7 Best Businesses to Start in Singapore

The pandemic unquestionably caused a serious worldwide emergency. It had serious consequences for people’s health, but it also threatened the livelihoods of many company owners. Businesses were some of the numerous industries hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, which occurred at a time when the economy was in shambles.

Not all businesses made it through this time, but some industries actually flourished in this situation – like the online gaming business and Jackpot Capital Bonus. Learn about the companies that managed to stay in business. Which goods and services can still thrive despite the economic downward spiral aftermath?

Despite the difficult business slowdown, you’ll be surprised to learn that survival and prosperity are achievable through tiny and successful company options.

1. Education

The education system in Singapore is recognized as one of the world’s best. For many years, the OECD has recognized Singapore’s educational system as the best in the world. Some of the reasons the school system has been so effective at shaping the economy are a standardized curriculum and a lot of emphasis on critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and project work.

Digital learning is now a crucial tool in the post-epidemic era. Because of this need, companies have since developed Edtech products to help build virtual classrooms and distribute educational materials online.

Blended learning programs, which combine traditional classroom instruction with interactive media like videos and games, are increasingly being offered by Edtech companies to K-12 institutions, government agencies, and corporations. As a result of the country’s advanced technological infrastructure, setting up shop here is a breeze for any company.

2. Online marketing

Several distinct types of businesses can be subsumed under the umbrella phrase “online marketing.” Digital marketing has several subsets, with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services being one of them.

The other is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, a type of internet marketing that uses paid search services (often via Google AdSense) to drive traffic to a website.

Your expertise in converting leads online, conducting market research for online businesses, and maintaining constant interaction will be in great demand.

3. Robotics

The rate of automation is rapidly increasing globally. Singapore, a world-famous center for finance and technology, is also making waves as a leader in robots. As the country with the highest concentration of industrial robots, Singapore is home to some of the world’s best robotics research centers.

Singapore considers robotics a clever answer to the growing challenge of a staffing shortage. Robotics also contributes to enhanced productivity and security. Given the conducive atmosphere for automation, more organizations are investing in robots, making it a profitable proposition.

4. Dropshipping business

In recent years, dropshipping has seen a meteoric rise in Singapore. This online venture is much like operating an internet shop, but no physical stock is involved.

So how does it work?

Dropshipping entails fielding customer requests and passing them along to vendors. You might compare your role to an intermediary between customers and vendors. As such, you should prioritize online product promotion and sales.

Entrepreneurs can start selling online by creating their own webpage or joining an established marketplace like Shopify, Amazon, or Alibaba.

5. Virtual assistant

Enhanced internet connectivity has facilitated the ability for numerous firms to hire foreigners in countries with a lower cost of living. As internet speeds increased, so did the development of virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants, often known as remote workers, do clerical tasks such as answering phones and sending out emails, as well as other professional responsibilities. Virtual assistant agencies train and assess prospective assistants’ abilities to aid their clients. Freelance virtual assistants (VAs) who run their businesses are another option for companies.

VAs have numerous obligations based on their duties. A virtual e-commerce assistant, for instance, may be tasked with a variety of tasks, including data entry (such as adding new products), content creation (such as writing product descriptions), and content review (such as reviewing blogs).

Web design virtual assistants can be trained to work on specific aspects of a site’s design, such as the site’s backend code or technical tweaks.

6. Residential cleaning services

Establishing a cleaning service that caters to homes and offices is pretty rewarding. Residential cleaning is a wonderful alternative since there is a great demand to satisfy.

The standard pricing structure for cleaning services is an hourly remuneration per square foot. The best part is that you won’t have to invest a ton of money into pricey machinery to get started.

Your cleaning business can only start operating once you register it with ACRA. Additionally, you’ll require a professional cleaning license from NEA.

7. Graphic designer

Graphic design refers to a distinct field from “graphic arts.” Graphic design deals with marketing, symbolism, and professional representations that effectively express a brand.

Advertising images for digital and print media, company logos, website banners, and other promotional materials are all products of collaborations between graphic design firms and corporate marketing departments. Singaporeans and foreigners living in the country are also free to strike out on their own as freelance graphic designers or establish design studios.

The need for graphic designers will always exist so long as those designers continue to innovate and adapt, master new digital design tools, and build robust professional networks.


Singapore is a great option if you’re looking to establish a small company on a shoestring budget. This list will be helpful if you’re looking to set up a business in Singapore.



4 Responses to “7 Best Businesses to Start in Singapore”

  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    HAHAAHA!! So many goondoo SSS Sinkies still trying to be “fake entrepreneurs” in Sinkiepore meh? LOL.

    I heard a lot of old and “over-the-hill” Uncles now claiming to “do own business”, but actually they are just unemployed & unemployable, but still trying to spread their own BS that they are “doing own business” mah. Yes?/No? LOL.

    Please lah… even if really want to start own business, only an IDIOT would do it in high-cost, high restrictions Sinkiepore where PAPies gang will out-law / confiscate / monopolize whatever new market/product/service you created lor. LOL.

    Over the decades, I’ve seen my fair share of aspiring Sinkie “entrepreneurs” and I can tell you at least 95% of them all FAIL and then they go back to being a monthly wage employee hopefully for some big-name company. LOL.

    This aligns well with the 90% + of SSS Sinkies who blindly “follow PAPies law-by-law” and INJECTED themselves with the “Xperimental mRNA Jabs”, yes? /no? LOL.

    Such Kiasi, “follow the herd” majority Sinkies who have no balls & no backbone… you think these types can be successful entrepreneurs meh? LOL.

    Sinkies are too inflexible, Kiasi and has little critical thinking capacity and a pathetically deficient imagination needed for real innovation nor have a DIY mentality that’s required for genuine entrepreneurship lah.

    Then, for the 5% or so who has a strong backbone, the business smarts and capability to start, run & grow a business, they should ALREADY be smart enough to know you do NOT do entrepreneurship in Sinkiepore lor. LOL.

    A classic example is the recently deceased Mr. Sim WH, whom many have rightly said that he could have been a great success had he STAYED in the USA and NOT be fooled (by that IE Sinkiepore BS team) to return back to Sinkiepore and to partly help PAPies to create more tech jobs here.

    He should have told PAPies to go FO, then establish his base of operations in USA, then his company would probably have pivoted a few times and could even be a major global Tech company by now, but alas, he fell for the BS of that “famiLEE dynasty”… and he sadly died of a “broken heart” Yes?/no?.

    If anything, his passing and life choices should be an exemplary Lesson to ALL aspiring “entrepreneurs” here, so good luck to Sinkies. LOL.

    GD Star Rating
  • Al.:

    BE a sg minister.

    GD Star Rating
  • xoxo:

    Sell ka-chng as all other profitable businesses monopolise by G.
    From telco to Supermart to real estate.
    Daft calls by daft ministers to sgs to be entrepreneurs.
    Rental so high market-led by Capitaland.
    Consumers bear the rent$.
    Everything from peanuts to condoms very expen$ively priced by NTUC FAT-price.
    Supply issues?
    Many more excuses lah.
    If not supply chain,then oil price or something el$e.
    Supply chain excu$e is crappy.
    GREED IS THE rea$on,can any mini$ter deny?
    Cannot right?

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  • Observer:

    Should encourage businesses that can globalize and earn money from abroad.

    When these global businesses grow big and profitable, they can afford to let domestic businesses earn more profit.

    Singapore businesses earning more profit equals higher GDP equals higher civil servant bonuses.

    Avoid attacking the rich due to envy. Allow overall income in Singapore to rise, so that even lower-income person in Singapore is still considered rich person when they travel to poor countries.

    Some TikTok corporate trainers suggest bosses should duplicate all their skills onto their staff. (I wonder if PRC government paid them to said these things).

    Businesses must develop good brand, reputation, technology, or systems, in order to prevent the staff from taking the skills and customers to competitors or own start-up.

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