The Curse Of The Outcast Artifacts Or Tokens

As a faux connoisseur of ancient western Greek, Etruscan, and Roman artifacts, I love my objects and I know a teeny bit about their cultures and history. The ancients, Greeks, Romans, others were really not much different than us, other than they had no laws to protect ‘slaves or peasants’ and they could simply trade in human carnage, with no legal consequences! I am bemused. While you may be on a mission to create a certain type of collection it is in the ‘wearing’ that really hits me!

Yes, there are serious issues that should be investigated about the potential impact on health of wireless transmitting devices. What kinds of evidence should be required before disseminating new technologies and exposures? The fact of the matter is that wearable gadgets are the way of the future and the only problem is determining what the health risks or dangers are.

Regarding exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (which wearables expose kids to), the American Academy of Pediatrics writes on their website: Short-term exposure to these fields in experimental studies have not always shown negative effects, but this does not rule out cumulative damage from these fields, so larger studies over longer periods are needed to help understand who is at risk. In large studies, an association has been observed between symptoms and exposure to these fields in the everyday environment. [LINK]

Corporate policy has been – for many years by my experience – a policy of ‘burn the bridges’, forcing customers to try its’ new product rather than fixing the existing software bug(s). Initial CAD – computer assisted design – systems users were the small enterprises that could not afford to spend millions for the product. It was never thoroughly tested and we experienced a flood of problem reports after each new software revision release.

In general, unless it has changed, software developers are not trained in problem-solving techniques, which, by my experience, involve an in-depth knowledge of the lowest level computer instructions and operating system architecture, especially when these elements can have flaws. These companies still rely upon the customers to test their products.

Being digitally connected isn’t ‘SG United’. Only suckers believed the hype. Suckers still do.






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  • Boh Kia See:

    I think the insistence that everyone wear this tracking device is a sign of a totalitarian State.

    This tracking device could be the work of the Clown PM’s son. I think the software was shown and offered to the New Zealand PM. I read somewhere that they (the New Zealand Government) found it deficient in what it can do or purported to do and so did not adopt it.

    it goes to show that the State is now the play thing of the familee trying to keep the people in check. who you talk to and see and visit could be tracked. It is a powerful tool for dictators to control the population.

    That is why the campaign must continue to oust the PAP from Government during the next election.

    If unelected grass roots leaders officiates at constituencies, then residents should not attend. This is because the grass root leaders are not elected and therefore do not represent the people but the PAP. It is farcical that elected representatives with the mandate of the people are sidelined in preference for unelected officials of the PAP.

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  • Harder Truths:

    it has been shown that 5G affects brainwaves and increases physiological disorders.

    Every man and his d*g will have a 5G wireless in every unit of every HDB block of every estate transmitting continuously because $G citizens never want to lose out. Plus there will be base stations set up at optimal locations (i.e. most number of people).

    $G is at the forefront of high-population diseases linked to stress, mental disorders and now, 5G mania. $G citizens cannot eat, walk or sh*t without 5G.

    This is why the government needs FT – to replace a stupid population.

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  • United For Death:

    So many buineeses dead and dying.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Sojourner

    GREAT INSIGHTFUL WRITING from historical perspective. What is technology of “smart nation” mind delusion of peasants?

    Sojourner:Corporate policy has been – for many years by my experience – a policy of ‘burn the bridges’, forcing customers to try its’ new product rather than fixing the existing software bug(s).

    I say these -

    Firstly, it is BIG CHANGES appearing cosmetic tweak of process WITH MAGNIFIED IMPACT of the peasants class uneducated of their law rights.

    Technology in this era has made refinement of subjects (ruled) or exploited by ruling into subdivision of SLAVES AND PEASANTS (of the Roman era) by transforming all peasants into RULED SLAVES.

    Such is the example of LEE-jiapore-INDIA BANK forcing debit card onto unwilling customers (burning the bridges analogy) leaving them to bear the losses of their own digital security flaws.

    Its easiest “justification” is that the peasants/slaves class owns the ONE-TIME-PASSWORD token has the responsibility for account security against the risks of criminal risks hackers. Of course, financial institutions sent their token to customers with “advice” of “you need not do anything” as if it is free money to given to slaves) on its letterhead BUT WITHOUT ITS SIGNATURE to own up responsibility.

    Of course, some technologically smart finance entities simply debit by giro deduction (legitimate or otherwise that mandate is extracted from customers of that giro deduction) leaving the customers the onus of account tracking (when he/she has no time for this) of correct debiting. In other words, these technology-smart business suddenly via the tech route “employ” their peasants (technologically illiterate) as their UNPAID SLAVES by this route.


    ALL TECHNOLOGY IS INSIDIOUS – tech enterpreneurs in Silicon Valley won’t allow their kids to be damaged by its exposures to laptop and mobile phones.
    Digital mobile phone with abbreviated communication of msg exchanges is DOING A LOT OF DAMAGE of spreading fake news of only approved POLITICAL PROPAGANDA of SHRANKED TRUTH OR FALSITY ACCOUNTING.

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  • oxygen:

    ONE TELECOM entity charges its customer $2 for paper notification billing unless that customer opt for digital option (silence is not good enough it seems) but it has the email address contact of that customer which it sends regular messages/promotional offers.

    Imagine this telecom services provider has just 1 million customer base, it will collect an extra $24 million profits to its bottomline EVERY YEAR – all seemingly INNOCENTLY LEGITIMATE.

    But if someone financially desperate but tech savvy were to hack into any business/banking account and “take away” the same $24 million, WHAT WOULD LAW ENFORCEMENT HAS TO SAY ABOUT THIS TECHNOLOGY TRANSFERS OF FINANCIAL ASSETS WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF ITS PROPER OWNER by this tech-savvy “intruder”??

    You can’t jail a business entity for “inappropriate” transfer of assets/values of the customers for its own benefit BUT YOU CERTAINLY CAN JAIL A PEASANT SLAVE FOR THEFT OF PRIVATE PROPERTY, right?


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  • oxygen:

    ELECTRIC CAR IS SAID TO BE GREEN CAR protecting of environment. Just look at this of how “green” it really is of harm to peasants/slaves survival of TECHNOLOGICALLY-ILLITERATE tribes whose water resources dependency and need is “stolen” by big mining entities.

    Lithium sparks disputes in Chile’s Atacama Desert

    Environmental issues have generated constant litigation with mining companies in the Atacama Desert.

    If you are environmentally (green) conscious, would anyone of you still buy shares in SQM or Albermarle Corp in US or Pilbara Minerals in Down Under.

    And there is more, self-driving vehicle makes car ownership very convenient for retarded rich too lazy or careless of driving their own private transport adding to environmental congestion and damage.


    Just before the 2020 election, e-bike and e-scooter got banned on pedestrain walkway, didn’t it was so? Who paid for the dead and the injured huge medical bill?

    Smart nation or dumb-a*se nation?

    TECHNOLOGY OF SELF-DRIVING VEHICLE IS A STUPID COW DRIVING AROUND TOWN WITH TWO CUNNING D*CKS of lies, fantasy and propaganda presented as “progress”.

    The motor insurance business vanishes into the dinosaur age. And the elderly is just walking dead of legitimate “road kill”.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    As LONG as it serves the PURPOSE like Killing 1,000,000+++unborn babies through LEEgal Abortion 1974-2006 in order to create an Elite Society in the eyes of the Evil…Forced Insurance Payment with minimum benefits to fill their Deep Pockets…what else is NEW???

    Your Life is Just a Digit

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  • The Curse of Pappy Atas Caste:

    The passion for seeking the truth for truth’s sake can be kept alive only if we continue to seek the truth for truth’s sake ….. Courtesy, modesty, good manners, conformity to definite ethical standards are universal, but what constitutes courtesy, modesty, good manners, and definite ethical standards is not universal. It is instructive to know that standards differ in the most unexpected ways.”

    Franz Boas, “Race And Democratic Society”

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  • ganeshsk:

    I don’t understand , why cant everyone just boycott and don’t collect the tokens.

    Ar they going to jail the whole country?

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  • xoxo:

    good article.

    no more explanations needed???


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  • NotMyProblem:

    I don’t understand , why cant everyone just boycott and don’t collect the tokens.

    Ar they going to jail the whole country?

    I always have the impression that the token is for those who were unable to use cell phone for some reason, why so many people have to collect the token?

    Further, what the difference between the SafeEntry and Trace Together app? There is totally no improvement! Example; when one enters a mall, he still need to scan the QR code or scanned on the token, still need temperature screening, so what’s the difference? All visitors to malls still have to negotiate the maze of barricades!!

    I might be wrong. I am sure the task force has something else in mind!!! I hope.

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