Time for a change

A recent article from a retired minister hinting that Lee Hsien Loong should stay even after the next election caught my attention. Sinkapore is getting smarter by planting information into the minds of citizens way before its execution. These days, they start to brainwash years before their implementation because they believe once it is in your mind, you will accept all the bs from GST to CPF. Of course, many sponsored articles are either on MSM or many are even on foreign media written by some analysts. One such article was even telling Sinkies that young people dont like to own property any more but prefer to rent, it was on SCMP.

Coming back to this new hint, I sort of predicted he would stay. Perhaps he saw how Chairman Xi removed all the competition and second term limit, continued to rule with iron fist and with no apparent successor in sight. In regimes like North Korea, China and Sinkapore, the one at the top is untouchable, it is almost like ancient time, similar to being the Emperor. Of course being Emperor is better than being retired. Unlike in a real democracy, you have independent civil service that even Trump cannot do whatever he wishes. Two things for sure, the future of himself, Crown Prince and Empress Dowager.

The talk about renewal every election is fake, only dumb Sinkies believe the bs. The handling of Covid reflects his lousy leadership. The use of Covid to justify extending the stay is bs. Sinkapore is in serious need for a new leadership and team. The same old team is deteriorating to sub standard, everywhere things are failing, the “ponding” is no longer once in 50 years, trains are failing, crime and suicide rates are going north. The key problem is Sinkies are too used to this overpaid inferior team, of course in addition to the millions of new citizens that they imported to shore up votes.

The election, he would be 72 or more. While many younger PMETs are replaced or displaced by foreign talents late 30s and 40s; the situation is very different in the palace. You see a bunch of overpaid old muddled fools (above 60s) who tell locals to go retrain to be security guard or PHV drivers. It is such an irony that locals buy their bs and resigned in acceptance. Recently a young mother (ex PMET) only 42 already unemployed for years, her child has to ask, “When is my mother going to find a job?” While these old fools make millions, Sinkies are getting poorer and perhaps need to switch low level menial jobs such as security or food delivery after 40.

So now the dishonourable son who got almost 70% high votes and the guy who is the master mind of all the policies from FT immigration, CPF, Cost of Living, TFR et cetera is already planning his stay to ensure more good policies for you. You song bo?






15 Responses to “Time for a change”

  • Tremendous:

    Never mind what the village chief says, he will do all he can to ensure that
    his hegemony continues. He is the only one holding the doors of the group closet to prevent the skeletons from tumbling out. Once the skeletons are out, the party is over for the group.

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  • I may not live to see next GE but my gut feel is that with or without him, the party will likely lose more percentage and seats unless there is another C20 to scare the shit out of voters.

    By then, most of LKY’s 1st and 2nd generations worshippers (who have always believed that the party is a must for continued survival) would have already met their makers.

    Youngsters nowaday are mostly educated enough to not only read from MSM but also from the internet, so no amount of BS can easily CONvinced them that only this party can take Sinkieland forward.

    What do you think?

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  • Covidial Posterity:

    By the time C19 vaccine is out, C20 comes into the scene and so on, and on…

    This enigmatic healthscare might turn healthcare into
    hellthcare when vaccines couldn’t catch up with accelerated virus mutations.

    Pharmaceautical and medical sectors boom while the rest collapse in no time.

    But the unemphatetic elite and the illuminatic rich remain untouched, feeling above God and living in cloud9s, beyond reality.

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  • make society even MORE:

    //By then, most of LKY’s 1st and 2nd generations (who have always believed that the party is a must for continued survival) would have already met their makers.//

    with higher population & more chat ba lang ppl to make society even MORE ‘excitedly’ chat ba lang and competitive – more pian chiak pian chiak and scams ???

    lesser ppl are going to sell the BS from the white idiots & be ‘indoctrinated’ with one-party-curry-function & ‘ownself-check-ownself’ ??

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  • avejoe:

    time for change is long overdue…..

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  • xoxo:

    Its LOONG time overdue!!!

    Majulah Singaporeans!

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  • no one is indispensable:

    No one is indispensable.
    Better to give way early so that the next generation leadership is more prepared for the task.

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  • HouseOnFire:

    So long as tge law is UNDER the one who rules all, he is king or emperor.

    His ministers/servants will ensure he won’t fall(untouchable) on the rock or the foundation of their power(the law). Luk4:11

    From Sin to dragonland, the strongman ruled by the law of sin and death(in the script).

    “Thai PM says all laws to be used against protesters”(CNA)

    Their monarch just need to wave and generals will prostrate before him.

    Every asian country will follow Sin’s way in trouncing its people by way of the law. .

    Bear in mind that those who judge( including the military and police) are very well fed by the “wages of Sin”.

    All are under the strongman.

    The world cannot be at peace. People will continue to revolt.

    The House must fall.

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  • For many years, many Singapore:

    Many people dont really understand that this country is being screwed by him and his wife. I believe the fund has massive losses and they are taking back what they need from us.

    Singapore does not need 9.9M, Singapore needs people to be happy and prosperous. But of course he may feel if that is the case, many people would not want to vote his party but prefer more democracy. So he decided to keep Singaporeans poor by importing foreigners to take our jobs. This helps to improve the GDP and the vote base.

    The white party is a self centred and self serving party, it does not have our interest, the foreigners they imported will end up in the same pot. Of course they have successfully extend their party rule from 60 years to perhaps 80 or even 100. But at whose expense?

    It is a bit too late to realise they are screwing us. And this man wants to continue to rule because he wants to protect his own interest, you really think its for us? And Singapore has deteriorated quite badly during his time and we are in need of new leaders and new ideas and not hear his “We need foreigners, we need foreign talents, we need tech pass”.

    Dumb sheep 61% you have not woken up?

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  • Asd:

    I think criminals will then be capable of Ponzi scheme and filling own pocket

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  • Harder Truths:

    His Team Despot says he will rule forever. Cancer says he will croak soon. I believe the cancer. It is never wrong.

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  • Dynasty die die no step down..:

    Well, Ahgong schemed to install his vision of $$$Singapore Inc. comprising elitist ceo-politicians and we got a wheeling & dealing Emperor Dowager instead of a citizens’ PM.

    They’re the reprehensible ruination of a once redolent republic.

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  • #06-195 Stoopid Girl:

    Spore are fools that follow govt’s way blindly. Ask them jump, they do.

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  • mike:

    XJP already become perpetual, why anyone would bother with our own version? Didn’t we vote for his party?

    Ok, next election please make sure we all have enough people to prevent fraud of voting. This US election we have much to learn, even those who wanted to fraud.

    Now i starting to wonder how we count those votes? Do we use those smart machines? 1000 pieces of ballots, when it goes though the counter for efficient and accuracy, would it become 1100 on one machine and 900 on the other? Are machines connected to lan or internet?

    I seen before a chinese money counter will show different amount figure depending on your button pressed. So a simple machine can does its intended job, just beware of figures flipped with a button.

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  • MarBowling:

    Just like in ancient Chinese History, the Hidden Hand behind the curtain cum scene is ACTUALLY the Empress Dowager who is waiting like a Hawk for the Sickly Emperor w/o clothes to FINALLY kick the bucket, so that her son could squat on the Imperial Throne. As part of the game plan, her son will soon be kicked upstairs to a very impotent oops important position to eventually ascend on the Imperial Throne.

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