Prognosis Of The Singapore Economy

As I predicted there’s been a sharp slowdown. State media is of course deliberately misleading only quoting the year-on-year figure when month-on-month output fell by 8.5%.

Manufacturing employs relatively few Singaporeans and the semiconductor and biomedical sectors even fewer while the latter pay almost no tax and receive huge Gov subsidies to foreign MNCs.

So what’s happening in manufacturing won’t have much impact on Singaporeans but it will contribute to an overall slowdown in demand that together with rising inflation will squeeze real incomes.

Expect sharply reduced growth this year but don’t expect too much assistance from the Gov despite my calls for them to expand domestic demand. Lawrence Wong says expanding demand and supporting hard pressed Singaporean families will push up inflation but that is rubbish since this inflation is imported. Whether it’s because helping Singaporeans will cause inflation or will deplete our reserves (which should be about $3 trillion) this Gov always is full of excuses but short on transparency. The mystery is why Singaporeans have let them get away with lies that wouldn’t satisfy a primary school kid for so long.


Kenneth Jeyaretnam




6 Responses to “Prognosis Of The Singapore Economy”

  • Absolute Power Corrupts:

    It’s a well-known fact:
    Absolute power Corrupts absolutely.
    No Transparency, No Accountability.

    Fatcats at the top, fed by the rats at the bottom.

    Elites in cloud9, feet not touching the ground, oblivious to the groundswell.

    And Time will tell.
    There’s Heaven, there’s Hell.
    Doesn’t it ring a bell?

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  • Moyek:

    Stupid vote stupid.

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  • Do more:

    Need to do more for Singaporean.
    Many are suffering, the bottom 30%.
    Release some of the reserve to help out at this world crisis time.
    The COL is just too high for the bottom 50%.

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  • C’est la vie:

    …… because they can’t think on their own, haven’t yet develop vocal chords and they’ve perpetuated this shit about “they’re the best” !!!

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  • xoxo:

    The Sovereign is rich.
    But many citizens are poor.
    Do we say we are *prosperous*?
    What is prosperity n progress for our *nation*?
    Who make up the *nation*?
    Without citizens,will we still be a nation?
    We are back-sliding from a *Singapore Miracle* into The Singaporeans’ Debacle.
    Well done,3G n 4G.

    There are no world leaders like you.
    You are out of this world.

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  • panyusg:

    A slowdown is nothing vs a possible mass adverse event if what the experts are predicting comes true.

    Those vaccine jabs are toxic ( per Dr. Ryan Cole, pathologist).
    Disaster is coming ( per Dr. Judy Mikovits, Prof Bhakdi, Dr. Bossche, etc.)

    If so, there may be ghost towns in Singapore.

    I pray the experts are wrong but Mother Nature will be delivering its verdict. No amount of POFMA can shut off the voice of Mother Nature.

    2.5 years into Covid and I am in good health and remain unvaxxed. I will survive Covid. I have zero worries of any adverse effects as I refuse to be jabbed.

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