Singaporeans are paying the price for bad governance

Looking at the PAP ministers, and the former military officers who were placed in charge of agencies, such as the CPF board, the transport ministry and Singapore’s shipping line, do we still believe the best people are being put in charge of Singapore?

Moreover, it is too many people, for former military officers to be holding 10% of the positions as permanent secretaries, deputy secretaries and chief executives in the public sector; and for 7% of Colonels (or ME7 and above ranks) to be holding public service appointments.

The excuse that the PAP uses to put their own people in government no longer stands scrutiny. Instead, Singaporeans are paying the price for bad governance.


Roy Ngerng




6 Responses to “Singaporeans are paying the price for bad governance”

  • oxygen:

    WITHIN THE DOMAIN OF COMMAND AND CONTROL order in the military (and ex-military), there is a CONSPICUOUS NO SHORTAGE OF SILENCE on how to handle this Covid pandemic.

    I am beginning to doubt their skills in crisis management in any contingency.

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  • Sehgerm:

    After their service,they’ll be the best prata sellers

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  • xoxi:

    Why VB , vis ASEAN’S AUSPICES, demand Myanmar Junta to return to democratic govt.Isnt Sg Govt representative of a Military Junta itself?

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  • cartonme:

    Why the people not understanding the reason why these military people are put into top position even though they have zero experience on private sector and industry they put in ?

    The answer is obvious. They are not put there because of their capability but place there to protect and ensure that PAP stay in power no matter what happen. In history of government overthrown, it is always done by military people with experience and commanding capability. By putting these top military people, PAP can ensure that these people can be immobilized to suppress the people anytime, and surely these are the time that people are totally piss off due to poor handling of covid where family members get infected due to the government self-service attitude. And by paying these military people world-record millions salary, they ensure that they will not support the commoners.

    So wouldn’t these military people screw up naturally due to their inexperience ? Of course they do, but put it this way, PAP has calculated that it is better that they screw up and lost hundred of millions and billions than to have the PAP lost power along with their amassed hundred of billions that the regime control.

    So it is a matter of calculation that PAP understand.

    People should understand the game PAP is playing.

    Why do you think some tech companies bought over competing companies and then let their product languished ? Simple, it is better to spend $20 billions to overpay for threatening competitors than to have those competitors threatening the value of the company worth hundred of billions ? Just bought them over and the threat is gone.

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  • C’est la vie:

    This is but, one of many sick situations that SheepishSingaporeans have accepted as the norm, … deluding themselves that it’s for the better good of SG !!!

    Along the same lines as, … the nation believing that they are “owners” of their hdbhome !!!

    The reality of SG will probably unravel, … say, in a century or so, after the third or fourth generation of sheep’s from now, … gain some, yes, it’s some, … elementary logic and hopefully, a voice !!!

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  • illiterate pap voters:

    When we were working and were on a hiring responsibility, we always look at military experience with suspicion.

    Because we have wasted 2.5 years in full time NSF and ffffing 13 years in part time NSR, we know for a fact those full time military sign-ons are mostly as useless as any pap Lj or pap Cb.

    So we hired none ex military. And the companies we work for none suffered.

    Looking now at more facts, such as NOL sph smrt and so on, we are very glad we worked with our instincts.

    After all, isn’t it pure common sense?

    Not a single military outside of pap would think even to engage with any such pap military in mundane tasks such as cooking a meal or pruning a tree. And we salute these non pap military in thinking it correctly. because we also think so.

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