The worst virus of the lot?

I remember striking up a conversation with an Englishman who mentioned that “I have very little going for me in life except my pink and blotchy skin and I guess you have to use what you have been given.” I remember this conversation because this man had summed up a major truism about post-colonial societies, they can’t get over the “superiority” of the “white colonial” master. Russel Peters famously joked that “Every Indian has a home land – it’s called the United Kingdom.” The same joke could be repeated of any post-colonial society. The homeland of every Vietnamese for example is France (I’ve met quite a few Mr. Nguyen’s who are more responsive to “bonjour” than “Xin Cao.”)

In a way that’s very understandable. Leaving aside Japan and the original NICS (Newly Industrialised Countries, namely South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore) Asia is predominantly “emerging.” While countries in Asia (including China and India) have been the main drivers of global growth in the past few years, life for the majority of Asians is for the most part not as good as in the West. If you look at migration flows, the Westerners (defined primarily as the US and EU) coming to Asia are predominantly well to do executives being sent by the company to run an outpost or backpackers (who usually end up becoming executives). If you look at the Asians moving West, it’s either manual labour or average middle class hopping to settle for a better quality of life.

We should also not forget that while Asia has been growing and prospering, the West remains a world leader in most things. Asia, has for the most part built its prosperity on building or doing things cheaper. The “world-dominating” parts of America are in “ideas” industries like software and movies (the type of industries that require you to be open to diversity). French and Italian fashion still set the tone for what we want to wear. The world’s most solid cars are still built in Germany. While these countries are becoming increasingly diverse in their ethnic mix, they are predominantly inhabited by Pink and Blotchy people.

So, I do get the continuing reverence for all things pink and blotchy. The “world standards” or the places where the world’s best want to be are predominantly “pink and blotchy” lands. Asia and the rest of the “emerging” world would be much better off if we had many of the elements of Western society like the culture that encourages people to be different – we’d have far more innovation and creativity.

However, thanks to Donald Trump, there is a twist to this. Just as America and the West is a world leader most of the things that make modern life the wonderful and convenient thing that it is, the Western world also has highly effective nut-jobs who are effective and being nut jobs.

While no ethnicity or religion has a monopoly on nut jobs, the ones in the West have something that the others don’t have – a voice. Nobody cares about the other jobs as long as they stick to screwing up their own people. Sure, we get upset about the Mad Mullah’s who were behind the Taliban in Afghanistan and all the horrible things they were doing. However, nobody cared enough about them until September 11 2001 when Osama Bin Ladin, who was their ally, claimed responsibility for the attack on the Twin Towers. We all knew that Idi Amin in Uganda was a nut job but nobody cared as long as he stuck to brutalizing black Ugandans.

Western ones are a different matter. Not only do they have a voice, they usually have the ability to spread the virus of insanity and to encourage otherwise normal and intelligent people to take on the virus of stupidity.

This was exposed by Covid and the mismanagement of the Trump Administration. While every other leader around the globe was imposing lockdowns, mask mandates and social distancing, the Trump administration decided to do the opposite. Then there was the infamous recommendation of the then President prescribing the injection of bleach.

Now, this on its own would not be so bad if it was limited to the Trump and his team. However, you had ordinary citizens doing the same and dying. Now, I don’t know about you but the guys who took it because a politician whose previous career was in reality TV told them to take it despite the doctors telling them otherwise is asking for it. One nut job had spread the virus of insanity.

Even without the Trump in the White House, the insanity virus persist and continues to encourage stupidity. You have an opinion host who sees that wearing mask, a proven protective measure against Covid as being a sign of a mental disorder. Mr. Carlson thought he was promoting sanity and freedom. The sane world understood that he had the virus and was busy spreading it. [LINK]

I’m not saying that the Asian leaders were all great in their handling of Covid-19. In Singapore, ours planned things well for the main elements of society but somehow forgot that there was a large population of workers housed on overcrowded dormitories. China tried to cover up the initial outbreak and “silenced” a couple of scientists who tried to speak out. However, the difference here is that we know that China is a nasty totalitarian state and so we expect this sort of thing. We know that Singapore doesn’t give a s** about construction workers as long as they remain cheap. You could call the Asian ones “intentionally nasty.”

The Western ones are different. They seem to be nicer and more well-meaning. Apparently being told to wear a mask is a violation of freedom and having your kids vaccinated from a host of horrible diseases is also against personal liberty. Somehow that’s worse than letting the kid die of the disease. For the record, vaccines had a role in eradicating small pox and keeping tuberculosis under control – no rational being should doubt that certain diseases kill and vaccines that have gone through clinical trials work.

Yet the Western world is filled with nut jobs who think otherwise and somehow the virus of insanity spreads. As long as someone with pink and blotchy skin says something, you’ll have an army of Asians, Arabs and Africans who will buy it. I think of the taxi driver who announced “What’s the big deal – I agree with Donald Trump, it’s no big deal.” He forgot the minor fact that while the Trump was announcing that it was no big deal, he was busy telling Bob Woodward that this was airborne, very bad and worse than the flue.

The worst thing about the people who spread the virus of insanity is that they are against factual observations and believe that everything that doesn’t go their way is either a left- or right-wing conspiracy. Just take a look at the following Linkedin post by Mr. Devadas K, CEO of Future-Moves Group.

I looked up Mr. Alan Fairnington and found out that he was J. Walter Thomson Asia Pacific for 25-years. As with the case with a lot of expats, one is left dumbfounded by the level of happy stupidity. Here is someone smart enough to get a prominent job in a credible company buying into and peddling stuff that encourages dangerous behavior in a pandemic.

The insanity virus coming out of the Western world encourages people to do stupid things and it seems that it has a particular effect on people who should be otherwise clever people. What makes this virus especially dangerous is that other people start following the example of the people who have this insanity virus.

So, while everyone is understandably worried about the outbreak of the virus in India and thus restricting travel to and from India, surely, we should also be looking at doing the same with the Pink and Blotchy people from the Western World who are spreading the virus of insanity and getting us to not take a dangerous pandemic seriously.


Tang Li

*Although I’ve been based mainly in Singapore for nearly two decades, I’ve had the privilege of being able meet people who have crossed borders and cultures. I’ve befriended ministers and ambassadors and worked on projects involving a former head of state. Yet, at the same time, I’ve had the privilege of befriending migrant labourers and former convicts. All of them have a story to tell. All of them add to the fabric of life. I hope to express the stories that inspire us to create life as it should be.




9 Responses to “The worst virus of the lot?”

  • xoxo:

    The trouble with angmohs is they have excessive SUPERIORITY complex.
    But more seriously is asians have COMPULSIVE INFERIORITY complex?

    Now XJP is trying to change the stupidity but maybe he is over-doing it.

    HUMILITY AND TRUE WISDOM are lacking ,both in east and west.

    This world is becoming too arrogant for its own good.
    God is considered taboo.
    $ is being worshipped instead,at all costs by all peoples?

    Evil is *good* as in *GREED IS GOOD*.
    GOODNESS is seen as *stupid* or BAD??


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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    Dear Tang Li,
    Why use such bombastic words like Pink and Blotchy people from the Western World?

    Just 4 letters AMTK will do…don’t know what is AMTK?

    AMTK = Ang Mo Tua Kee

    Oppositions had many such AMTK mentality supporters.

    Whatever AMTK say, these Asians will readily agreed and swallowed every drip of it.
    example, the Hong Kees are the stupidest lots.

    The Hong Kees carries UK flag and USA flag to burn down Hong Kong.
    These stupid Hong Kee feel so proud to be make use of as canon fodders.


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  • Chink Tang:

    There is nothing more viral than hypocrisy designed to manipulate ideas. Some writers periodically become convinced that they have discovered – by reason of their vast experience, excellent education and superior intellect – the philosophical key to the civilized world. Those intellectuals are, to use the technical term, a dime a dozen.

    UK, is just a vestige of past empire to help English feel relevant and consequential in the modern world when they’re just the opposite. I don’t claim that the United States is anywhere near perfect (they have endless hypocrisies and cruelties of their own), but at least they’ve gotten the theory right, that all humans are created equal.

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  • Stupid move:

    Straits Times: Me & My Money: 3M executive invests his pay back with employer each month

    Investing in your employer’s stock is a stupid move. If your employer goes bust you are likely to lose your job AND the value of your investment in your employers stock will also take a beating. Employees of Enron learned this lesson the hard way. Investing in your money in your employer’s stock increases “concentration risk” – the opposite of diversification.

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  • Blame LKY stupidity:

    Straits Times: Entry ban to further squeeze manpower in S’pore’s construction, landscaping sectors

    LKY limited the number of Singaporeans that can go to local universities because graduates are a threat to PAP political dominance. Graduates are better informed, smarter, more confident, likely more vocal and more idealistic. They might join the Opposition making them more acceptable and electable.

    Those kept out of local university wind up at a polytechnic or ITE. But PAP kept wages low which discouraged Singaporeans from learning a skilled trade like plumbing, steel worker, carpentry, masonry, etc. (People in this line of work in (real) 1st World countries like US, UK, Canada, EU, Japan, Australia earn a decent salary and can have a good life but not in Singapore.) That is why the construction industry is heavily dependent on foreign workers. To make matters worse, LKY (and PAP) did not require good quality of work in the building of HDB flats and other infrastructure work.
    As a result, local contractors brought in cheaper unskilled workers. That is why SHODDY WORK is the norm in Singapore. HDB flats are of poor quality. MRT is unreliable because of the shoddy work when it was built and the shoddy maintenance. LKY (and PAP) stupidly believe that it is possible to get something “good and cheap”. There is a saying the the trades in the real 1st world countries- “Cheap work is not good and good work is not cheap”. Poor work quality is also one of the reasons why Singapore is not a real 1st world country. Low wages and poor productivity are the other reasons. Singaporeans do not have 1st World standard of living. It only has 1st World Per Capita GDP and cost of living with stagnant wages. All because of LKY’s stupidity and incompetence.

    LKY also believed home ownership will make Singaporeans good citizens. This resulted in public housing programme called HDB. LKY also thought he can make Singaporeans “feel rich” by pushing up the price of public housing. HDB prices went up 30 times over the last 5+decades while real wages only went up 6 times. (BTW the only thing that went up higher was the pay of PAP office holders. Their pay went up 70+ times to be the highest in the planet.) LKY argued that property prices should go up with economic development. It is correct but only for freehold property. Leasehold property like HDB, 99-year condos will be worth ZERO at the end of the lease. This is FACT because of “utility”. Anything useful has value. Those that can no longer be used is worth ZERO. LKY and PAP cannot change this. The growth in property prices from economic development can NEVER fully offset the UNDERLYING DEPRECIATION of HDB flats because of the 99-year lease. HDB flats will be worth ZERO to the “owner” (actually long term lessee) at the end of the lease but not to the government because it can always renew the lease at no cost and sale the property again for a full 99-year.

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  • Wrong Lah:

    Osama didn’t claim responsibility for the attack. It was attributed to him.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    continue from above… the best flag to carry is not UK flag nor US flag.

    The best flag to carry is PAP Singapore flag…. where everyone has 2 cars and like GCT said, Singaporeans are like bird that go cheap cheap when they visit Australia.

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$

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  • Harder Truths:

    Some statistics on vaccination and deaths

    The findings were published by the UK Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies.

    The authors pointed out that during the period covered by the study, December 8 to March 10, 2021, vaccinations were heavily focused on older people.

    Of the 52,000 people involved in the research, 526 people were admitted to hospital with CoVID-19 variants and 113 people died in what the research team called “vaccine failures”.

    However in $G only 30 odd people have died from CoVID from an infected total of 62500, most of them in the initial stages before effective treatment was provided, or people took too long to report their infection.

    The number of deaths related to the vaccines are 4 times higher than the number of deaths from being infected by CoVID.

    The longer term problems (heart, immune system, blood clotting etc.) are still not known.

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  • CECA Tua Kee:

    “As a result, local contractors brought in cheaper unskilled workers. That is why SHODDY WORK is the norm in Singapore. HDB flats are of poor quality. MRT is unreliable because of the shoddy work when it was built and the shoddy maintenance. LKY (and PAP) stupidly believe that it is possible to get something “good and cheap”. There is a saying the the trades in the real 1st world countries- “Cheap work is not good and good work is not cheap”. Poor work quality is also one of the reasons why Singapore is not a real 1st world country. Low wages and poor productivity are the other reasons.”

    What to do? government signed CECA with India in 2005 then mass import both low calibre blue and white collars. Singapore will continue to suffer low productivity and quality until government feel the pain and have guts to stop CECA and others. Singapore overall working population will never able to match China, Japan, Korea, HK and Taiwan in quality and productivity. Won’t be surprised Shanghai will be Asia hub because they (younger generations) simply speak English better (not grammar) and no trade war in future.

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