Iris Koh is now officially representing Singapore?

Dear TR Emeritus

Came across this on Facebook.

The way that it is captioned and phrased (even in the video), it would appear to me that she is officially representing the “Republic of Singapore”.

What do you think?


Puzzled Reader




9 Responses to “Iris Koh is now officially representing Singapore?”

  • Sporeans Keep Govt Employed:

    She’s bringing you the inside story that other reporters would not?

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  • Maybe the cult leader is rehearsing her role as the leader of Sinkieland when the 95% of Sinkies go seriously injured or dead, because she will then be the only party with healthy members, reportedly 8000+ of them, enough to fill parliament and various ministries?

    But then, inside sources told me that although HTD claims to be for the unvaccinated, actually most if not all of their members are vaccinated to some extent.

    I am sure the cult leader and her hubby know that but they kept quiet so they can continue to milk them, charging them $$$ for watching how a backup power supply works, funds for building roof garden to grow food, etc etc etc.

    Come to think of it, does Sinkieland needs another bunch of leaders with brains in their a$$e?

    Anyone disagree?

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  • xoxo:

    WHO is Iris to W.H.O.?
    Might as well go run for GE.

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  • Un-puzzled:

    Do you know the meaning of “officially representing Singapore”?

    If you know, than you should know the answer to your own question.

    Every Singaporean has the right to proudly proclaim that he’s from Singapore.

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  • Harder Truths:

    The Regime knew that $inkies were Guinea Pigs. They were in league with Fauci and the drug companies. The real question (not that it is important or relevant to our miserable existence) is how much they were paid or promised in other ways.

    They play the two sides of the coin, whichever is popular at the time – to get themselves out of trouble with the stupid $heeple. At the beginning they demand everyone must get the Death Shot and Upsize and force you becuase they know how spineless $inkies are.

    Now they will convince the same people they did not know and trusted the FDA and Fauci, and will fight the bad effects. Iris has been selected to make Roti Prata and convince the public the Regime is on the people’s side. With 95% gullible enough to take the Death Shot, they will surely swallow this new story and it will not be difficult to convince them of the Roti Prata excuse.

    No, I do not think the Regime and other high level people (and even the medical staff) got the Death Shot – they are not that stupid. Non of them have shown any signs of dropping dead or even sick so that is a good clue they were given saline solutions by their corrupted ‘medical’ people.

    The damage is not complete – the FDA has colluded with Fauci and Big Pharma to give the mRNA Death Shot to infants and children on a regular basis for other types of ‘possible’ infections.

    We have yet to see the full effects of the mRNA experimental drug. Expect to be entertained on this topic for a long time to come.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Irish Koh ?Is that the woman who is charged by the police for something on vaccination problems? Thought previously she need a permit or court permission to leave Singapore to Malaysia for some illness treatment ?Is she in Switzerland now ?Now she can just go to Switzerland no need any court order ??? Is she running road like Lee Hsien Yang family too ? No need to come back and send to jail meh for so many police offences ?Did not police recently add some more charges to her again ? Add up sure her charges pile up can reach the sky already ?No ?

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  • P Against P:

    More civil servants needed.

    Do people remember that one charge alone piled up 1000 pages?
    She needs a life time, and maybe, 3.5 PhDs to understand the charges.

    It’s a universal rule that defendants have to understand the charges against them.

    Soccerbetting2: n ? Add up sure her charges pile up can reach the sky already ?No ?

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  • @Soccerbetting2

    Yes, I heard she raised 6 figures to help fight her caseS, but then the MSM stopped reporting on her case, so I have no updates to date.

    Now that she appears to be in an official capacity of representing Sinkieland, maybe all the charges have been KIVied or NFAed?

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  • Light The Way:

    Wow! Season 1 of HBO’s The Last of Us just ended and this trio take it from there?!

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