New law on the use of the Trace Together data

The government is presenting a new law for Parliament to stop the police from getting access to the Trace Together data except for “serious crimes”.

The intention of this new law is to give assurance to the public that the Trace Together data will be kept private and will only be used for contact tracing to prevent the spread of the virus.

I find it ridiculous to take so much trouble over a small issue.

This is the alternative approach.

The Police can make a statement that they will not be asking for the Trace Together data in the normal course of investigation. The data is hardly to be of any use anyway.

The Police already had the power to confiscate a person’s mobile phone, personal computer and physical files in the course of their investigation. The access to the Trace Together data is very low in priority and is unlikely to be useful or needed.

There are many other updates that are needed to our other laws. Some of these laws, including littering and jay walking, are outdated and are not being enforced. It is better for these laws to be updated, as they affect the daily lives of the population. We need certainty in the laws.

The use of the Trace Together data can be explained by an administrative instruction from the Police. I do not envisage any situation where the Police will abuse their existing power to require the access to the Trace Together data.


Tan Kin Lian




3 Responses to “New law on the use of the Trace Together data”

  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Additional entry restrictions may be imposed at Singapore malls with crowd management issues

    Visitors to Peninsula Plaza having their identity cards scanned, under odd-even identity number restrictions, on Jan 10, 2021.ST PHOTO: GAVIN FOO

    Ng Keng Gene
    SINGAPORE – As clampdowns on businesses and individuals that breach safe-distancing measures continue, shopping malls are no exception to scrutiny.

    Entry restrictions may be imposed on malls that face crowd management issues even as more visitors are allowed in under phase three of Singapore’s reopening, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) told The Straits Times last Friday (Jan 8).

    The restrictions may be similar to the odd-even weekend entry in force at Peninsula Plaza and Lucky Plaza since Aug 29.

    Under these guidelines, patrons can visit the malls only on odd or even dates according to whether the last digit of their NRIC or FIN number is odd or even.

    The restrictions remain in place even though phase three has eased the capacity limit for malls from 10 sq m to 8 sq m per person since Dec 28.

    When announcing the measures in August last year, STB and ESG said the two shopping centres attract larger crowds and longer queues to enter them over a sustained period, especially on weekends, compared with other malls.

    Peninsula Plaza and Lucky Plaza are especially popular with domestic workers from Myanmar and the Philippines respectively, and many visit to meet friends and buy products from home on Sundays – a common day off for these workers.

    Some businesses reliant on this niche clientele said they struggle to make ends meet. Some owners said they have failed to break even for months.

    Ms Jhen Tamayao, who runs a business selling Filipino beauty and food products in Lucky Plaza, said her Sunday takings are now a mere $300, compared with about $1,500 to $2,000 before Covid-19.

    The 49-year-old added that she has dug deep into her savings to fund losses over the past few months, and has also started stocking perishable foodstuffs of lower value since November last year, as many of her unsold stocks end up expiring and adding to her losses….”Unquote.

    Response : “Under these guidelines, patrons can visit the malls only on odd or even dates according to whether the last digit of their NRIC or FIN number is odd or even.”??

    So need NRIC to enter mall ?If NRIC is lost or forget to bring ,then how to enter mall to pee ? And mall is the place that has the toilets and coffeeshop may not be around miles away .Pee outside ok ? For those with diabetes may not be able to control their urination ability on times .So is there a need for more toilets outside shopping malls ?

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    Of course, the Trace Together was developed with ability to track anyone for any purpose. As if that thought never came across the minds of inventors and all those brilliant people in the planning stages.

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  • oxygen:

    IMMATURE DRIVEL – its assumptions are that justice is always fair and the law application is moral – FLAWED. If one can be arrested for taking photo of himself/herself with a smiley face on a public street, what else is excluded of law tyranny and its SILENTLY PERVERSE application?

    There is the law concept in administrative law called “otherwise wrong”. @ Tan Kin Lian is either unaware of or pretended that this does not exist. One good example is current amongst TRE threads is someone convicted of crime which he actively refused to commit by his act.

    Man convicted of cheating because he has taken payment but refused to commit a crime?

    Of course @ TKL is not sufficiently clever to know that the world looks different looking out from inside the cage from one outside looking in. To avoid doubt, just ask any of those “Marxists Conspirators”

    And finally, there is a mafia wisdom thinking which says something like this – a monkey dressed up in a tuxedo on the stage is still a monkey.

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