Ridiculous and primitive treatment for Covid-19

So if we go see doctor for CV, and doctor only give us Panadol and cough mixture, that’s the proper treatment? This is so ridiculous and primitive. Surely if they just give us only Panadol and cough mixture, we are free to seek out additional possible remedies, be they western, herbal, TCM etc. Don’t be so close minded. There are things there have been around for so long and works differently on well on different people. Why should we be limited to primitive treatment.

MOH should be supportive of all such possible treatments and encourage people to share their experiences. Rather than go to extremes, on one end primitive stuff like Panadol and other other extreme, experimental stuff like Remdisvir.

I would think Lianhua Qingwen, any time better than just Panadol and cough mixture. If MOH believe that Panadol is better, then why don’t they prove that Panadol is safe and effective for treatment of CV. Show the scientific evidence. Don’t be a draconian chicken.

Even worse, when sent to treatment facilities, we are not allowed to bring in our own usual medication and supplements and only given Panadol and cough mixture till either we get better or get worse. And can’t even get our family to send us things like Vitamin C and D3. So for sure getting sent to treatment facilities, many people will get worse.

And by tying the hands of the doctors treating CV by saying what is standard protocol like Panadol and cough mixture, its insulting the professionalism of doctors who may have other ideas of how best to treat CV. They keep saying no known cure, but if we keep stopping professionals from trying things, then of course no cure will appear, because all not allowed to try anything other than what MOH say. Then what is the purpose of a doctor, might as well just follow standard protocol. So far, all the doctors I spoke to are scared shitless of MOH and just parrot exactly what is in newspapers.

Any kind of illness is always best managed if treated early, not wait till very ill then treat. By constraining the things that can be given other than Panadol, many people would fall more ill, which could have been reduced by giving them access to what their doctors feel is best, rather than tying their hands. If you don’t know what can work, and there are other disciplines which think can help (e.g. western herbs, TCM etc), why not let them try. Unless the motive is to get them to be more sick. I think many of us grew up where we were asked to take thing like cooling tea, nourishing herbal soup etc so we would place a certain amount of faith in TCM.

If its good enough for China to recommend, why is MOH so uptight and closed minded. Go ahead MOH, continue to make a fool of yourselves.


Robin Chee




13 Responses to “Ridiculous and primitive treatment for Covid-19”

  • xoxo:

    The most arrogant clown is now helming MOH.
    So,it has notoriou$ly become the Ministry Of Havoc!

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  • Billy ma:

    Looking at how messy the procedures & processes on covid cases & still as messy if not worse after almost 2 years.

    What can be learned from this?

    Firstly, the incompetent of the top men running the show. It’s beyond embarrassing.

    Secondly, one can tell that the people down the organisation are just doing as told & wait if no instruction mode.

    2 reasons – the top guys are top down dictators – the kind ‘I decide everything & you just do’
    Another quality of the top guys is ‘credit is mine, all blames on you’

    So with a screwup brain & mixes it with an arrogant character, the end result is big sufferings by Singaporeans, both infected & otherwise.

    Singaporeans are at the tip of boiling over,& the messy screwup shows no sign of letting up.

    Give me my polling card now, please.

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  • Cause of death:

    Covid or MOH?

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    @ If its good enough for China to recommend, why is MOH so uptight and closed minded. Go ahead MOH, continue to make a fool of yourselves.

    Actually does HK , Macau orTaiwan use Lianhua Qingwen ?

    Or does Laos Myanmar , Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia use Lianhua Qingwen ?

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  • Harder Truths:

    There is no magic vaccine for coronaviruses. Nome. There may be many different ways to solve the impact on individuals. Countries that have done many different treatments will know how effective these are.

    But in $G there is no discussion about any of this because the Regime says only the vaccine is the right way and then every (bogus) doctor in $G has agreed without question. Even if it kills you.

    After all $G doctors are only businessmen with a medical degree. If you trust businessmen with your life then you die your business.

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  • Insight:

    Here we pay dearly for fakes.

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  • Flickshit:

    Let me share with all what are the best that can prevent or even kills the CV virus.

    1. Get some pure Tea Tree essential oil and spray some on the mask and breath. The Tea Tree oil will help you to smooth your lung and throat as the tea tree oil is good to get rids of any virus. Get those tea tree oil from Australia and you can get it from Guardian or Watson.

    Get from Guardian is better as they don;t charge you for the 10 ctns plastic bag.

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  • Ministry of Hell:

    Cause of death: Covid or MOH?

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    Medical science is a science n art Of making billions…not to Heal but to Steal life n money of the ordinary PEOPLE…PERIOD

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  • Seven Trumpets:

    That’s why Singapore’s per million death rate of 105, is more than 3 times higher than that of 33 African countries. Africa uses anti-virals and Vitamin C & D instead of just panadol. See chart:

    data derived from:

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  • Seven Trumpets:

    See Chart:

    Good news: Many countries/continents such as Africa (50+ countries), India, Indonesia, Japan, Argentina, etc have flattened the Delta curve many weeks ago.

    Bad news: Western Countries US, UK, Germany, Netherlands are still struggling with high infection.
    Singapore using a purely Western strategy/agenda is fortunately on the downtrend but still has quite high spread.

    It is surprising to see a large chasm between the two.
    There is a false dilemma/dichotomy that there are only 2 choices: zero covid and living with COVID (after high vaccination).

    There is a third path: Curve flattened to zero/negligible with some vaccination and other medicine and then open up.

    Among the 3 paths, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. In this case it is the final end result in infection rate and death rate.
    The curve shows sharp contrast between western countries and countries that don’t follow the western strategy/agenda.

    The irony is that western countries with strong medical resources are doing worst off than some of these countries with weak medical resources.

    The reason is that western thinking adopts an attitude that there is no cure nor treatment and just drop the ball on the patient and just give Panadol and let the sickness deteriorates, just to prove a political point.

    The non-Western approach is more pro-life. It uses best of both worlds, use vaccination at the same time use vitamin C, D, zinc to improve the immunization. And also use antivirals that show signs of improvement after many trials.

    Essentially, doctors in non-Western countries are not giving up on the patients. That is the difference.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Now many high-profile athletes are going to pay with their careers (of not their lives) by taking the ‘vaccine’.

    Nature does not tolerate stupid people. Even if they seem to have the highest education in the world does not mean they have a brain.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Latest variant coming to a hawker center near you is called ‘Omnicron’

    On November 26, 2021, The World Health Organization declared a new variant of concern of COVID-19, named Omicron. The B.1.1.529 variant, now officially called “Omicron” according to the WHO naming system, was first reported by South Africa on Nov. 24,2021.

    This is bar far the most lethal form of the virus and it appears the mutations are getting more and more deadly.

    When (not if) it comes to $G, will it decide to take the MRT? Or take a walk around the shopping malls? Or housing estates?

    I foresee a BIG employment opportunity in the funeral business.

    Tech: Ah, finally the main course. Wonder if MTF will come out say no worry, take another vaccine, one for Delta, one for Omni, then quarterly jab here jab there.

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