Maintenance of CDN server

Please be informed that TR Emeritus has experienced a Content Delivery Server (CDN) server crash which resulted in multiple broken links and images throughout our website.

Our techie will be attempting to rectify the issue effective this notice and since the amount of data involved is huge, this may take a day or two.

We will not be shutting down the website while maintenance is in progress, thus all articles will remain available, except for the broken images.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Meanwhile, if you are one of those with plenty of time on your hands and would like to get involved with TRE, be it writing of articles and/or help moderate the comments, please use this contact form to contact our Techie Andrew. We do not need any detailed information from you, just a moniker (pen name) and an official email address (assigned by ISP, not free from Gamil or Yahoo, etc).

TRE is certainly a good practising ground for journalism undergraduate. We do not limit or instruct what articles you choose to write, as long as it is relevant and legal, unlike the MSM where you are required to carry and maybe even write half-truths.

We do not limit any articles based on party affiliation, so if you think Mr Ong helming MTF is a God-sent and has saved milllions of people with the insane vaccine mandate, by all means, write. We are a neutral platform that welcomes all views, no matter how insane they may appear to be.

Additionally, if you are pro-vaccine and believes that the vaccines work wonders, we will not stop you from writing an article to that effect, even though most on TRE do not believe in the vaccine.

Plainly put, you are on your own time, own target, with minimum editorial oversight. Technically, it can be said that you answer to nobody on TRE, only to yourself and the readers. As long as the article you write is legal, will not invite POFMA, and is relevant, it will be 101% published.

Currently, we have openings for assistant editors, writers and moderators.

Thank you for your continued support.




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