Sowing Discord and Character Assasination of PSP by MSM

Singaporeans need to be warned and familiar that MSM is controlled by establishment and manipulated for their own political gain. So many decades, the readership has plummeted to new lows because they are sinking to this low becoming more like a state controlled media. Many journalists which were once writing pro state articles and singing music of establishment and writing down oppositions and critics had left and joined alternate media. Once they are out of MSM, it is tigers unleashed, they expressed all the negatives and truth of being suppressed and straightened when they write the truth of situation.

I referred to this todayonline article  that the same usual tactics been deployed on oppositions, especially of threat. The paper can continue to brainwash sheep believing that these good oppositions are some kind of demons waiting to destroy Singapore.

This same tactic has been used on so many oppositions and critics, from JBJ,Teng Liang Hong, Francis Seow, LTK, Dr Chee and many more. And of course many Singaporean sheep have also repeated made up stories that were published. We Singaporeans need to be aware that this kind of below the belt tactic is common with a low class no integrity establishment.

The two PSP MPs were braver than WP MPs in taking up the challenge of our bread and butter issues against the viper and snakes. WP has been soft and appear to back away from challenges quite easily, this could be their strategy of not taking the heat in parliament. We need real check and balance against major policies affecting local livelihoods immensely and we should support MPs who dare to question and ask policies impacting our lives and financials and not shy away from a fight.

The report quoting un-named PSP member is probably a scam. If you do not dare to stand up, this could be a made up story by MSM to sow discord. And if there are members of PSP who think the two brave MPs who made a stand for Singaporeans are racist, these are probably PAPPY moles planted or these people should not be in PSP, they should join PAPPY instead.

For all of us, real check and balance is critical especially with major but lousy policies such as CECA, population growth, immigration, foreign talents, cost of living, CPF et cetera. We need MPs to face off these people who are creating these policies making our lives miserable. For this, we should all stand united to dispel these propaganda targeted to destroy a good quality opposition party onto path to win more seats to fight for Singaporeans.

Do you agree?






16 Responses to “Sowing Discord and Character Assasination of PSP by MSM”

  • Love PSP, love WP:

    must love all non-pap. until pap gone, then we internal fight. ok?

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  • Regardless of coountry or party. Whenever a political party puts the interest of its LEEders and party above the peasants, the whole country will suffer.

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  • Pinky is useless anyway:

    Many Singaporean sheep has been brainwashed by same tactic against creditable oppositions, the smearing and character assassination to achieve their wins at polls.

    We Singaporeans need to be firm on who we support and not waver with all these propaganda especially more than 50% of this country already in hands of foreigners imported by PAPPY.

    Dictators manipulate the media to achieve their party interest, same as in China, no much difference. We need real democracy for check and balance and for things to be transparent.

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  • Useless King:

    The problem starts with the king thought he is always right must get all his subjects out to protect his reputation at all cost including 9-generation executions.

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  • MarBowling:

    Useless King:
    July 18, 2021 at 8:33 am (Quote)
    The problem starts with the king thought he is always right must get all his subjects out to protect his reputation at all cost including 9-generation executions.

    Response: well said. Heaven has eyes. Looks like it’s the 9-generation of the King FamiLEE who will face Karma and Retribution for his elitist and eugenic THOUGHT!

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  • Homeless Cat:

    I agree.

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  • opposition dude:

    It just goes to show that these so called PSP members have got no balls whatsoever. Their fear of having the party being seen as racist scares them so they say the party should tread carefully.

    Neither Hazel nor Mun Wai ever said anything disparaging about the Indian nationals not unlike some yaya papaya who stayed in some condo yelling at the security guard. If you want racist then look at India’s caste system or PAP PROUDLY displaying your race on your IC all those years ago.

    Other than PAP supporters the majority of voters would back PSP for asking tough questions but not getting any answers. You can see that PAP is desperate to not reveal the numbers asked for and they have had to resort to their usual evasive answers and their classic tactic of switching focus to the opposition party in order to make them look like the bad guys.

    Not going to work this time PAP, you tried the same nonsense when your Vivian accused Vincent Wijeysingha of bringing the gay agenda into parliament back then during election campaigning which backfired spectacularly. Or how about last year when you idiots tried to make Raeesah Khan look bad during the election hustings?

    Typical PAP, still having the simplistic thinking that whatever they say is gold and people will agree with them based on that. Never learned their lessons from previous mistakes and keep making the same mistakes over and over and over ha ha ha!

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  • xoxo:

    With members of never-say-die kind,expect PSP to win REAL MP seats next time..
    PSP shud combine forces with SDP to augment their resources in all areas.

    The sgs at PSP N SDP can easily measure up and stand head and shoulders above MANY OF THE PAP side,can PAPple deny?

    Too many PAPple love talking BIG but dare not stand alone in SMC.

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  • liew mun leong must be jailed:

    we don’t know if we are doing the right thing.

    1, it has been many years now. we don’t subscribe to pap states times. we used to sneak a look whenever a copy is handy. Used to. nowadays, we don’t even touch it when it is in front of us.

    2, we also used to watch the 6.30pm Chinese news tv8 on pap tv mediacorpse. nowadays, we don’t even switch on the tv. it has been a few years already.

    we come to TRE a few times a day, just to get a sense of what is happening. on anything we feel we need to know thereafter, we google. normally states times and CNA flood the search. we skip these and scroll down until we see a site that we feel is NON pap. then, only then, we read for information.

    we repeat. we don’t know if what we are doing these many years is correct. we do say we haven’t been affected in any way not to real pap BS. at least our blood doesn’t boil from knowingly reading pap lies and pap BS and pap shit.

    like the topic above in TRE. we read and then we conclude. we will continue to vote PSP WP as long as we can vote. and if PSP WP do not fight in our ward, we vote anything anyone any animal as long as they are not pap.

    pap and gang say PSP WP and any such are bad.


    when pap says sit, we stand. when pap says run, we stand still. so whenever pap says PSP is bad, we know PSP must be doing right.

    nowadays pap hardly says anything about WP. between WP and PSP, then, we prefer PSP. but if WP fights pap, we vote WP, because WP is far better than pap.

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  • IO:

    Ceca is a trade agreement, not a race agreement?

    One we got this right then

    It is quite simple……………….


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  • left behind:

    The debate about CECA sure lose now. Foreigners bring in covid-19 and spread to Singapore. Only fools will support all these pro-foreigners and foreign workers policy. If earlier, we know about KTV incident that happen from 29 June, I think debate about FTA ,CECA and foreign workers issue will be different in parliament. I don’t know but I think nobody will vote themselves to be sick with covid-19 and want Singapore economy to be infected with covid-19 like delta or delta plus from another nation, only fools will.

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    PsP founder had always been vocal as a PAP mp
    …a scoutmate of the piece of Shit the Tall One doc was bypass for minister post in order to keep his warm on the Throne above the Shitpot…doc had always been able to hold his mp post with big majority..
    2day with even the sink thrown at him n his party he can hold his HEAD High…Go PSP Go n shit on them on the Go…Truth n God is on your side even with the devil’s chief advocate DEAD…and his evil LEEgacy alive

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  • Kings and Queens & Karma:

    What does it profit a man that he should have Dominion over the whole world but suffer to lose his own soul?

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  • Yellow Bird:

    PAPPY has been using the same tactic on creditable oppositions and critics, character assassinate them before they grow famous.

    WP has been rather quiet these days, asking a lot of not so important questions which dont really impact much of Singaporean lives.

    We need WP to check and balance major lousy policies so that we locals are protected.

    If WP keeps asking useless questions, they will be rendered ineffective.

    PSP is asking good questions, especially these policies hurt Singaporeans most. We need PSP to be in parliament, win at least 2 GRCs next GE.

    All Singaporeans should support PSP wherever the contest.

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  • working hard behind the scene:

    now the “focus” of the white idiots and gang is to make PSb the naughty boy lor as they have become a loud visible threat (this role used to be assumed by average so-and-so activists ????) ???

    WP is going to benefit as they are so quiet and working hard behind the scene as a more acceptable moderate ??? well, someone has to push at the frontline for the rest to move forward right ??? so don’t say that oppo is useless and cannot do anything hor ???

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  • puthucheary avoided ns:

    And why is On…neCitizenA.. Teri gu attacking PSP over the ceca thing? Why???

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