War in different eras will give a whole new perspective

Every Major War in different eras will give a whole new perspective on how modern warfare has evolved.

The WWII demonstrated the powerful and devastating impact of Nuclear Weapons while Korean warfare developed the claymore mines against human waves attacks.

The Vietnam war advanced on carpet bombing with chemical warfare which was further utilized in Iran Iraq War in the 70s and 80s.

The Afghanistan war between Russians and Taliban has demonstrated the effectiveness of over the shoulder counter strike propellers against tanks and helicopters.

The helicopters evolved in the subsequent African wars into attack helicopters, instead of merely troop transport.

The Desert Storm I in 1990s has demonstrated the effectiveness of logistics support while Desert Storm II in 2000s awed everyone with its powerful precision missile attacks.

In this new century, drone wars started with clumsy big drone planes to more nimble drones flying around.
The current Ukraine war is a more indicative direction towards the War of Drones in the coming era and most likely, robotic war machines driven by AI will fill the battlefield in the near future.

The advancement in mobile air defense technology may render billions and trillions investment in airfighters obsolete in the quickest time. But the development of the unstoppable deadly hypersonic missiles will dominate and draw the line between mighty strong for and weaker ones.

The structure and modes of armed conflicts have changed drastically and what does it mean to Singapore?
It means that we are wasting money and resources in paying for expensive toys like F35 with low ROI.

Look at Russia which supposed to have air superiority but its pilots refused to fly their supposedly technologically Advanced fighter planes over the conflict area! The relatively cheap and effective mobile air defense system has rendered its air superiority useless.

The Russians have great thanks and motorized divisions but they have become sitting ducks for ambush by effective anti tank propellers and drones!

It is a very good lesson for a small country like Singapore. In terms of ROI, countries can just spend a fraction of the billions we are spending to become more effective in defense.

To be an aggressor, you will need more expensive weapons like hypersonic missiles, guided missiles, advanced drones etc to avoid huge casualties but to play defensive, the amount of money needed to be effective is relatively smaller!

This has enormous implications to defense spending of a small country like Singapore. We can cut our defense budget substantially by redirecting our resources to more effective and cost effective weapons without compromising our security.

The savings from cutting defense budget can be channelled to our people. We may not even need to raise GST!


Goh Meng Seng




8 Responses to “War in different eras will give a whole new perspective”

  • left behind:

    I agree that defense budget should be cut. Defense depend on brains, not money. As I recommend education to have an innovation course to train Singaporeans to be innovative, it will help defense. Now the problem is defense spend a lot of money on paying their personnel. Generals are getting large salary. Conscription is also wasting a lot of money and resources. Many soldiers are instructors, not combat soldiers, wasting resources. There is doubt NSmen can fight, given their short training and their salary cost alot of money. As I said defense depend on brains, technology and innovation but Singapore military recruit many soldiers who are not highly educated and intelligent. Generals who cannot manage commercial company, let alone command soldiers. Depending on technology means conscription is irrelevant or obsolete, drone should be use, not human beings. More money should be spend on military scientist, not soldiers.

    Earlier article, I mention Russia hypersonic missiles and Singapore has no weapons to stop such missiles with nuclear warhead. Also Singapore cannot block missiles from North Korea. Now Singapore is on Russia’s unfriendly list after our stupid Singapore leader sanction on Russia without getting worthy good deals from America. See the danger. We are targets of strong military powers and our stupid leaders have put our lives in danger without considering our lousy defense. We take America side and our enemy could be from the Russia side like Russia, China, India and North Korea. Be prepare for nuclear missile and bombs.

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  • illiterate pap voters:

    Singapore has about 3m local born.

    It has, at the moment, over 3.9m aliens in the island.

    It is already over flowing with aliens, most potentially 007s.

    What is there to defend?

    Further more, if you don’t even have a 3 room HDB unit over your head and don’t even have a car, you defend for ffff?

    You mean you happily fight to defend pap folks’ Maserati Mercedes Bungalows Condos?

    You really mean it? You don’t mind defending these Ljs and these Cbs Maserati Mercedes Bungalows Condos?

    Don’t talk cock and hen lah.

    Isn’t it better to let the island be taken over so that everyone now in the island can start on a clean slate?

    We overhead in coffee shop talks by various folks that they won’t defend someone else’s Maserati Mercedes Bungalows Condos and we have the same sentiment. They even say their weapons might be pointed at the pap Ljs and pap Cbs and we don’t think they are wrong.

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  • Dr Fire:




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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Firstly GMS are rather out of touch from military world perhaps a bit too long.

    Hypersonic missiles with nuclear warheads at Sg ? Dont be Ridiculous!
    West Malaysia and Indonesia will also kena. Even Thailand or East Malaysia will kena due to aftermath radiation dust blow over depending on wind direction. Like i say it will be WW3.
    And you think the Russian won’t kill Putin 1st.

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  • Kamikaze Drone:

    Hypersonic missile can be stopped by deploying an army of kamikaze drones to form a wall for it to crash & explode on air before it reaches the target.

    The most dangerous warfare has yet to come but soon – Lazer from space satellites. There is no need for army at all. Just press buttons.

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  • xoxo:

    This is the DISRUPTION AGE from jobs to humanity itself?

    Humans are a strange species.
    We scorn at those for being unkind to aninals but we kill each other,fivuratively and literally?

    We are the worst hypocrites.

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  • more $:

    Don’t forget Singapore has to defend the South China Sea from aggressors. We need many nuclear submarines and a few carriers.

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  • So ?:

    Stop buying super fighter planes and give every family a drone ?
    More effective ?

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