rise to the top via a lot of meaningless talk. so much so they sometimes eliminate the very folks who brought them up the hierarchy. don’t believe? ask founder of wang computers who was ousted by the ceca ah neh he groomed. look at a few of the USA and even pap banks run by ceca ah nehs. see where they come from. see how they made it to the top.

    just a few of them out of 1 billion pap folks say good enough to sign open border with ceca ah neh.

    in the end, it is 61% sheep choice. recent GE2020 indicates that 61% sheep is happy with pap folly.

    too bad. we 39% need to live with it for another 4 years until GE2024 when, finally, lying S$m corrupted pap is toppled.

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  • oxygen:

    IMPOSTER CALLED NATIVES “Singa-POO” (as if we are all full of sh*t) are “lazy” – he/she must be POFMA-ed to discover what was uttered is “true” and/or what is “fake” news (in which case he/she must publish correction under direction).

    Will he/she comply?

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  • cancer57:

    good job Simon ..
    short and to the point.
    if any sgpporen has become a racist its because they were brought up as one or the unfair gov’s policies turned them into one.
    its wrong either way but ….

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  • im not racist:

    sometimes i just love to shout out “yes im racist, so what?” just to cool my displeasure.
    when one is of a minority race in sg , you have to swallow alot of prejudices..
    i just tell myself im better than the person hurting me with their behaviour.
    luckily my parents brought me up better and ive never had to say those ugly words..

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    Singapore is the only country that allow tourists to come into the country to apply for jobs. Singapore is the only country that imported so many foreign workers from a single nation and that nation is well known for its corruption. It is the PAP Government who is in charged that created this mess and Singaporeans are the one that voted PAP into Government. Singaporeans got themselves to blame. Remember, Singapore, there is no known cure for cowardice. If Singaporeans cannot defend their own rights such as rights for decent jobs and pay then no one to blame and Singaporeans must remember time and time you voted PAP into Government, hoping that PAP Government will change…hahahahah. Singaporeans deserve what they voted and got, for those 40%, you can cursed the 60% are gutless yellow pansies.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on TOC :Quote – “UOB: Facebook user referring Singaporeans as “Singapoo people” and “lazy” is not an employee of UOB

     by The Online Citizen
    22 September 2020

    A recent thread on HardwareZone forum gained a lot of negative reactions after a screenshot of a Facebook comment calling Singaporeans “Singapoo people” was published.
    The comment, which was made by a man named Amit Verma, also called Singaporeans
    racist” and “lazy”. The man added that the jobs in Singapore are being filled by foreigners because Singaporeans are lazy.

    However, it is not clear to where the Facebook user left the original comment.
    Based on his Facebook profile, it shows that the man is the Vice President of United Overseas Bank (UOB), and studied at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprasta University (GGSIPU), which is located in New Delhi, India.

    If that’s not all, the thread also shared a screenshot of the man’s LinkedIn profile in which it stated that he is the Vice President of UOB. However, at the time of writing, the profile on LinkedIn is no longer available. Others share that he is currently residing in Singapore at a condominium.
    Upon viewing his comment, many netizens commented on UOB’s Facebook community page, demanding for the bank to provide answers.
    One such netizen named Felix Ng noted that as a client of UOB, he feels “disturbed” to read how the man has referred Singaporeans as “Singapoo”.

    UOB responds

    Following this, UOB clarified in a Facebook post on Tuesday evening (22 September) that the man is not an employee of the bank, and it does not “tolerate such behaviour”.
    “A Facebook user ‘Amit Verma’, claiming to be a UOB employee, has been posting inflammatory and provocative comments on social media. There is not such employee at UOB and we do not tolerate such behaviour,” UOB stated.
    It added that it has reported the matter to Facebook and Singapore Police Force, and they are investigating the matter.
    “We respectfully ask that you not be drawn into anti-social comments or repost content that divides us,” UOB noted.

    Facebook user unsure with UOB’s clarification

    Despite UOB clarifying that the said man in not an employee of the bank, a Facebook user named Suling Tan highlighted that if what UOB said is true, then why professional listings like LinkedIn listed the man as a Murex Management Analyst at the bank.
    “It seems too consistent to be a fake account,” Tan noted.
    As such, Tan asked if the man has ever been an employee of UOB.
    “If so, when did he leave? If not, please state that UOB or any of your subsidiaries or related companies in and out of Singapore has Never Hired Amit Verma as full time, part-time or contract employee including any employee exchange program you have with your offices overseas,” Tan wrote….”Unquote.

    Response : UOB must answer all queries fully by Mr Tan and not give half a cup of answer .Like that how to believe UOB half answer ?

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  • Ah-Ong:

    Is being racist in SG against the law?
    If yes, a person who say “… not ready for non-chinese PM…” will be unlawful.

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  • Protect Aliens Party:

    Have you guys watched the online videos which showed the Filipinos women or maids shouting and quarrelling with sg cab drivers?

    Aiyo! I couldn’t believe it when I heard the bystander Filipinos asking her fellow countrywomen to call the police.

    I mean, I don’t know who was in the wrong but what I saw and heard was the women non-stop screaming so fiercely at the taxi uncle! Yet the way these foreigners so yaya say “call the police! Call the police!” made me think, our police like the pap gahmen have been siding the foreigners so much so that even foreigners know that our police is on the foreigners’ side. Foreigners tend to have an advantage over sporeans in everything in SG!

    We pay our police to protect the citizens. We pay our gahmen to take care of sporeans but apparently now the foreigners in sg have everything better than sporeans.

    I think no where else in this world, will we find foreigners in any other countries behaving the way majority of the foreigners in sg are behaving. From how they behave, it’s obvious they’ve zero respect for the ordinary sporeans already.

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  • opposition dude:

    If these third world people have the impression that they are above us locals then show it by leaving this country. Why these f**kers stay here is beyond me since this country isn’t good enough for them. There are far too many of them committing crimes and showing bad manners anyway so the less of them on our shores the better for us locals.

    Be careful of what you say here you non Singaporeans! You are a guest here, this isn’t your country of birth! Show some respect or get lost! The vigilantes will publish your personal info should you get out of hand!

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  • TumasikPatriot:

    Cherry Pick and DAMNED or Live with the Evil created…your CHOICE in 2025

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  • Tales of the universal one....:

    A brahmin once asked the Blessed One: “Are you a God?” “No, brahmin” said the Blessed One. “Are you a saint?” “No, brahmin” said the Blessed One. “Are you a magician?” “No, brahmin” said the Blessed One. “What are you then?” The Buddha replied, “I am awake.”

    - Gautama Buddha

    Of course, not all brahmins are caste chauvinists nor wealthy elitists.

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  • Asd:

    I think my race has been racisted because we have to compete with all other race to be elected but some race don’t have to compete with any other race to be elected

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  • uselesstankl:

    KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — More than 15,000 Malaysians have lost their jobs in Singapore between January and July this year, with the majority of them being those in the service industry.

    The Malaysian Reserve reported Malaysia’s Human Resources Minister M Saravanan as saying in a parliamentary reply that based on statistics by the country’s High Commission in Singapore, as many as 11,123 Malaysian workers in the service sector in the Republic lost their employment.








    PUPPETS ???


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  • Asd:

    I think this face book post should be investigated by police

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  • Harder Truths:

    Is being racist in SG against the law?
    If yes, a person who say “… not ready for non-chinese PM…” will be unlawful.

    Only if you a citizen born here. If you are FT the pappies waive this law for you and F Tcan say or do anything racist it will not matter.

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  • Why Buy Cream To Whiten Yours?:

    If India Indians are not racists, then why do so many of them buy cream to whiten their skin ? What’s wrong of being black ?

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  • Harder Truths:

    There is a VERY disturbing trend of $G trying to tie-in with India on everything it seems.

    Today it seems the $G stock market will be open to India, who no doubt know every which way to cheat the system.

    What do locals get out of it? Investing in Indian sh*t – that’s about it. Anyone interested?

    This clown circus seems to want to make $G a real Little India. All you locals take note. The flood of India citizens is just beginning.

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  • single:

    Single and Divorcee can buy what type of HDB?
    We served NS but entitled to 2 ROOMS HDB yet Foreigners turned Singaporeans can buy BRAND NEW 5 ROOMS HDB.
    Racism?! Fark By PAP.!!

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  • start with agc is ok too:

    Why Buy Cream To Whiten Yours?:
    If India Indians are not racists, then why do so many of them buy cream to whiten their skin ? What’s wrong of being black ?

    talk about racism.

    just go to ah neh land see how they treat each other born in ah neh land. they even have casts.

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  • Reality:

    Reality is every country for itself at time of crisis. They will take care of their Citizen first.

    Even USA is now more America First than before.

    Foreigners will be less priority.Sad but true.

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