Moving towards electronic communication

To improve our national efficiency, we need to move towards electronic communication.

We have to use email and SMS to replace physical letters that need to be posted.

A certain proportion of our population is not able to use electronic communication. This fact should not impede the rest of the population moving making this change.

I suggest a two prong approach.

We should adopt electronic communication for those who prefer to use this new approach. For those who are not ready, we can continue to use physical letters.

I expect that more than half of the population will opt for electronic communication. This will reduce the cost of our communication by more than 50%.

As time goes by, more will move towards electronic communication. It may take 5, 10 or 15 years for the change to be completed.

There is a fear that e-mail is not secure. and can be viewed by hackers from third party servers.

This fear is overblown. It does not apply to ordinary communication that do not have any privacy or financial value. Few communication are sensitive and need to be protected.

Let the recipient decide on the types of communication that they prefer to receive through a secure channel, such as SMS to a mobile device.

The authority can also provide a platform for people to receive electronic communication through a server that does not use the public email servers. This platform can be used for official communication by government agencies. They can be extended to commercial agencies by paying a small fee. This fee is a small fraction of the cost of postage and printing of physical letters.

To improve national efficiency and reduce the cost of communication, we need to move towards electronic communication. I have suggested the approach on how this can be achieved.


Tan Kin Lian




8 Responses to “Moving towards electronic communication”

  • AI & BrainwaveTechnology:

    Well, AI has arrived, ushering in Brainwave Technology as the lingua-franca for human communication in the very near future.

    Just blink your eyes and the messages sent and received instantaneously. Electronic communication can then take a backseat.

    Save money. No subscription fee.

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  • oxygen:

    DIGITIZED INFORMATION can be fake fabrication or sweeping of unverified/unverifiable claims without the means of checking from the receiver of message.

    FACE TO FACE communication is real and offer the means for intense scrutiny and thus can be tested for integrity of information or claims pretended/tendered.

    IA/digital communication is criminal paradise or even thuggery of power abuse incubated and employed by the establishments.

    For example, deceitful incubation may include forcing all peasants into DIGITAL BANKING and then FORCING ALL TRANSACTIONS processed to pay for a “digital” tax behind GST – another layer of backdoor tax of peasants, just like COE, ERP, CPF and HDB.

    Europe is moving towards the implementation of digital tax on all tech giants awaiting consent and agreeable formulae to reach with the Biden’s administration on trans-Atlantic.

    Australia forced Facebook and Google to pay for local news content.

    INTERNET WILL SOON NO LONGER FREE OF GLOBAL ACCESS and some website is beginning to demand membership subscriptions to view its contents while using its customers/readers as the “product” for advertising sales revenue harvested.


    Digital communication is another predator – pretending prey – to double up on predatory behavior.

    IDIOT SCORED TWICE his own goal – stupidity on voluntary display yet again.

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  • oxygen:

    IF ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION WORKS WONDER AND ALL, why have divine supply human with legs and hand (and mouth too) to walk to and talk/negotiate at business meetings to transact business?

    Business is not like silent betting in a casino, right?

    Why have a brain to tell your farthead to fart gas when feeling constipated?


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  • oxygen:

    @ TKL

    YOU COME FROM STRONG FINANCE/INVESTMENT BACKGROUND, have you forgotten about the dangers of “electronic communication” technology found in this convicted case of rookie stock market trader – Navinder Sarao?

    Who is Navinder Sarao? And How did he make $40m from his bedroom?

    And in that thrilling journey, he caused a global market crash in 2010 of half an hour wiping almost $1tn off shares before markets recovered.

    Hound of Hounslow: Who is Navinder Sarao, the ‘flash crash trader’?

    In the most recent stock market debacle of untamed and wild keyboard bound Robinhood traders in Gamestop (which rose for a few dollars to $460 or thereabout and then sank 90% of its value in a few weeks, how many dumbfarked idiots got sucked in and now got no money to pay the next week’s rent?

    DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT ANYTHING THAT IS “digital” and “communication” put together is fertile ground or paradise for crook’s cultivation of sinister outcome beneficial only to a few AND TO THE DETRIMENT/DAMAGE of the deceived majority stupidly conned (and some stupid enough to con themselves in that journey)??

    @TKL, sorry to put you in your little playpen again – your depth of experience in investment/finance isn’t put on show here but the shallowness of that appears to be on show again.

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  • Partial truth?:

    What the difference , also carbon emission.

    Using electronics, current consumption will be high. Though solar compensation some portion.

    With increase in population ( world wide wise ) , how to resolve ? Only balance or slow down ( probably not )?

    E.g. Look at the amount of carton boxes , never before though its recyclable.

    If dont use plastic use what ? Fabric bag or paper bag . Consumption on wood and fabric will be more.

    Dont use bamboo chopsticks or plastic fork spoon or plate. Bring our own but need to wash. Even eat like muslim using our hands also need to wash. Water consumption becomes high.

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  • Harder Truths:

    How about tracking you 24/7 by facial recognition and tracing app?

    Very soon your every move will be watched, Just in time for the new digital system to tell you what you can do and can’t.

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  • oxygen:

    @ AI & BrainwaveTechnology:

    EXACTLY WHERE WERE YOU and your “mate” TKL when the Cambridge Analytica scandal erupted?

    Cambridge Analytica and Facebook: The Scandal and the Fallout So Far

    AI & BrainwaveTechnology: Well, AI has arrived, ushering in Brainwave Technology as the lingua-franca for human communication in the very near future.

    Just blink your eyes and the messages sent and received instantaneously. Electronic communication can then take a backseat.

    Save money. No subscription fee

    It was more than Wanton theft and chilling privacy invasion require immediate US Congressional hearings during those tense moments, it is suspected that Mark Zuckerberg t*sticles shrank and frozen in room temperature only.

    DT twitter politics blast the world with brevity focusing on blatant (election) lies, theatric, buffoonery except his boast of put-c grabbing because that (he knows) will lend him in criminal law hot soup of molestation (giving chicken Stormy Daniels an open field day in the courtroom floor and the world giggling at his mocked impotence of not lasting beyond two minutes of his “battleship” WW2 vintage 16-inches gun barrel firing).

    Think about these illustrative episodes of the “wonders” of “electronic communication” before showing the world that it is just another sequence of circus buskering or carnival jestering.

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  • oxygen:

    @ TKL

    BE CAREFUL, VERY CAREFUL with your advocacy of electronic communication.

    Plenty of banksters waiting to feed and HAWKING toxic investment ideas bundled up in entertainment channel in mobile phone delivery means.

    China is kicking ar*es already.

    China Warns Against ‘Entertaining’ Investors With Fund Pitches


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