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I have a dream for Singapore’s next General Elections

I have a dream for Singapore’s next General Elections

Suddenly PAP lost power, all the multi-million ministers lost their jobs saving Singapore a few hundred millions a year. Pay review for management of GLCs and civil service to cut their obscene pay and bonuses. The GST will be abolished just like Malaysia and all ERP gantries will be torn down. No more EPs to be issued to... 

The Cognitive Dissonance Of The Average Singaporean

The Cognitive Dissonance Of The Average Singaporean

The average Singaporean suffers from lots of cognitive dissonances. cognitive dissonance when one set of belief is contradicted with another opposite set of beliefs. The mind tends to resolve it by choosing the most convenient solution with least effort. This is called cognitive dissonance a psychological theory well established through... 

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  • oxygen: MOST OF THE 70% DAFTS are just Pavlov’s dog of behavorial response.
  • Rabble-rouser: @ Fatimah: The whole problem begins with the PAP’s Educational Policies & Examination-biased...
  • Kan looNg chiNg: Sama same like Najib’s supporters lah, who even cried, hugged and kissed Rosmah some more....
  • NotMyProblem: “A self centred, selfish and blind faith society being molded by the system, churning out...
  • True facts: All same same kena con. No diff.
  • Kan looNg chiNg: Believe me when I say PAPgov is killing many of our young local talents especially for those whose...
  • Bapak: In another word, the saying “Stupidity has no cure” is absolutely true.
  • guantanamera: one promised to save your soul one promised to save your CPF
  • guantanamera: liddat one lah .. charismatic movement guantanamera guan ni la guantanamera
  • My $8 heart bypass: What do you get from doing NS, besides wasting 2 years of your life and 2 years lagging behind...
  • I'm Halimah also jiak liao bee: Why are all thoese Foreign trash invited in by the PAPIGS made to do NS before giving...
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