Sinovac: Can ‘dine’, but no $30 voucher – still not ‘approved’?

I refer to the article ‘S’poreans who refer seniors over 60 for Covid-19 jab to get $30 HPB vouchers’ (ST, 14 Aug).

It states that “those who provide support to people over 60 in getting the vaccination can receive $30 HPB eVouchers for every successful referral.”

In this connection, just 3 days ago, the ST reported that 91% of seniors aged 60 to 69 have received their first dose, and 87% have been fully vaccinated. For those 70 and above, the figures are 85% and 79% respectively.

There is therefore no indication that the vaccination rate for seniors is slowing down. Also, $30 is, arguably, not a big incentive and therefore may not attract that many success referrals.

My friend, aged 72, says that he is willing to take the conventional vaccine but does not wish for a new medical technology. However, he found it hard to book a slot with the private healthcare providers.

In any case, it is now temporarily unavailable, as stocks have been exhausted, and is waiting to be replenished.

This therefore begs the question as to why the non- mRNA vaccines have not been approved for use. According to WHO, Sinovac has 100% efficacy in preventing serious illnesses from COVID-19.

In a ST article dated 15 Jul, it was reported that the process would take about 4 to 6 weeks for the evaluation to be completed. Why have we not heard anything since it has been 4 weeks already?

Would it not be efficient to expedite the evaluation of Sinovac?

In the first place, is this a worthy scheme from our Government?

Finally, is it not somewhat ironic or contradictory, to accept Sinovac as meeting “fully vaccinated” status for dining, etc, but not “approved” like the other “approved” vaccines?


Leong Sze Hian




4 Responses to “Sinovac: Can ‘dine’, but no $30 voucher – still not ‘approved’?”

  • xoxo:

    Ang moh tua kee says the PAPee.
    China one boh yong(no u$e).

    Reminds me of a jingle.
    Here goes.

    Music based on Bengawan Solo.

    Ang moh one so long.
    Bengali one like jargon.
    Chinese one just like sotong.
    Malay one kena potong .

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  • Smart Nation:

    It used to be no more than 50 people can congregate in church, but thousands ride the train daily with no social distancing. The new rule says only vaccinated can dine-in at eateries, but unvaccinated children are counted in the 5. Then, why can’t unvaccinated adults be allowed as well?

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  • Smart Nation:

    Initially, we were told that Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has higher efficacy than Sinovac. Now, it is Sinovac that has 100% efficacy? Can WHO be trusted? Is WHO helping the pharmas to sell “koyok” to the world?

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  • discriminatory:

    Not sure why go this discriminatory path.
    A simple solution is to make available all WHO approved vaccine on the same standard terms .Let people decide and bear responsibility for it.
    Maybe by now if implemented , all would have been vaccinated and we do not need all these silly discriminatory rules.

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