What Sylvia Lim is trying to achieve out of this…

Ms Sylvia Lim

I really don’t know what Sylvia Lim is trying to achieve out of this …. What exactly is she unhappy about? Just because Shanmugam said that US and its allies are not totally without fault? [LINK]

Or that she is unhappy that a minister says something different from his own party? I know WP would ban all its MPs or even its members from expressing themselves freely in public, all must be “approved” by WP CEC but has she mistaken PAP as WP? She is really behaving more PAP than PAP!

Each Minister may express his own views and in this case, Shanmugam has already qualified that he was expressing his own view (“In my view…”) I am actually impressed by Shanmugam when he shows that he understood the complexity of the Ukraine war and that at least he is fully aware that US and NATO are not without fault.

I am definitely NOT a fan of Shanmugam and I disagree with PAP’s stance in putting “sanctions” on Russia as we are really just a tiny little red dot. On top of that, Ukraine War is the result of a lot of complex issues, not as simplistic as a big bully waging a war out of no reason.

It’s regrettable that PAP gov has chosen side in spite of knowing and understanding the complexity of the issue but at the very least, they understood it.

In my view, as a small country, we should maintain neutrality in view of such complexity.

As a small country, do you think we should just sit there and do nothing but just KPKB when our adversary starts to gang up with our neighboring countries to impose military threats on us? I would do the same as what the Russians if I am in charge, mount a pre-emptive strike to prevent further escalated military threats to our homeland! Pre-emptive strikes in view of a mounting threat may result in the invasion and intrusion of the sovereignty of the surrounding countries, but that’s the only way of self protection and survival! Thus, I would prefer SG to stay neutral for this Ukraine war because I would have done the same for my country Singapore if I am stuck in such similar situation.

It is even more regrettable that Sylvia Lim, as a senior opposition MP, seems to lack the capacity to respect the diversity of views in her way of questioning.

This is not the kind of democracy I envisage for Singapore. The Singapore Gov has its official stance but it doesn’t mean all other MPs or Ministers can’t have their own mind and views.

Worse, is to suggest that all scripts of Ministers (well maybe even MPs or party members!) must be vetted by the Cabinet! Hey, we don’t pay millions for school boys and girls to run the country!


Goh Meng Seng




13 Responses to “What Sylvia Lim is trying to achieve out of this…”

  • Poor gms:

    After so many years running around, gms still cannot understand politics here.

    “Worse, is to suggest that all scripts of Ministers (well maybe even MPs or party members!) must be vetted by the Cabinet! Hey, we don’t pay millions for school boys and girls to run the country!”

    Too bad, Vivian says they speak with one mind. One represents all and all represent one. “As long as we are in charge, the statements of each Minister reflect the views of the Government.”

    gms, go, go.

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  • opposition dude:

    “The Singapore Gov has its official stance but it doesn’t mean all other MPs or Ministers can’t have their own mind and views.”

    And this is why one needs to understand how common sense works.

    Remember when China’s foreign minister or whoever it was caused an uproar a few weeks back when he said something disparaging about Europe? To no one’s surprise he was blasted by the European nations and China, as expected, came out to say that was his own opinion. Remember that one? Why was so much noise made by the European nations?

    When a minister blah blah about a sensitive issue is when people will assume that he/she is speaking on behalf of the government. And if other countries find it offensive they naturally make noise about it.

    All Sylvia was asking is if Shanny’s comment was the view of the PAP or not, that was all. But PAP being PAP got to tell a long grandmother story as usual. Let us see what else will come up later, I wouldn’t be surprised if another shouting match occurred for the increase of COEs.

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  • Tremendous:

    If the writer wants to highlight the observations as oppo village problems, he might as well point out problems from the party of the village chief a million times more.
    Unless he is small minded not to know the value in relieving the main village party from fat cat duties through unity now. There are no idiotic articles, only an idiot here.

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  • Ukraine:

    Shame was caught flat footed by Sylvia for saying that he had the APPROVAL FROM THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY OF THE little cabinet TO SAY THAT BOTH THE US AND NATO CONTRIBUTED TO THE UKRAINE WAR.

    It’s so laughable!

    Then the NON-ANSWER from miss bala who tried his best to wriggle out by saying that there are VARIATIONS to ANSWERS! What a LOUSY school is that?

    They say that if you are a small state……’s best to keep your MOUTH SHUT?

    Keep up the good work Sylvia!

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    GMS, any comments spoken by the PAP would have to be approved, that is why they are unable to rebut and debate in Parliament.There are PAP MPs who have never uttered a word in Parliament. This is the PAP stroking China.Any bad feedback,LHL will appear to contradict Shanmugam.SL is just playing with some bones in Parliament since she knows the whole game You on the other hand should perhaps re-think if you are suited for politics.

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  • xoxo:

    Small wonder,so many blunders!

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  • I think she was just in a bad mood on that day, so she anyhow shot off. Maybe Kim Song pissed her off? lol

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    GMS is typical Opposition that oppose for the sake of oppose.

    No wonder he cannot even win amateur MP Tin Pei Ling.

    Who need enemy when you had GMS.

    Hahaha… PAP SURE WIN again

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    To GMS and all CCP lovers,
    You love CCP but CCP don’t love you…hahaha
    Your money land … ooops I meant mother land don’t want you!!!

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  • Light The Way:

    PAP had far too many talking heads who individually try to assert oneself and to prove one’s worth (to the party).

    You could say that they were in the same book, but not necessarily on the same page.

    However, they all agreed on one thing. A private property family dispute was a suitable topic to be debated in Parliament.

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  • Important issues:

    Not sure why important issues affecting the livelihood of its people with the high COL ,Inflation and retrenchment etc never seem to be in focus .Not much of real solutions or action implement to address it.
    Seem our present lot of MPs are out of touch with the suffering of the ordinary people.
    Maybe they live in another World of Plenty.

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  • Royale Craps:

    I always thought that calling everything political correctness was mostly conservatives blowing yet more smoke to cover up the fact that they were the ones who were trying to control thought and language. Leave it to conservatives to proclaim that being correct is a bad thing.

    But does it implies that one must hew to a ‘party line’, whether it comes from a minister, ambassador or MP? The conservatives centre-left (WP) have much to learn to use political correctness against the conservative centre-right (PAP).
    So this is a double edged sword.

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  • Ukraine:

    Come to think of it, no wonder ms Vivian was trying hard to cover for shame……….

    They are neighbours at RIDEOUT


    How much above?

    Somehow the behaviour of humans are the same…………….they cover for each other be they miniSTIRs or BEGGARS!

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