Grocery vouchers

“150,000 Singaporeans from 1- and 2-room HDB flats to get grocery vouchers is not good news for neighborhood provision shops.”

These lower income Singaporeans living in 1- and 2-room HDB flats are the natural customers of neighborhood provision shops due to proximity and convenience.

The public media has announced that grocery vouchers have been mailed out to 150,000 Singaporeans to help with household expenses.

Eligible citizens will get $150 worth of grocery vouchers in Oct and a further $150 in Dec. Another tranche of $100 worth of grocery vouchers will be issued in Oct 2021.

These grocery vouchers can be used at participating supermarkets. To date, FairPrice, Giant, Prime Supermarket and Sheng Siong Supermarket have agreed to accept these vouchers.

These grocery vouchers are valid until 31 Dec 2021, plenty of time for eligible Singaporeans to use them.

“To support Singaporeans in leading a healthier lifestyle, recipients will enjoy up to 5 per cent discount off all Healthier Choice Symbol products, capped at 5 per cent of the voucher value when making payment with the grocery vouchers at FairPrice, Prime and Sheng Siong supermarkets,” said MOF.

(This is very complicated offer of discount.)

Have all neighborhood provision shops been left out in the cold when thieves are happily fishing these grocery vouchers from HDB flats’ letterboxes?

Have the neighborhood provision shop owners and operators refused to accept this new source of business from Singaporeans living in their midst, I wonder?

If they have been unknowingly overlooked in this business opportunity, can we double up and do our part, however small it may be, to BUY LOCAL and help these small local businesses to stay afloat in the pandemic.



Kok Ming Cheang




12 Responses to “Grocery vouchers”

  • Money for big companies:

    This voucher system is a way to channel money to “participating” companies. Just look at those companies. You will know. Who is profiting from this system?

    As you say, business from small shops are actively channeled to these “participating” companies.

    If you are a small shop, you want this extra accounting of vouchers and claiming (probably have to fill up 20 pages of legal forms, and make many runs to god knows where. Just ask TKL).

    Is that why vouchers are preferred when cash is king?

    BTW, 5% discount of the voucher value is trumpeted like a big bullock cart wheel. $2 voucher is only $0.10. TEN CENTS.

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  • Harder Truths:

    $G is now using the India political playbook where the different political parties go around offering bribes suc has handouts and cash to vote for them.

    After the election there is very little that really materialises, because the bribe does not get the people jobs, education, health care or food. It comes out of picking the people’s own pockets – so what exactly is the benefit for the people getting a small amount of their own money back? It is a strategy to gain votes, and in the long term only serves to keep the most corrupt in power and the voters in perpetual slavery.

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  • Give cash lah:

    Better to give cash to their account. Not voucher.
    Simple and they can get what they need. Solve the loss issue.
    Also help the local business…eg hawkers etc..

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  • Asd:

    I think very sad the hdb kampong spirit is about cannibalism of own kind via prying mail box for food this shows how hardup or hungry the citizens are

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  • KT:

    I think the reason the PAPaya want to issue vouchers so that the 3 SG super-super supermarkets benefited or profited from the sales. Other smaller players like local provision shops, mini-marts and wet markets in heartlands will be left to watch their regular customers ( 1 & 2 roomers) bypass them.

    The 1 or 2 HDB roomers entitled to the vouchers could not used them for their “downstair” or convenient provision shops. Now the poor have to walk a distant away to look for the 3 super-super supermarkets, leaving behind their friendly provision shops !

    To sum up, I think the PAPaya has too many highly super-super talented millionaires, and this is how their so-called good planning can make the local shops suffer in silence.

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  • TREisINcahootsWITHpap:

    The most recent discussion in parliament about the minimum wage had MPs from both sides of the aisle articulate their arguments. WP MP Jamus Lim referred to the prevailing sentiment that union leaders have about how a minimum wage has an impact on jobs and employment as ‘folksy wisdom’. But instead of engaging the


    ” folksy wisdom” is too KIND a term used on ntuc union heads !!!!

    They have been ” SELLING ” collective agreements

    AND trade pacts with the DEVIL, and behind our back.

    The last time , they were TAKEN to task, was when Lim boon heng had to face disgruntled members and cry on t.v.

    Seems like stupid locals have short memory…

    Ntuc is making ” TONS” OF $$$ this pandemic, but gives ” NOTHING ” back.

    WHY DID SHENG SONG Pay one month extra bonus to its workers during this pandemic ???

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Singaporeans don’t know what is coming next by those whole group of evil women running our government giving free grocery vouchers to just
    150,000 Singaporeans from 1- and 2-room HDB flats to get grocery vouchers ? The government is thinking all those 1 and 2 room need the vouchers only ? And those living in 3,4,5 room unemployed and has no income don’t need the vouchers ? All of these 3,4,5 room unemployed can go and find grass to eat ? That is why I say those evil women wing with the evil backside feed until their evil backside become so fat and big ego ! And if you all don’t know what is likely to happen next ,then let me provide a hint answer here .What is likely to happen next coming soon after the grocery vouchers is given is nothing short of evil from the women wing run business and that is by letting all the business supermarket be it evil fairprice ,Sheng Siong,Prime supermarket,.
    ….to let them raise their food prices to slaughter everyone including those who are given the grocery vouchers .Why Giant recently declared it lowered its prices and will not raise its prices by think six months or something like that ? This is because after six months,its food prices will rise .Be sure that this action of raising prices for supermarket will be coming very soon and the government will pretend that it is unavoidable. And that is not the worst evil coming .That e***b*** woman Audrey Tan,environment reportimg from Strait Time is still continue to report on evil con people plastic tax using reusable plastic bag ! See that evil plastic bag tax coming soon too ! Pui ! The evil LHL women wing government will not stop till all these evil prices or tax is implemented ! Pui !!!

    So the ST report keep on praising that using re-usable or known as recycle bag that cost maybe $1 can use 50 times .This type of con people thing thinking people are stupid . So what about single use plastic bag that we get from supermarket cannot be re use 50 times meh ? So where is the evil ? The evil is to con all of you to pay another cost for a plastic bag .And this is the plastic tax those evil wonen are after .Else force all of you to buy recycle which cost $1 and above .So either way,all people has to pay more and more .And those evil women backside will be getting fatter and fatter while all of you die faster !Pui ! Again TR Emeritus will block my post again with all those evil women hiding behind it .Pui !

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  • Amos the pedo ?:

    And Why Amos Y charged in USA for possession of child porn not reported here ?

    Face issue ? Embarrassment ?

    Guess he ‘s pushing frontiers as Mr Oxygen stated but in oppose direction .

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  • Harder Truths:

    Amos the pedo ?:
    And Why Amos Y charged in USA for possession of child porn not reported here ?

    Face issue ? Embarrassment ?

    Guess he ‘s pushing frontiers as Mr Oxygen stated but in oppose direction .

    Infamous Amos has not been in an American prison so far. He thinks child porn is fun. He has not seen jail porn yet – first hand.

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  • opposition dude:

    150k vouchers only and only for those in 1 and 2 room flats. So this means those 3 room and above ones must be very well off according to PAP.

    So like PAP, want to help but only to a certain segment. Same for when they say 4 room and above are not eligible for some rebate or voucher, pattern so much for what?

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  • xoxi:

    Many poor HDB DWELLERS have been MADE JOBLESS.
    The RESERVES OF $100 BILLION is supposed to be for SGS as it is OURS.
    BUT MANY poor sgs got only $600 when it is supposed to be $23.5K PER CITIZEN.
    $23.5 K?
    BTW, MANY NON-sg FTs who fake credentials and give kickback$ in order to steal our sgs’ jobs are getting MUCH MUCH MORE FROM THE $100 BILLION OF OUR SGS’ RESERVES!!!


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  • Free gov money sucked up:

    How a company RE-distribute free gov money.

    Worker, salary $2000.
    Free gov money $10,000. Worker gets 1-month bonus. i.e. $2000.

    Big boss, salary $200,000.
    Free gov money $10,000. Big boss gets 1-month bonus. $200,000. Plus year end $20 million bonus for super performance during a “very difficult pandemic year”.

    Many workers still very happy with PAP. What are they thinking?

    Why is the gov throwing our reserve money like that? How can?

    TREisINcahootsWITHpap: Ntuc is making ” TONS” OF $$$ this pandemic, but gives ” NOTHING ” back.

    WHY DID SHENG SONG Pay one month extra bonus to its workers during this pandemic ???

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