Be helpful where it counts

I recall reading this article in the Readers’ Digest 30 years ago, or earlier.

The writer said that her husband passed away suddenly. She was in a trauma. She had to take care of the arrangements for the funeral. There were a lot of things to take care of, including looking after her young children.

A neighbor dropped over and briefly expressed his condolences. He carried a shoe box with brushes, polish and cloth. He quietly went to the main door and polished all the shoes that were lying there.

The widow was touched. Here was a kind person who knew what had to be done, and how to be helpful.

On the day of the funeral, the family members were dressed smartly with shiny and polished shoes.

I share this story because it is a great skill for a person to be truly helpful where help is needed.

In contrast, some people think too much of their personal ego that they cause additional difficulty to other people, who already have many problems to deal with.


Tan Kin Lian




10 Responses to “Be helpful where it counts”

  • P Against People:

    PAP gov has this great skill. They give food coupons knowing that people are starving and they will be forever grateful to get a food coupon.

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  • panyusg:

    Sorry, today the attitude is You Die You Own Business

    Do not expect anyone to come to help. So, before you die, do a lot for yourself including saving up for the funeral.

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  • xoxo:

    Some scholars think they can impress others by nice sounding slogans like * No sg will be left behind* n things like that .
    This year,they come up with *STRONGER TOGETHER*?

    They say CHASE THAT RAINBOW when they $Trike us with *lightning* after * lightning* with their kind of POLICIES from FTs to G$T claiming it is for *EQUITY* WHEN THEY TOOK $100 BILLION FROM our sgs’ RESERVES n give us $600 out of a claimed $23.5 K?

    THese days,we,ordinary sgs hardly see any *rainbow*,we only get lightnings!

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  • MarBowling:

    Holee Mackerel. At first I thought the Good Neighbor was going into her house to look for APPLES in her Refrigerator to POLISH until shiny like Yul Brynner!

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  • James Lee:

    Disgusting and gullible policies dished out by the uncaring PAP Government over the past decades have undoubtedly created a substantial pool of SG senior voters living far below that poverty line.Whatever trusts that remain have all but disipated.Act before it’s too late!!!

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  • when lightning strikes:

    Folks said lightning never strikes twice.
    But here in Singapore,lightnings strike again and again.

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  • Stupid Singaporeans Vote PAP:

    There is an organization, the moment you die they send their taxman. But someones died tax free.

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  • WhatsUpDoc:

    We can see things arent going smoothly for ordinary sg folks
    How can it?.
    No one bothers much about the upcoming NATIONAL DAY. It shows.
    While going grocery shopping couple of days ago i just looked up at my hdb block..
    Not one NATIONAL FLAG displayed outside the units.
    As i walked along i noticed same thing at other blocks..or maybe obe or two flags being displayed.
    unlike previous years when sgs were so proud and made sure we did so,at least 2 to 3 wks b4 national day came along.
    These past few years have been witnessing a steady decline of this practice.
    Like who cares about a celebration when so many ordinary sgs are in dire straits trying to cope with the never ending escalating price increases.
    National Day does not celebrate SGs…
    Its only the sgov showing off!
    As ND approaches nearer the CC people will go hang up flags at the blocks where the MP or minister would be making their wayang appearance.
    Happened before.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    Rough Rider:
    You might as well say wear smelly underwear to work and save on apparel spend.

    At home and work don’t use electricity, internat.

    Buy only no frills nasi lemal. ie only chili, nuts, cucumber with rice.

    Dont take bus, taxi or drive. All walk to wrok. Eg from toa payon to shenton way.

    Ask people don’t visit brothels, then your FTs mei mei got no business leh. No money buy air ticket balik kampong. But liddat goot also. Don’t spread monkeypox.

    You are so full of fong liong wah.

    Dear TKL
    Does your helpful include visit to brothel so as to help them improve their business ?

    Above is what d**honourable Singaporeans said.

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  • Tracey Ching:

    Comrade Ah Tan, your last paragraph is interesting. Some people think too much of their own personal ego and caused difficulties to others. Aren’t you describing yourself? Why is the pot always called the kettle black? Lol.

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