Almost predictable that he would extend his stay

It is almost predictable that he would extend his stay just like Xi removing term limit, both are same age and both are authoritarians. Remember Empress Dowager was supposed to look for a new leader to take over but it dragged for years and never materialised. You believe she was really looking?

The current state of affairs is purely the work of the power couple. Do you really think it was Jteo who allowed FT immigration to go exponential without check? This FT immigration was long decided. And all those lousy policies you really think it was those multi millionaires who decide? Don’t be naive, it is always top down, they just take order to execute.

Sinkies are now poorer without job security and no retirement in sight.

This island is in need to reform and transform, we are in need of new direction and idea, we do not go on with the old formula which is sinking this island back to third world, not just the performance but with millions of inferior third world migrants.

I am also not sure why he won so high vote margin, but this made his head bloated that he is very popular. But the truth is, did your future got better or got worst off? While young PMETs in late 30s and 40s are replaced by FTs doing menial jobs like PHV, Food Deliveries or being self employed, do you agree he has extended his stay for too long?







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    You’re right, the current batch of ministers inherited stuff like immigration issues. They have to carry on doing so.

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  • Eddie:

    Ngaim had said vividly: If you pay the ministers obscenely high salaries, even when they want to oppose, their spouses will stop them from doing so. Just follow the wind and say “yes” and they will be laughing all the way to the banks.
    Can you imagine: they cannot accept to give minimum wage for the poor to survive the high costs of living in Spore BUT can accept maximum salaries for their so-called elites!! And it was reported that even $500,000 salary is NOT ENOUGH!

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  • bbs:

    Two things:

    1. Crown Prince future still not decided
    2. Mdm future

    Of course wont step down.

    Pretending to renew but never renew, as you can see they are all so old and still hanging on……

    Only dumb people believe his crying for renewal every year.

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  • Asd:

    I think not man of words only talk cock like the world club and swiss burger medicoure man who is earning less than 500k now

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  • xoxo:

    Extended $TAY far too *LOoNG*?
    $ure! I can count $$$?

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  • KT:

    They have the majority and they decide when to retain or extend the posts. You and I cannot stop or influence them. That is y they also decide paying themselves million$$$. Who can stop them, not even the papsident unless they are voted out in the next GE. No point crying over spilled milk.

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  • re Eddies:

    if human wastes or renjak r elites, then this world has only garbages n geniuses n not in between. my God, you call these human bastards as elites, my dogs will be human giants n my parrots will be shitting all over the elites! u know some rich men Oxbridge children once told me, SIN scholars r renown scumbags in their colleges n the greatest ones r so arrogant that he has himself standing like moron in the Court of one college. Even Nobel Laurates knows that behind them r many more deserving by human human better than them. But as the saying goes, garnage begets garbage, SIN confirms its truth n its prevalence when PRC tourism bureau blares their profits on the pair of concrete ugly structure which they invested with a face lift for sarzis grom SIN rushed to look as they unload the torist $$$. but so far, they regreted it for the negative investment.

    So Eddies have some confidence in yourself. except for the elite bits, the rest what you say based on your elite standard, you r a genius!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @karma; when you said “he”, are you referring to LHL?

    You can wait long loong that he will step down!!

    Only the 61% idiots believe him. Just ask yourself this question, “what happens to the CEO of Temasick, if he steps down?”

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  • Realistically:

    @ Karma

    >>It is almost predictable that he would extend his stay just like Xi removing term limit, both are same age and both are authoritarians.<<

    It is a GREAT INSULT to the Chairman of the CCP of the People's Republic of China to compare him with our emperor without clothes.

    Xi Jinping continues with the work initiated by Deng Xiaoping which has lifted over 700 million PRC Chinese from poverty.

    WHEREAS our emperor without clothes has been thinking of ways to "FIX" his critics while sinkies complain of high cost of living; ever increasing medical costs; loss of jobs to so-called FT; and seeing GIC whose Chairman is the emperor without clothes & Temasek Holdings whose CEO is none other than his wife losing tens of billions from our reserves………….pity sinkies, including so-called opposition still cannot see the ROOT CAUSE of our problems and too-clever by half MPs wanna-be blaming the 61% when they themselves have shown zilch as to their own deficiencies as likely CHARLATANS.

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  • opposition dude:

    PAP is expected to lose more seats and have a lower vote share in future elections. Whether this means we get more opposition MPs into parliament at a faster rate depends on how many GRCs PAP loses. So far they have never lost more than 1 in an election so if they were to lose 2 or more in a go then this would be an interesting scenario indeed.

    As it stands, we know we cannot let them have too many seats in parliament since they are doing jack shit anyway. Voting in even more opposition will ensure these monkeys are kept on their toes….or else!

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  • GIC ivests in ANT T/F?:

    PRC media claimed that among the State Fund got involved with ANT is SIN GIC . Is this tru,e or false? if it is true, how many – billions have the couple helped SIN dumping into the sewer? of fale sue the media till their pants drop
    , otherwise including HYWL n taiwan media 100 millions, PM has not honored his own pledge made together with LKY n GCT? in their pledge, not sue means true!
    Of course, humkachan will repeat his zero accountability! is the Judiciary handlocked?

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