The future for the media companies

The media companies are struggling.

Their revenue from the sale of newspapers and advertising are dropping. It affects media companies around the world. Singapore Press Holdings and its newspapers are affected in the same manner.

They try to get online subscriptions. Most of them failed to find the right formula.

What is their problem.

a) First, they set the subscription rates to be too high – close to what they charge for their print subscription.

b) Next, they offer very attractive discounts for an initial period. They hope to attract subscribers and make it difficult for them to cancel their subscription.

This strategy does not work.

Some put in intrusive online advertisements – hopping to get revenue from these sources.

This strategy does not work either. Their readers know how to ignore these intrusive advertisements.

What is the winning formula?

They have to learn from the success of the following:

a) Netflix and Disney Channel. They offer engaging content and a subscription rate that is “affordable”.

b) Facebook, Google. They offer advertisements that are not intrusive or distracting.

I wish the media companies success in their effort to move to the online channel.


Tan Kin Lian




11 Responses to “The future for the media companies”

  • Police CLOSE DOWN:

    Traditional media – print, radio,cinema and TV are all going to vanish at some point. All these are easily substituted by free online content.

    The people who buy papers and magazines are the people who put ads inn them, the public relations companies and the people who are featured.

    Instead of paying a few thousand dollars for one page print ad, you can use facebook, instagram, twitter etc. That is, if your company has no website. Now with google, can just find things very easily.

    Kind of regret spending so much on CDs. Now they all available for free on the net. Some more rarities and songs that did not make the original album are there too.

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  • Propaganda Media:

    Most media are, for some reasons, propagandic.
    Too many, too confusing. Only discerning media savvies could see where things are coming from.

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  • oxygen:

    WHO in these days still reads PRAVDA SINKIELAND and its puppies in tow?

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  • civic education lessons:

    our papers are like civic education lessons (aka poprogangda ??) generally to promote the white idiots and their policies even though once in a while certain articles are made to look as ‘balanced, independent or objective’ to add in some flavor ??

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  • Mediacorp CLOSE DOWN:

    Well spotted, mostly state owned. During the 90s there were a lot of private media companies. As the decade went by in the 00s, a lot of them were bought over by SPH or Mediacrop.

    Propaganda Media:
    Most media are, for some reasons, propagandic.
    Too many, too confusing. Only discerning media savvies could see where things are coming from.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Open the Media to Independent publishers for the Nation and “Herald a New Era” and see the Sales & Distribution SOAR!!!

    What is in the Beholden Press and Media is stale and FAKE!!!..the alternate is a BETTER SOURCE of news TRUE or False is for the “THINKING” person to discern

    Human Nature seeks TRUTH and that is why in US & Australia an Independent News is ALWAYS in DEMAND for News and TRUE EDITORIAL not Beholden Parrot singing the tune paid by the Ones who pay The Fiddler

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  • xoxo:

    The main national tabloid is called S.T. which stands for Singapore Trash.

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  • opposition dude:

    It’s only the older generations still buying the newspaper daily or reading them in the library, the younger generations don’t have the time to do so. Eventually SPH will announce that it won’t be printing the newspaper anymore since there will hardly be any advertisements and the paper can’t be paying for itself you know.

    Perhaps as a last ditch effort they might lower the price of the newspaper to 70 cents or something, who knows. And SPH are so funny, they love reporting that their online subscriptions have risen but at the same time they have to retrench staff. I always have a good laugh at that!

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  • Harder Truths:

    Communist press keep glorifying the regime and the despot who leads it. Which person with common sense wants to read about that?

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  • Tracey Ching:

    Shitty Times must die! Like NOL led by the same fat former genital scholar. Shitty times’ problem is that it lacks credibility. It is part of the Govt propaganda machine. Its reporters (there are no journalists) are cursed and damned with infertility, obesity and external physical ugliness.

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  • Ah Ong:

    Ah Tan Tan, I tell you hor, you brain stupid nevermind, if you open mind, still got cure. But hor, when you say “What is the winning formula” I know you brain dead alreadi.

    How possible for you to get companies like Netflix, Disney Channel, Facebook, Google when we do not have a FREEDOM of environment to be creative and FREE from competition from Tamasick and the BIG guy?

    You beli like talk cock leh, someday we go lah kopi together talk cock ok?

    Just to update you, google and twitter and all those anti-freedom of speech media will likely to get into trouble once Trump run another 4 years!

    In US, you can anti-Trump and can walk away from it. But if you anti-freedom, your freedom will be curtailed.

    Liberty/freedom is the foundation of what US is today.
    I used to think “why they allows GUNS?!” but if I look at liberty point of view, everything make SENSE and CENTS!

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