Police survillance cameras to be increased

I refer to K. Shanmugam’s announcement in Parliament that police cameras will be increased from the current 90,000 to 200,000 by 2030. I support the decision. Let me explain.

I am, first and foremost, a Singaporean and my political affinity is secondary. I do not oppose the pap for the sake of opposing. I support decisions and policies that can make all of us safer, more secured and lift our livability to a higher level. That is in all our collective interest whether boys or girls, any races, rich or poor, Singaporeans or foreigners etc.

It is a well known fact that our police force is much under strength and police cannot be everywhere but police cameras can and be on 24/7 survillance. It would be most unwise if we fail to leverage on modern technologies to mitigate police manpower shortage.

To me, issues and arguments about personal privacy and such must pale in the face of safety, security, fighting crimes, combating terrorism, arresting anti-social behaviours etc. Rather, what we should be more concerned about is how to ensure that police cameras are not abused and misuse by the authorities.

Strict no nonsense survillance, enforcement and punishments for law breakers is good news for good men and bad news for bad men.

Anybody who has lived in Singapore long enough will be able to attest to the fact that our overall general environments and public cleanliness and not just picture poster Marina Bay areas have deteriorated much over the years under that useless son’s leadership.

Many people cross busy traffic junctions even though the red man is blinking with impunity. In many hdb estates, especially those estates with a large numbers of elderly residents, many seniors merely go through the motion with the wearing of their masks and some couldn’t be bothered even with going through the motion whenever they step out of their houses, high rise littering, indiscriminate littering and indiscriminate parking have come to a stage where it even numb our civic senses. Urinating in lift and some dog owners blatantly bring their dogs to the coffee-shops and place it on a chair and nobody dares or bothers to interfere. The list goes on…

I liken police cameras to having a fan at home. Everybody at home should be able to use it. Granny, father, mother, children, visitors and even the maid and not just the father only.

Police cameras are purchased with our collective hard-earned monies. More than just fighting crimes, it is my fervent hope that many more authorities such as the NEA, LTA, URA and HDB etc can access them on a regular basis and haul the offenders who commit infringements in their areas of responsibility to task and do it with seriousness, purpose and with effective punishments coupled with deterrent effects melted out promptly.

Over time, I am confident that our overall environment, livability and other areas of life must see mark improvement and when people understand and experience it enough, more people will appreciate and support it.
In conclusion, we must strive to be a law-abiding, considerate, safe, secure and gracious society and we now know that our formal education under the pap government has failed to produce such a people. Perhaps, the police cameras isn’t such a bad option.



Simon Lim




9 Responses to “Police survillance cameras to be increased”

  • #08-193 Huang Ba Dan Always:

    Singaporaans all along have been very law abiding, even without police cameras.

    Simon if you liken them to having a fan at home, ask them install for you FOC with comppliments from SPF.

    You wrote too many critical stuff, now have to write kiss buttocks article. Muak Muak Muak.

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  • zoro:

    Welcome CCP style surveillance into SG!
    Its all coming.

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  • Simon Says:

    ///Perhaps, the police cameras isn’t such a bad option//… pure nonsense !!

    Simon, please dont talk cork and sing song !!

    Soon, there will cameras installed at Mandai Crematorium to confirm that certain “people of interests” were confirmed burned and will not return to vote for Opposition anymore.

    You will be one of the victim captured on such police cameras… Think!

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    The many cameras means my BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING


    It confirms my grand master is a sexual pervert.

    He has nothing else better to do.

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$

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  • SG is only good in....:

    To take every opportunity to pour money to stimulate economy growth even there is no demand or investment of return.

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  • 2030 is a long way to go, whether the PAPies will suervive the next two GEs or not is still a huge question mark. No need to worry about it now.

    What one need to worry now is how much data is being massaged by the MOH to give peasants the “wrong” impression that the C19 Delta situation is “under control”, as evident by the sudden drop in daily cases to 2 digits, leading up to the “die die must celebrate or no face” NDP 2021.

    Around the whole world, including China, cases are spiking, one would be an idiot to believe that the Delta strain has really made a pact with the PAP to stay cool and relax leading up to the NDP. Sinkieland is not on a strict lockdown, there is no logical explanation for why the daily spread should go down instead of up up and away.

    My take on the daily cases is that it would remain in the 2 digits range up until the NDP, then the cases that were ‘massaged’ will be added back to the pool to bring the daily stats back to 3 digits.

    What do you think?

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  • ah chik:

    We need to know compared to pre-FT period ,what was the ratio of POLICEMEN TO NUMBER OF CITIZENS PER SQ KM to the CURRENT RATIO with such an over-whelming FT-population here.

    CCTVs cannot arrest or STOP a criminal act ,per se.
    It may only be a POST-CRIME investigative instrument.

    Effectively,CCTVs should not be used to REPLACE REAL POLICE OFFICERS,it should just be used as a supplement.
    Look at S Korea or even Taiwan.
    The govt never compromises on the RATIO OF POLICE OFFICERS PER THOUSAND OF RESIDENTS even with extensive CCTV usage?

    The MHA is wrong in its approach to fighting crimes just relying on more CCTVs without increasing ratio of officers to match increases in augmented population here.


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  • Managing U$ to death.....:

    “I live in the Managerial Age, in a world of “Admin.” The greatest evil nowadays is not done in those sordid “dens of crime” that Dickens loved to paint. It is not done even in concentration camps and labour camps – in those we see its final result.
    But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices. Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a Police State or the office of a thoroughly nasty Business Concern.”

    - Prof. C.S. Lewis, Scholar & Mystic

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  • Simple Simon Sucks The Govmon:

    Simple Simon Lim Ko Pee,

    I have been reading your artistic pieces in the past and all the while I have been supportive of most of your ideas and suggestions, except a few idiotic ones of course.

    All your efforts in the past have simply evaporated and overshadowed by this particular idiotic one.

    Now, I see you as a FXXKING HYPOCRITE!

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