Will the power vested in FICA tempt him to become an agent of the devil?

When Lee Kuan Yew warned Singaporeans about the risks and dire consequences should the government of the day goes rogue, many took him lightly but that risk may now be staring at us if the Foreign Interference (Countermeasure) Act “FICA” bill is allowed to be passed in parliament on Monday unabated.

All legislations that are passed into laws must confine within the framework of our Constitution and must have sufficient safeguards of “check & balance” to reduce all risks of abuse, supplemented by clearly defined provisions to ensure that every accused person is afforded the right to defend themselves so that justice will prevail.

This underpins the sacred role and function of our Courts of Law, and the heavy responsibility to safeguard that sacred right of every individual rest in the hand of our Chief Justice, judges and appointed lawyers.
In the FICA bill that K. Shanmugan, the Minister for Home Affairs, is rushing to get enacted on Monday, those safeguards and supplementary provisions are glaringly missing.

In normal circumstance, the Minister for Laws would have stepped in to question these glaring discrepancies on behalf of our judiciary but since Shanmugan is also the Law Minister, that inter-ministerial oversight become non-existent.

Suspicious Mind & The Creation Of A Demi-God:

In the proposed FICA bill, all it takes to charge a person is for the mind of Shanmugan to be aroused with suspicion and that is all it takes as it does not matter if the charge is real, imagined or self-conceived since Shanmugan will literally become “The Law”.

While he may argue otherwise in parliament, isn’t this just how far-reaching FICA can be in its current form?

If he thinks that you are guilty, you will be charged and there is no legal recourse to defend against any of his allegations, even if it was clear to everyone else that all the allegations are imagined or conceived.

Yes, no judge or lawyer can even step in to help you as what he seeks to dictate shall become the law, just like when Pontius Pilate condemned Jesus, The Christ, to death just to score some brownie points with the Sanhedrin.

As all media platforms and service providers will be crippled by the wide-ranging power of FICA, there is also no chance of using social media to seek recourse.

What is less obvious is that by virtue of the power vested in FICA, he can even conduct covert surveillance on anyone without the need to justify.

This means that Shanmugan would have managed to elevate himself into the class of a Demi-God that is more superior than any King, Queen, Emperor, Dowager, Sultan or Dictator that has ever lived if he so desire.

Will the power vested in FICA tempt him to become an agent of the devil?

In the study of Psychology, we all know that the mind of every human being is never perfect.

If they are God-fearing, they tend to strive to do what is good provided their mind is not sick or obsessed in coveting for power or things that are not theirs to covet.

But the minds of a narcissistic, a psychopath or a political-driven or power-hungry person, who may have no problem in attaining power or desire at all costs, is exactly what LKY has been warning us about.

So can Singaporeans afford to grant the mind of Shanmugan so much power and risks tempting him into becoming a tyrant?

Singapore will be finished once we find ourselves at the mercy of such a Demi-God as everything that we held sacred and dear, including our future as a democratic nation, will be ruthlessly destroyed.

Yes, while a politician may sugar-coat, assure us or smile innocently at us, it is wise never to place so much power in the hand of any single person and risk tempting them into becoming an agent for the devil.

Where Is The Enemy?

If the risks of foreign interference are real & imminent, shouldn’t Shanmugan be obliged to provide the evident to substantiate his claim?

Facebook, with its global reach and extensive investment in artificial intelligence to monitor foreign interference has cited that there is no evident of such an existential threat in Singapore or anywhere in the world.

Despite the democrats persistently claiming that Russia was meddling with its domestic affairs and previous Presidential Election, why are they suddenly so quiet after their candidate won the last Presidential Election?

Politicians in the US seem to have a rather imaginary mind in blaming others for their failure but are our politicians any different?

Religious, Social & Economic Implications:

For every pious or religious Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu or even atheist in Singapore to remain silent on FICA is not an option as politics is supposed to respect our religious belief and our conviction to do good for others, our society and our country.

That is the reason why the powers of politics and religion were separated in the first place so as to ensure that no Absolute Power shall ever be allowed to upset this delicate balance.

With FICA, the scary truth is that in the event that the mind of Shanmugan or his successor should go “bonkers” one day, there is literally nothing to stop any of them from subjugating the domain of religion under the control and political dictate of the PAP.

Unless there are greater consultations, more explicit assurances, safeguards and provisions to allow affected religious and their faithful to defend themselves against any allegation, how can the PAP politicians expect those vested with religious power to accede to this bill?

Think about – If he thinks that the Vatican or the Pope is interfering with our domestic politics, then he can use the power of FICA that is vested in him to arrest anyone with ties to the Vatican, the Pope or the Catholic Church, can he not?

How about non-governmental organizations with foreign link or affiliation, are they consulted too?

The same is true of foreign investors and foreign talents in Singapore so where are the consultations with the various business federations, investors and business owners?

Unless there is a clearer definition of what is “Foreign Interference” and what constitute a “Politically Significant Person”, workplace interaction and socializing between Singaporeans and foreigners will be adversely affected too.

Is this good for our economic development?

Importance In Deferring The Passing Of FICA:

With the existing Internal Security Act and the recently enacted POFMA, our government already has extensive firepower in its arsenal to deal with perpetrators of online falsehood or fake news, be they local or foreigner.

So why are they in a rush to push for FICA to be enacted?

Is there more than meets the eyes when FICA is concerned?

Since simply making some minor amendments as proposed by the Workers’ Party (WP) is not sufficient to make FICA acceptable or palatable for all the other key stakeholders, as it has the potential to adversely upset the religious and socio-economic balance of our society and as a country, so why not defer and conduct wider consultation to procure wider buy-in?

As such, the onus in on the government to show that it has nothing to hide.

And the way forward is for the government to delay the passing of this bill so that they can seek greater public consultation, address all the valid concerns and make all the necessary amendments, improve on its key definitions, and put in place all the necessary judiciary safeguards and provisions needed to ensure that FICA will not be used to consolidate or fortify the power of any government that is at risks of going rogue.

By the end of the coming Monday parliamentary session, we will know if the PAP government is still mindful of LKY’s warning and if they still believe that Singaporeans truly deserve better…


Joseph Nathan




10 Responses to “Will the power vested in FICA tempt him to become an agent of the devil?”

  • Harder Truths:

    They will go after all the publications that support freedom and free speech, like TRE. Also go after the sponsors and supporters.

    Wait and see. $G is now the new USSR.

    Tech: NO need to waste so much time and energy, if they want TRE to shut, just send us an email to tell us to shut down, don’t even need to give a reason why and we won’t even ask or seek any judicial review. lol


    GD Star Rating
  • Tremendous:

    Didn’t they say fake news law won’t be abused ?
    Didn’t they abuse it and get whacked during village elections ? Right on spot, fake news law is Demi god part 1 and
    Foreign interfere law is Demi god part 2.
    Now they keep the fake news law and use the foreign interfere law which is worse.
    So many people from other villages are online to blast them everyday, who is the
    village chief trying to kid that they are going to dig out every political significant person ?
    Idiot chiefs from the village chief are going to say yes against conscience.

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  • Think & vote intelligently:

    When they bring in millions of foreigners to boost gdp numbers , theyve got to expect “foreign intervention/interference.
    The foreigners arent just compliant employees or new citizens who’ll sit still and follow sg laws diligently like bullied and brainwashed sgs.
    Some would naturally want to impose some of their home practices here or get their own countries to set it up.
    So go after these entities, why restrict us all ??
    Why cant the law minister tell us sgs the truth of what is going on..being evasive is making us more suspicious of his motives re this law.
    The PAP brought it on themselves…now we all suffer together……
    Civil liberties being taken away one by one ..a little at a time..

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  • ganeshsk:

    I believe FICA will doom Singapore

    If foreigners setting up in Singapore are informed that the mere act is foreign in interference and they will take their business elsewhere.

    That will a death knell for Singapore.

    The PAP simply do not to realise this outcome.

    Already Covid is driving businesses them out.

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  • albatross around their neck:

    //So why are they in a rush to push for FICA to be enacted?//

    maybe hor they have created an albatross around their neck themselves under one curry party function (w/o third party counter checking) and now they want to remove the albatross under ownself-check-ownself (w/o again third party counter checking) ??? see how wonderful the logic of ownself-check-ownself one curry party function is ??

    maybe hor open-leg policy has already let in too many trojan horses (critical mass) and are already in their midst among the white monkey gang that is beyond their control ??? normal court process will be long and never ending ??

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  • theforgottongeneration:

    “Tempt him to become an agent of the devil”???

    Thought he is already an agent of the devil. Behaving like the Gestapo of the Nazi regime.

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  • Ab is Back Again:

    FICA is absolutely the need of the hour.

    China does have an audacious propoganda plan.
    In today’s world, social media influence has become the most powerful weapon. Hence, I urge Singaporeans to be careful and think critically about what they read on social media sites.
    Motivated campaigns by some groups of people to rile up different Singaporeans have been going on. They are using social media, and using extreme language, almost hoping there would be race riots. Who are they? What is their motives? Are they Singaporeans or foreigners masquerading as Singaporeans? Is it part of CCP, Xi Ping plan to expand PRC power over whole of South China Sea and the critically important Malacca Straits?
    Having control of a territory near Malacca Straits would be very useful, and even better if they can have a military base here. Singapore is in a particularly vulnerable position as CCP considers it to be an extended part of China due to its 75 % ethnic Chinese population. With 400k PRC nationals working in Singapore, and another 600k already granted citizenship, there are many CCP sympathizers or even spies here (one even got caught).
    While there are many who are genuinely misled (because data is not shared with them, just narratives), and some are just inherently racist, I believe there are many who are trolls on CCP payroll. I wonder if false narratives to create racial divide and in effect destabilize Singapore part of this game plan?

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  • xoxo:

    Isnt he oredy the DEVIL’S AFVOCATE?

    GD Star Rating
  • Fire:

    Today, New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian resigned after the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) announced an official investigation into alleged conflicts of interest. This is sure to reignite debate over the scope and powers of such bodies around the country.

    Easy job right ?
    Independent Body,
    Is this part of Rule Of Law.

    GD Star Rating
  • #06-195 Lee Sor Gua:

    But what is that it that they feel so threatened, to pass such a law?

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