Tan Kin Lian Is No Johnny-come-lately Independent

Unlike Tharman who was part of the PAP government for 22 years and a grandee of the Party, or Ng Kok Song who was with MAS and GIC for decades as well, Tan Kin Lian has no need to come up with ridiculous reasons as to why he is Independent.

I was alongside Tan Kin Lian on many occasions at Hong Lim Park when we both spoke out against unfair Government policies which worked against the interest of Singaporeans. Back in 2008, he had written to Lee Hsien Loong asking for an independent inquiry for the victims of the so called Mini-bonds following the collapse of Lehman. Many Singaporeans lost their money and savings investing in a product which did not suit their profiles.

The same Tan Kin Lian has said in a press release today that he will have no hesitation as President in convening Commissions of Inquiries to investigate into “scandals” if he feels that the need arises. He is the only aspiring Presidential candidate in history to have made such a declaration.

That is why Singapore needs Tan Kin Lian as the People’s President to Bring Back HOPE, Give Us TRUST!

for those who were affected by lehman collapse and lost money in their minibonds investment.. it was tkl who wrote to the pm on their behalf…


Lim Tean




8 Responses to “Tan Kin Lian Is No Johnny-come-lately Independent”

  • OTC:

    Someone compares himself with OTC. Don’t just compare with our Singaporean HERO. Commit to something heroic NOW. Who will believe you withoout a firm commitment?

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  • Err… simi is “Johnny-come-lately” huh? So chim!

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  • opposition dude:

    While Tan can say that he is independent he cannot also deny that he was PAP branch secretary. He is the only anti PAP candidate so to speak so it’s assumed that the anti PAP voters will vote for him because, honestly, there is no other choice and they all want to give the middle finger to PAP whenever they can.

    Whether his so called “independence”(ex PAP branch secretary if you have forgotten already) from PAP convinces the fencesitters or not remains to be seen though. Right now he is the only one in hot water (so to speak) over his postings of pretty women on his blog. If he can resolve this quickly like how Pritam did with Raeesah then he can get back to the real business at hand of convincing the fencesitters to vote for him.

    But if he keeps talking nonsense throughout the campaign like asking PAP to improve peoples’ lives when it’s NOT the job of the president then it’s 100% gone case liao. Focus on what the president’s role is supposed to be and do not get sidetracked on other issues that do not concern you. Otherwise all you end up doing is giving all critics and PAP more and more ammunition to shoot you with constantly.

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  • Independent ?:

    Actually TS and TKL are not that independent…just supported by different “Party”.

    Look like NKS may be the true independent….no party machine supporting him…haha.

    Maybe he will get the support of the true independent Voters…

    Tech: Tharman is supported by the party, while Ng is supported by the famiLEE, you say lay?

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  • John:

    Ok,lets settle this matter simply.
    Now,did the 40 pct vote for PAP?
    Of course not!
    Did TKL vote for PAP?
    Sure not.
    So,40 pct should just VOTE FOR TKL WHO DID NOT VOTE FOR PAP.

    Let the 60 pct decide to vote for TS or NKS WHO BOTH VOTE FOR PAP.


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  • Ah Beng Merdeka Gen:

    TRE Tech:
    Err… simi is “Johnny-come-lately” huh? So chim!

    Johnny Walker *chiu* for all who voted for HIM. The word ‘come-lately’ from a lawyer’s mouth don’t know can trust or not.

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  • THE 40 PCT:

    Calling 40 PCT.
    Anyone of the 40 PCT who vote either TS or NKS instead of TKL is unworthy to be counted among the 40 PCT henceforth.
    At the most,don’t vote anyone of the 3.
    If not,don’t call the 60 PCT stupid for you are just as stupid.

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  • WakeupSG:

    TKL is truly independent; he speaks for the people seeking to “give a better life for the people.”

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