Focus on hospitalization and deaths

For the past months, I have been expressing my views regularly that we need to focus on hospitalization and deaths, and give less attention to the new infection cases.

I observed that the new cases were mostly mild and did not lead to hospitalization.

I refer to the statistics that are being reported daily by the authorities in Singapore.

The Ministry of Health changed the focus of their reporting recently. They now focus on severe hospitalization (that require oxygen supplement) and deaths.

There was a period where the new cases each day exceed 100, but the severe cases (that need oxygen supplement) remained at the same level. The deaths were low.

There is now a report in the Asia Times which touch on the same topic – i.e. to focus on hospitalization, rather than new cases. See report.

As a high proportion of the population has been vaccinated in several countries, and the vaccine is only 85% effective in preventing invection, there will be many cases of the vaccinated being infected. However, the vaccine prevented the infection from being serious.

Among the vaccinated, many cases do not need to be hospitalized. A lower proportion develop into serious illness.

While the vaccine does reduce the risk of infection and the risk of getting seriously ill, there will be a small proportion that will become seriously ill, especially if they have existing medical conditions.

We can expect some of the vaccinated to be serious ill and to die.

The vaccine does provide a large measure of protection, but cannot be expected to provide full protection, especially among those in poor health.


Tan Kin Lian




8 Responses to “Focus on hospitalization and deaths”

  • oxygen:

    A PAGE OF RAT’s excrement mixed with s*ake oil formulation might be the next “cure” of this Covid pandemic spread advocacy.

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  • oxygen:

    OLD MAFIA WISDOM has this – a monkey dressed up in a tuxedo IS STILL A MONKEY.

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  • xoxo:

    Times are really bad.
    Even ex-NTUC INCOME CEO needs to work as a PAP IB-AT-LARGE.
    Like Boy Scouts used to say…
    Once a PAPpy,always a PAPpy.

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  • before being discharged:

    //Focus on hospitalization and deaths//

    yar lor ? this is how standard is “degenerated” lor ?? hospitalization ? got full recovery before being discharged or not ?? got any adverse affects that cannot be resolved before being discharged and asked to come back for regular reviews ???

    when too many hospitalizations become the norm, perhaps then the focus may move to death figure only hor ?? this is how people get tired over too many difficult situations; and start to move their KPI and narrative; and start to look good ???

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  • Vexination:

    Actually why vaccinated cannot dine with unvaccinated? The vaccinated are invincible to Covid, so the unvaccinated cannot infect them.

    Unless there are doubts about the vaccine.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    A PAGE OF RAT’s excrement mixed with s*ake oil formulation might be the next “cure” of this Covid pandemic spread advocacy.

    Well said! LOL.

    I think Tremeritus purposely keeps putting up this RAT excrement Mr. TKL’s comments, so as to agitate the readers here to return fire on him? LOL.

    Last time, PAPies also said “(mRNA) vaccines PREVENT infection”, but then when fully vaccinated individuals proven to be still SPREADING Covid, they quickly change tune and say “(mRNA) vaccines PREVENT serious illness”. LOL.

    This TKL old PAPies d0g also reverting to his old-PAPies haits by doing “change tune” tactic:
    Now, he says “However, the vaccine prevented the infection from being serious.”

    Later, if mutant variants keep coming up, and cause more serious illness in fully vaxxed persons, he will “change tune” again (like PAPies) and say: “the (mRNA) vaccine reduces your chances from actually Dying”, so your “serious illness” may recover eventually. LOL.

    Then, if more cases of fully vaccinated starts to actually DIE, TKL and his PAPies will “change tune yet again and maybe say:
    “the (mRNA) vaccine prevents you from dying, especially if you are young”
    i.e.) take (mRNA) vaccine so you may still die, but less probability of dying only if you are young.

    No matter what happens, PAPies will ALWAYS find the correct phrase and subjective qualifier to continue pushing their vaccine agenda, because they already went down this path to disaster, so they FEAR having to admit they are WRONG. So PAPies continue with their creative use of the English dictionary until they can say “Black” actually means “White”. LOL

    For a rational person, when the FACTS on the ground change, they change to adapt to the real world.

    However, for PAPies & their gang of Sinkies with SSS (Spineless Sinkie Syndrome), they simply REFUSE to acknowledge FACTS but instead because of FEAR of looking Stupid, they stick to “No U-Turn” and push even harder on the same stupidity like Ostriches hiding their heads in the sand.
    See now, they are even trying to psycho private companies to actively discriminate against unvaxxed employees. Good Luck to Sinkies under such great “LEEdarship”. LOL.

    Sinkies with SS should chant the NDP Pledge like this now: “… to pledge ourselves as One United PEOPLE (except the unvaxxed?)…regardless of race, language or religion (except the unvaxxed)… to build a “demon-cratic” society based on (fake) justice & equaity (except for the unvaxxed).?

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  • hot:

    In Singapore ,we have Cardboard policeman.
    Sri Lanka lagi champion,they have Cardboard coffin.
    For Green sustainability,suggest ministers opt for Cardboard coffins when they see their Maker.

    Grace Fu,you lead the way?

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  • Smart Virus:

    This Virus very smart. Already mutate to highly infectious and deadly to the Seniors with underling illness.Could be cause by the mass Vaccination..
    Virus not stupid OK ?

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