Singapore has to faced three key challenges in 2021 and beyond

The first and most immediate challenge is to deal with the covid pandemic. The severity of the second wave in India is worrisome. Some other countries have also been seen large increase in infection and deaths.

Will Singapore be caught in a crisis of the same scale as India. Will we see a large increase in infection that will get out of control, overwhelm our health system and bring large number of deaths?

This is not the only challenge.

We still have the challenge of taking care of large numbers of people who have lost their jobs during the lockdown and border closures. They were given financial assistance in 2020, but this assistance will be scaled down significantly or entirely in 2021.

Looking ahead, we also need to worry about our food security. With trade tensions, disruption to the supply chains, and the crisis faced in many countries, there is a big risk that this will apply to the food supply. As Singapore is almost totally dependent on the import of food, we will be severely stressed if the supply of food is disrupted.

Our government leaders have to be aware and addressed all the three key challenges.

It they focus only on the first challenge, namely to deal with the covid pandemic, they may neglect the other two challenges. Worse, the severe actions taken to deal with the first challenge may create a bigger problem with the recovery of the economy and providing jobs for our people in the new economic environment of the future.

This will be a real test of the quality of our leaders.

I wish them all the best.


Tan Kin Lian




9 Responses to “Singapore has to faced three key challenges in 2021 and beyond”

  • U turn:

    A u turn from whatever you have said.

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  • oxygen:

    THE PANDEMIC IS WREAKING HAVOC and lasting scarring to global economy, maybe for the rest of this decade.

    Deglobalisation adds to escalating trade disruption, geopolitical division and polarisation of East West/rich poor divide.

    Both are tumultuous turbulence beyond PAPpypolitic’s control. PAPpynomic’s Population Recycling Economics starting with CECA is falling apart – just look at WFH environment don’t need foreigners to be here and the whole island (before pandemic outbreak) was a construction site is coming to a standstill.

    Infrastructure spending is now wasteful white elephant unless of immediate economic relevance – Changi Airport, Changi Jewel, MRT expansion, Orchard Road shopping glamour/hospitality sectors etc (all fake pillars of economic growth statistics) are all not needed anymore and beyond affordability to sustain.


    Displaced PMETS have got no “old” jobs to go back to – their experience, skills sets updating has no relevance having been out of circulation for too long in a digitised world.

    HDB is depreciating liability dwindling to zero valuation and CPF retirement is a mirage of old care survival provision FICTION. Peasants don’t own either – they are tenants of HDB public housing and were TOLD IN PARLIAMENT that CPF is NOT their money.


    PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics has long past its use-by date (they run out of tricks and can’t pull rabbits out of the hat) and near its end now.

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  • Sg slow to react:

    Other countries already closed the door Singapore still open her arms wide invite the CECA talents.

    China seems know better than anyone they ban all India flights end of March.

    The mutants from India is contagious and more poisonous than the original virus. Stay safe.,

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  • Harder Truths:

    Were you ever dropped on your head when you were an infant? Just curious.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Mr. Tan; The PAP has a different priority.

    PAP already procured vaccines for the population, so pandemic situation under control. They import more variants of virus. If you kenna, sorry, hard luck!!

    PAP’s MP said you were given $23,225. So wait for it (I don’t know how loooong!). PAP is more concern with the cronies’ companies and GLCs getting their FTs employees coming in.

    Don’t be “sia suey” to stock up foods and toilet paper ok. Otherwise we need to force sheep to produce cotton!

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  • Leadiat:

    Instead of using Indian construction workers,use our NS boys instead.let them do some building our nation work.where they can cliam they help built sg.

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  • Nathan Chen:

    The present PAP government is a huge danger to themselves. They will bring the nation down with them one day. All the challenges we are facing now pre and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic boils down to one man – Sir Ah Loong. He is creating more problems that he and his government can solve. So as long as he remains, unnecessary and unwanted challenges will never end but pile up.

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  • opposition dude:

    Didn’t textbook theory Tan always say that the numbers are small and insignificant and that all restrictions should be lifted because the situation is well under control and we should open our borders once again many many times?

    All of a sudden it’s “Will Singapore be caught in a crisis of the same scale as India. Will we see a large increase in infection that will get out of control, overwhelm our health system and bring large number of deaths?”. Why worry, we have the situation well under control and should, therefore, go back to normal right uncle Tan? Why now you so scared and concerned over a large increase in infections and overwhelm our health system ah?

    Once again, more evidence that you go solely by theory. The thought of a second wave never occurred to you and now you shoot yourself in the foot. Well done!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    If the PAP government is a huge danger, blame is on the 61% who voted for them.

    If the nation is brought down by this PAP government, sorry for the 39%. The 61% don’t mind at all.

    The 61% had given Sir Loong the super extended runway, if he cannot solve those problem created by themselves, blame it on the people. Pray it doesn’t involve the 39%.

    There are vaccines for Covid-19 but no medication for stupidity!!. We can protect ourselves from Covid-19, but not we can do for stupidity!!

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