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Netizen volunteer for SMRT’s CEO or MOT post

Netizen volunteer for SMRT’s CEO or MOT post

My fellow Singaporeans, I feel that it is time for someone to step up to the task of becoming the next Chief Executive Officer of SMRT. The recent spate of events has derailed our trust in the company. I believe that this signals a fault that runs deep within the corporation; and is indicative of a need for a better trained... 

Congrats To PAP Supporters, Your Fate Is Sealed!

Congrats To PAP Supporters, Your Fate Is Sealed!

Good day 70% PAP supporters. How are u feeling? I hope u are in the pink of health. I am sure many of u wanted your favourite PAP president Haalimah Yacoob. Hope u are enjoying every bit of the selected president to represent u. Come 2020, expect similar rules to disqualify opposition. Hope u will be happy again. More good... 

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  • Blowing in the Winds: The fixing of the opposition continues and will continue till next GE.
  • Blowing in the Winds: Thank you @Your Friend for this well penned feedback / open letter. Most of us feel the same....
  • HarderTruths: What else can they do except complain and rake in the money?
  • MarBowling: Dr M is talking sense. SinKaporean esp 80% of the total population are ‘POOR’ as they have lesser...
  • HarderTruths: Another pappy voter – they never learn
  • Whymustitcometothis?: This G seems really heartless. Once i was at a cpf branch to change my nominee. While waiting i...
  • Its true...: PM Mahathir is spot on.. country is rich n sparkling but the people are poor.. We oredy know this. We...
  • LIONS: C-PEE-F. 70 PCT,your are the real reason why our CPF got squirreled. you 70 pct must now make amends for...
  • True standards: In the body is a pound of flesh which if wholesome would affect one’s thoughts, words, and...
  • pakuqaz: what the cpf doing is criminal breach of trust, dishonesty and cheating. any lawyer to comments.
  • patriot of Temesak: Liars & Cheats…you deserve it for trusting in a man name Lie Con You!!!
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