Stupidity Of Singapore Covid-19 Handling

Basically, the whole episode shows the weakness of the system being managed by straight As scholar or academic who made wrong decisions instead of having experts. The over confidence in the early stage where cases were low, WHO was praising Singapore’s system and making them underestimating Covid-19.

The overlook of hostels cramped with thousand of foreigner workers with unhygienic habits was so clear, paid millions but could not anticipate such obvious issues. If they had anticipated, then there would not be over 50,000 cases.

Almost $100B thrown during the crisis,but nothing really changed. Businesses are going down one by one, this throwing of money did not really make much change or the impact felt. They could have used the money to create more jobs, giving rental rebates instead or delayed GST further.

Until now, I still do not know what is the purpose of SafeEntry where you enter one location with many shops and then SafeEntry when you enter another shop. What purpose does it really serve? After all the data collected, what benefits do they bring? All I know all these inconvenience have drastically reduce the traffic to these malls, forcing businesses to go bust. With the inconvenience of SafeEntry, they added another layer of inconvenience by introducing tokens. This honestly is like having snakes with legs, throwing more money into useless projects. Going into a mall is like going to Changi Airport security before boarding a plane!!! Not to mention all the Safe Entry to check in and check out.

Covid-19 other than the dorms are under control, the loosening up should follow suit and not tighten more and more causing the economy to collapse. The tightening has inconvenient the mass and forced many to change their habits, instead of going out to spend money, they prefer to stay home.

The conclusion is quite clear, they underestimated at the beginning and now they are over-estimating, this explains with all the unnecessary measures added to the inconvenience and introduction of token seems to say so. This reflects the leadership at hand, they are simply incompetent. Do you agree?!


DuGu QiuBai




25 Responses to “Stupidity Of Singapore Covid-19 Handling”

  • Great Asia:

    I’ve kept telling you since Feb that PAP fat cats will not disclose the travelling patterns of those people infected by COVID-19.


    Because from the beginning PAP monkeys already decided to tell lies to the public to prevent the economy from collapsing and, most importantly, they wanted to exploit the crisis to hold the GE.

    Also, PAP monkeys are all western educated angmoh worshipping shallow bananas, they are good at nothing except for monkeys see monkeys do. Therefore, you don’t aspect Singapore to get away from this crisis when all the western countries were sunk by the COVID-19 tsunami.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Impact:

    The Covid crisis has caused much pain and many job loss.
    Some are more impacted much worse than others.
    Unfortunately the various support scheme has not benefits some that need it most because of its inflexibility and restriction. Worst when they are jobless and do not have any subsidy for needed treatment because of the mean test.Some of the mean test criteria is quite ridiculous.
    Many are left to walk alone when they need help most…
    Policy need to be flexible to ensure adequate help are given when most needed.
    Outcome is more important than following policy rules blindly.
    Should relook at Policy if the intend is really to help Singaporean through this crisis and ensure no one truly walk alone.

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  • A regressed country:

    Look at public transport buses & mrt, and weekend crowd at paya lebar square/mall, coffeeshops & others….. there is no difference of CB or no CB in terms of covid but businesses & jobs are eliminated.

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    Perhaps govts all over the world want businesses to fail and people to live like convicts?

    The govts know best that Covid 19 is something healthy people are not affected by. Otherwise why so many cases with no symptoms?

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  • Worried:

    I cannot agree more!

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  • Billy ma:

    It’s clear now that PAP intentionally hyped up the crisis to create a ‘run to me, depend on me’ scenario for the last GE.

    And now that it has backfired on them, they’re in an embarrassing situation.
    To open up too much too quickly would expose their evil intend.
    So what they’re doing now is to continue with the pretend that the situation is still grave.

    Look at the number of cases in the community alone should tell us that Singaporeans & people are playing our part.
    In fact, from the very beginning Singaporeans already wanted to put on face mask but the smart idiots told us “no need don’t overreact”.

    Look at how PAP continue to allow people from badly affected countries to come in.

    It’s the same situation when PAP allowed people from affected regions in China to come in & that’s when the virus started to spread.

    PAP ministers are smart when counting how much to pay themselves only.

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  • TumasikPatriot:

    Idiots paid millions has to show they are doing something and something STUPID is better than NOTHING to justify their PAY!!!

    After all it is NOT their money that they are receiving and spending leh!!!

    Voila!!! It Is The Stupid SHEEP’s after being Sheared in the Pen herd by sheepdogs well trained ready to POUNCE when you step out of line like in “POFMA”!!!

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  • xoxo:


    In the MRT train, COVID would have spread as riders sit close to each other?

    There is hypocrisy in so-called policy if SAFE DISTANCING!!!


    AS CITIZEN N NATION-BUILDER RENDERED JOBLESS BY FT POLICY,i am very pissed that i get only $600 when PRs that call us *SUNGA POO* GET MUCH MORE????


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  • opposition dude:

    Booksmart people who always need SOPs instead of using common sense will show that they are just robots.

    Who doesn’t remember conflicting advice and u-turns? Back then it was “Don’t wear mask if you are not sick”, “Children are not a vector for the disease” and my personal favourite of “We didn’t know a few cases would lead to a cluster”.

    Not to mention schools will not be closed only for the goondu PM to say they will be a few days later.

    So PAP wants to focus on what a great job they have done by reminding us here and there that community cases are low. So what, we have more than 50k cases for such a small country! They don’t dare mention about HK, Taiwan and NZ because these 3 places have done way better than PAP!

    And wanting to hold an election during this pandemic sure backfired on them ha ha ha!

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  • determine level of compliance:

    //Until now, I still do not know what is the purpose of SafeEntry where you enter one location with many shops and then SafeEntry when you enter another shop. What purpose does it really serve?//

    aiyoh. create jobs & gdp (thermo scanners, social-distance and entry ambassadors) ?? also a good social experiment to train & instill discipline and to determine level of compliance (ask you to move right, so move right lar ? ask you to stop, so you stop ? ask you to look straight to the thermo scanner, you look straight to the thermo scanner lor ) ???

    the shepherd will train the dogs and the dogs will train the sheep and then the sheep will produce cotton for the shepherd ???

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Imagine after going through a maze of barricades for temperature screening at entrance of mall, and when enter retail stores screening again, if enter 5 shops screen 5 times. Result not one could detect an infected person.

    Yet, we have so many reports of inflected persons visited shopping malls.

    Do we need to do this just so we can have 3.5 million jobs?

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  • SaveSG:

    Mishandling of Covid-19 shows incompetent pap’s leadership:

    Underestimate the control measures implementation at the start; Overestimate at the end when it is time to loose control to unlock the economy when CB was switched off!

    Mind u, the cost of mishandling is a mind-blogging amount of about $100b!

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  • ganeshsk:

    Dear Du Gu

    Please don’t overstate the OBVIOUS and over embarass our leadership.

    They are not interested in Singapore.

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  • WP Voter:

    You can go to the link below:

    Sweden and Singapore show similar cumulated cases. So the locked down that destroyed the economy did not fare better than Sweden.

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  • About Covid19:

    Covid 19 difficult to draw conclusion. Countries all over are seeing resurgence. Covid 19 where sweden adopting a more relax approached ( which some here condamn ) seems to be better in comparison to other European countries.

    Like sweden minister put it, it will be a marathon not a quick sprint.

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  • Bad Boy:

    国内新冠疫苗定价出炉:300元一针 全球疫苗里中国价格排第

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  • Guess:

    Guess Du Gu out of a job ?

    Since qiu bai , u ask for it .

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  • most uselss:

    You refuse to drop rental and traffic at the malls are miserable due to your stupid measures. Business are dying and more and more locals are unemployed while you still import more foreigners!

    So whats the point now being so overly cautious and coming out with all sort of rules and device? They should consider quick opening up internally to resume normal lives as public transport are packed and nothing really happens. It is the imported cases from third world countries that cause concern.

    Your incompetence already well known, so need to put so much stringent checks when they are useless and not helpful.

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  • AGC talking cock:

    Straits Times: AGC seeks to be heard at ex-maid Parti Liyani’s complaint hearing over alleged misconduct by 2 legal service officers

    Selective submission of documents/extract will most likely only mislead instead of clarifying the issue.

    The best (and simpler) thing to do is the following:

    (1) Start with clean slate

    (2) Investigate the Liew family for illegal deployment of the maid

    (3) Investigate the Liew family claim of theft by the maid.

    After completing the above it will be clear what the two legal officers SHOULD have done. If they not do it then it is clear they are either negligent, biased, incompetent or all of the above.

    The KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle always applies.

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  • Harder Truths:

    When they get to the top because of how much they remember in exams, what can you expect?

    Like asking a medical school intern to perform a complex operation just because he got all A’s during his training.

    I am sure the patients must be thrilled to have someone so smart operate on them.

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  • popcorn:

    covid19 passes another plague or another “fire” will come to do the same damages.

    There will be no end till you repent.

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  • Ahpoh:

    How do one say stupid in 19 language s?

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Burying his anguish: Indonesian gravedigger lays to rest dozens of Covid-19 victims each day
    1 of 3

    Indonesian gravedigger Adang Saputra at Pondok Ranggon public cemetery in East Jakarta.
    Indonesian gravedigger Adang Saputra at Pondok Ranggon public cemetery in East Jakarta.ST PHOTO: LINDA YULISMAN
    As the Covid-19 global death toll nears one million, The Straits Times’ correspondents meet people from across the globe who have had to stare down death even as they find hope and strength to carry on.
    Arlina ArshadRegional Correspondent
    Linda YulismanIndonesia Correspondent
    Wahyudi SoeriaatmadjaIndonesia Correspondent
    JAKARTA – Indonesian gravedigger Adang Saputra’s heart breaks every time he hears the all-too-familiar prayers for the dead and the cries of distraught relatives as the coffin of a Covid-19 victim is lowered into the ground.

    The 40-year-old hides his pain as he heaps moist red earth over the grave, plants a wooden headstone with the name of the deceased neatly written in marker pen in the ground, and offers a silent prayer.

    Then, almost mechanically, he ambles towards an awaiting ambulance to help unload the next body for burial….”Unquote .

    Response :Better stop Indonesians from spreading their corona virus here .

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Coronavirus: One million lives lost
    Pregnant S’porean mum and family thankful to be alive after dream holiday turned into Covid-19 nightmare
    Mrs Celine Ng-Chan (right) with her daughter Aldrina and her mother Madam Choy Wai Chee.ST PHOTO: NG SOR LUAN
    PUBLISHEDSEP 26, 2020,….
    As the Covid-19 global death toll nears one million, The Straits Times correspondents meet people from across the globe who have had to stare down death even as they find hope and strength to keep on keeping on.
    Theresa TanSenior Social Affairs Correspondent
    SINGAPORE – A dream holiday to Europe that a family had planned for six months turned out to be a nightmare which they are grateful to have survived.

    Three days after the Ng-Chans returned on March 21, having cancelled two stops because of the looming pandemic, three family members fell ill with Covid-19.

    Mrs Celine Ng-Chan, a 31-year-old tuition teacher who was 10 weeks pregnant, found out she had Covid-19 after going to a doctor with a sore throat. That night, her two-year-old daughter, Aldrina, came down with a fever as well.

    In addition, Mrs Ng-Chan learnt later that her mother, Madam Choy Wai Chee, 58, had collapsed earlier that same day because of Covid-19 as well.

    Only Mrs Ng-Chan’s husband, 32, and her father, 62, escaped infection.

    Madam Choy was hospitalised for four months at the National University Hospital (NUH), spending 29 days on a life support machine that took over the function of her heart and kidneys.

    That was the longest any Covid-19 patient had been on the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in Singapore. She was also NUH’s longest-staying Covid patient, said an NUH spokesman.

    “I feel very heng (lucky in Hokkien) that I’m still alive. I still haven’t played enough with my granddaughter yet,” said Madam Choy, an office manager. Celine is also due to give birth next month, she pointed out.

    “It’s like getting a second chance at life, a new life. I really treasure my life now.”

    Madam Choy also has three sons, aged 19 to 29, none of whom became ill.

    She was case 738 of the nearly 58,000 people who have tested positive for the virus here since the first case was confirmed on Jan 23. The vast majority were foreign workers living in dormitories, where the virus quickly spread..

    The ordeal for Mrs Ng-Chan, her husband, her daughter and her parents began after they came home from their family holiday to London and Paris…..

    Response : This beast family so rich to travel Europe. Who is paying for their beast mother four months stay at NUH with 29 days on a expensive life support machine that took over the function of the heart and kidney ? Is that public funds ? Does it cost few hundreds thousands/millions at least for their entire beasts family ? Pui !

    My previous 7.5 days stay at SengKamg hospital charge me over $12,000 if I remember correctly .And that is just stay in hospital plus scan only !Not even hook on any machine ! Pui !

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Few weeks back on TR Emeritus website,I highlight the problem of massive algae accumulation at those shallow ponds that is located parallel to the Sentosa rail track on the road from Vivo City to Sentosa .And to put it clearer,those roads are behind Vivo City with a lot of electrical travellators there .I stated also of a growing stage dengue look alike mosquito swimming very fast in those shallow pinds water. Today ,I went and walk through the same path to Sentosa again, those massive algae ponds which previously has been there for a long time for probably months not clear then by the evil Amy Khor Lean Suan ( Senior Minister of State of Environment) and the Masagos Zulkifli, is now filled with clear water and no more massive algae floating.

    Seem like my highlight problems at TR Emeritus website will seek the attention of the authority .Most likely,all those evil PAP women wing women are hiding behind TR Emeritus website,who knows ?

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