US threatens to target ICC’s chief prosecutor’s family

At least twelve U.S senators sent a stern warning to the International Criminal Court's (ICC) chief prosecutor, cautioning against potential arrest warrants targeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials over the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.

The US even threaten to invade the Hague (Netherland) if it issues arrest warrants for Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The warning was issued in a letter to a British lawyer and the ICC's chief prosecutor, indicating that there would be serious repercussions if the ICC proceeded with issuing arrest warrants.


3 Responses to “US threatens to target ICC’s chief prosecutor’s family”

  • Predatory instinct:

    Predatory instinct of the Anglo-Saxon!

    Even if you think you have nothing to do with them, they will get you just for the fun of it.

    When they have no more preys, they will prey on each other.

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  • Singaporean R Free Rider:

    Where are Roy Ngern and Han Hui Hui and all the pro Americunt democracy supporters ?

    I urge all Singaporeans to sue anti PAP pro Americunt democracy supporters for spreading fake news to mislead Singaporeans into believing Americunt has freedom, democracy and human rights.

    Either you are with us or against us.

    If you are with us, yes to freedom, democracy and human rights for you.

    If you are against us, no freedom, no democracy and no human rights for you.
    Democratic USA/West is evil like CCP

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  • Singaporean R Free Rider:

    If only Arab world is united, US/Israel will not get their way.

    Unfortunately, the Arab world is dis-united and talk c0ck sing song.

    We Egypt stand with Palestine, but we will not open our door to you.

    best comments on the video
    8 days ago
    Egypt stands with the people of Palestine … As long as they stay on their side of the fence.

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