It will ultimately be up to the people to decide…

“It will ultimately be up to the people to decide…. for a non- Chinese Prime Minister” – Janil Puthecheary.

It is this type of big motherhood taichi answer uttered by some big titled people wearing coats and ties that I despise most. Let me explain.

Singapore wasn’t ready for a non- Chinese Prime Minister was nothing more than some clever and calculated electoral engineering rhetorics expoused by the late strongman Prime Minister LKY.

Since our independence in 1965 and until GRC was introduced in 1988, all and I want to stress ALL our minority ministers and MPs contested and won their political offices stood as Single Electoral Candidates and almost always beaten their Chinese/ Indian opponents on the back of strong Chinese support. (Please read this paragraph again).

They included S. Rajaratnam, E.W Barker, Ahmad Mattar, S. Danabalan, Prof Jayakumar, Major Abbas Abu Amin, Rohan Kamis, Wan Hussein bin Haji Zoohri, Othman Wok, Sidek Saniff etc and many more.

For over half a century, Singaporeans of all backgrounds and races in all constituencies had again and again shown themselves to be politically colour blind and will vote for the candidates whom they consider to be the better ones.

Even opposition politician JB Jeyaratnam won his Anson seat against a Chinese pap candidate, Pang Kim Hin in 1984 on the back of strong Chinese support. To say that our citizens voted along racial line may have some truths in the distant past but to continue uttering such lines is so unfair and untrue of our fellow citizens today.

Murali also defeated Chee Soon Juan in a one on one contest in the GE 2020 in Bukit Batok, a Chinese majority constituency. Have I proven my case enough? Need I say more?

To push the blame to Singaporeans and accuse them of not ready for a non- Chinese Prime Minister is a fallacy repeated over and again by different pap leaders until it sinks its roots into the psyche of unthinking, simple-minded and automatic sucking Singaporeans.

To me, if all things being equal and nobody had a prime minister father, between Tharman and lhl, I would prefer Tharman to be my Prime Minister. Anyday.

To me, in terms of intellect, integrity, international standing and respectability etc, Tharman is not inferior. In fact, I consider Tharman Shanmugaratnam to be the better man.

Unlike the majority of my fellow citizens, I don’t suck blindly anything and everything that the pap peddles. I have a habit of observing things, think hard about things and think through things and this habit has benefited and enlighten me much.



Simon Lim




11 Responses to “It will ultimately be up to the people to decide…”

  • No. Not color blind.:

    Begging to differ here.
    Most voters are not color blind.

    Let me explain. They see white, they vote for it. Majority voted based on color. They don’t vote for better candidates. How do you explain all those nameless rubber stamps? How?

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  • Le chiens:

    Now, let us ask first,is it up to the people to have a Non-chinese PAP SECRETARY GENERAL?

    The PAP members are racist,they only believe in Chinese SG?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Another Red Herring. What this is about is trying to tie up the opposition into racial preferences that have no bearing on the real problem.

    It should not matter to $G citizens whether the PM is of any race or no race.

    If he/she is good at the job that is all that should count. By playing this game the opposition loses credibility without realising it. Race is a topic that goes deep and more fragile than any other issue $G has. It is easy for the opposition to fall into many traps spun by the regime spiders.

    Don’t play the regime’s game. Don;t fall into the regime’s trap. Focus o nthe real problems and not the make-up ones by the regime used to divide and conquer.

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  • Colour Bias:

    I’m not colour blind, I makes sure it is blue before I voted. In fact, white is truly colour blind. All the more don’t vote anything white.

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  • PAP Close Down:

    Some commented here that PAP is Racist but they let in so many Indians undeer CECA.

    I think people sould vote for a leader that’s willing to serve people, solve real problems. Ability more important than race.

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    LESSON one…This is the “tink tink” man…Simon, hopefully, you are NOT selling candy

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  • Eddie:

    “Some commented here that PAP is Racist but they let in so many Indians undeer CECA.”
    This is a BIG mistake made but dare not ADMIT!! It was originally thought to be a great deal ie 5.7m SINgaporeans can go to India to work & invest while 1.5b Indians can come to SIN to work & invest!! In the first place: how many SINgaporeans want to go to India to work & invest? Only corporations like DBS, GIC, STel and they have been bitten with low-keyed news.

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  • In that case:

    In that case, why not Ang Mo ?

    Since alot of Sg seniors / elderly missed Colonial time ( the brits ).

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  • AristoCATs - Cop-out?:

    Now, many know that Papaya is “Master of PR-speak”.

    Cop-out !

    When they are on the defensive,
    they conveniently use the phrase -

    “It’s up to Singaporeans.”

    When Papaya made major decisions,
    did they use the above phrase?

    When Papaya decided on OxleyGate,
    did they use the above phrase?

    When Papaya made Indian into Malay Prez,
    did they use the above phrase?

    Remember the Power of the Ballot Box !

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  • Janil For PM ?:

    Are you looking forward to be Singapore PM ? If not why come to Singapore to be an MP and now Senior Minister Of State ?

    I will vote for you. But first you must go through NS just like I have done many years ago. Are you willing ? If not just shut the fiack. KNNBCCB

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  • opposition dude:

    Let PAP continue thier race based games, we will let them know what we think in an election. They have long forgotten about the president die die must be malay or having our races printed on our ICs in the past liao.

    The more PAP tries to play the race card the more it will fail because Singaporeans can think and make up our own minds. PAP doesn’t have the so called brainwashing over us anymore and will have to face up to reality in upcoming elections when the millenials reach voting age.

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