What nonsense is this?

Three ministries criticising a report that updated a previous report in view of the high inflation.

Come on Ministers. Don’t bully researchers with might. Researchers are academics who know their subject much more than 3 ministries combined. Accept the report and do much more than piecemeal solutions, dishing out money here and there and trying to patch big holes while leaving bigger holes leaking more.

Singapore needs a revamp in many areas unless of course, the government chooses to rely on cheap foreign workers until Singaporeans realise that only the rich become richer and the poor somehow must slog and slog until their last breath.


Teo Soh Lung




11 Responses to “What nonsense is this?”

  • opposition dude:

    You don’t need monkey ministers or ministries to tell you what your eyes can already see from years ago. All these idiots are good for is denying the obvious over and over but guess what, they aren’t fooling too many anymore!

    Why has PAP suddenly given out Workfare all these years to the underpaid when we never had such nonsense previously? And those silly GST vouchers and nonsense pitiful amounts credited into our bank accounts every few months or so as well? If the cost of living wasn’t so damn high such that our wages could enable us to live without government assistance would PAP have to resort to Workfare and GST vouchers?

    You don’t have to admit that you have made a big mess and done the opposite of what you said you would do (making Singaporeans’ lives better), you already say and show it by giving out Workfare and those GST vouchers.

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  • unfortunately, more than 70% of Sinkies are happy with the lightning, so they can accept the deny, deny and deny rhetoric.

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  • High COL:

    Many seniors and poor families find it hard to survive here..the COL is just too high for them.
    It is hypocritical to deny them basic survival level when we know the actual high cost of living here even at most basic level.

    Singapore has one of the worst social safety net for the bottom 20%.Just look at the numbers of old Seniors selling tissues and doing low end jobs to survive when they should be enjoying their retirement years… Some are obviously in poor physical condition….
    You don’t even see such thing in poorer countries…

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    TRE Tech:
    unfortunately, more than 70% of Sinkies are happy with the lightning, so they can accept the deny, deny and deny rhetoric.

    Its ok lah. Thats why you know many many years ago, I alleady totally give up on SSS Sinkies. In fact, that’s how I discovered the local disease called SSS, yes? LOL.

    I said before SSS & “PAPies” will surely Deny, Deny, Deny even up until they are on their death-beds. Yes? /No? LOL.

    Just let it be… we do our part to give warning using FACTS & DATA to those who will listen, then the rest is up to each individual Soul liao lor. Yes?

    Inflation BS from “PAPies” are oso like the insidious LIES of the “Safe & Effective” “Xperimental mRNA Jabs”.

    Majority of SSS Sinkies die will oso want to BELIEVE whatever PAPies say lah… on ANY topic whatsoever.
    “Whiter than White” is allways right to them mah. They can do no wrong, even if the facts &evidence say otherwise lah. LOL.

    So don’t worry too much about this or that “inflation”. ALL these are MSM half-truths to Scare sinkies left, right & center. You just do your own part courageously and steadfastly and WISELY do Zig when “PAPies” tell you to do “Zag”.

    That’s how I beat inflation because whenever the vast majority and “PAPies” say “Jump UP!”, I purposely squat down and vice versa. When everyone is “cheong-ing” into some investment or trend or “PAPies” advice, I will pull-back and avoid. But when no one talking about it or “PAPies” say this thing “no good”, then I study it closely and look for lateral opportunities or time to go into it. Yes? LOL.

    I also don’t worry that most Sinkies will follow my advice to “cheong” into something, because like you say vast majority of SSS Sinkies are “Kiasi” and “Kia ChengHu” one, so whatever advice I tell them (even with facts & data), they will still prefer to listen to the MIW only. LOL.

    So with all things, we just use our logic and do our little part to warn others who are willing to listen, so that we can at least answer to our own conscience.

    The rest of SSS Sinkies – they can CONTINUE to shout “PAPies We Luv U forever more & more!” Yes? LOL.

    Once again… if you don’t believe me… its ok lah. Just wait & see the NEXT “general eRection” final results. LOL.

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  • rice:

    Like wise folks used to say,”Too many cooks spoil the broth”.
    It is more than truthful that too many “10-year series” $cholars spoil SINGAPORE.

    The realities on Ground Zero speak for themselves.
    How long can our $cholars keep denying?
    Perhaps till the sun rise from the WEST?

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    They are the only arbiter of truth so these academics must be POFMAD. The PM and all the Ministers are the biggest liars. How else can they justify paying themselves and their cronies millions of dollars? If they acknowledge that the cost of living has gone up, they have to change or come up with new policies which they are not able to. SDP and WP’s solutions are hijacked and implemented as theirs. Scrutinize JT,CCS,IR,JP etc does anyone think these Ministers can perform in the interest of the State or Citizens. They are not Ministers because of performance but they are rewarded by LHL. So no one in the PAP is going to act outside the circle of the PAP parameter. The circle of wealth, recognition and benefit is only for their own families and members using State resources.It is cultic.

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  • Harder Truths:

    These three clowns dare to challenge the all-knowing Regime ministers?

    Do the ministers not make tons of money? It means they are worth that money right? Or not why are they voted by the masses every election?

    Has the Regime not saved us from Covid by jabbing? (So what if a few died – they were probably going to die anyway).

    Also is inflation inside or outside? Inflation can also roti-prata anytime. Inflation can be Indian one day and Malay the next. Who can say?

    POFMA the clowns and sue them until pants drop. How dare they try to smear the image of the snake-oil sellers.

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    Kudos to the three academics.Hopefully you are not penalised by the regime. A govt. that refuses to acknowledge the value of these recent reports only reflects decayed and rotting governance. The decades old practice of helping the needy by housing, should have been shoved decades ago but Comcare is still based on it. We have lazy Ministers who want to retain old solutions because they don’t want to make necessary changes and they want to make themselves Santa Claus by giving GST vouchers and periodical money gifts. It is to hoodwink the Public of the “goodness.”of the PAP.It is used as a political tool to garner more votes for the ruling party as what has happened in the EP.

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  • Light The Way:

    The basic needs of Singaporeans are to vote for PAP.

    This includes the President elect.

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  • WakeupSG:

    Under pappy regime, people are oppressed left, right & centre!

    POFMA – truths are suppressed, only their narratives are ok

    CECA – jobs offer cheaply to foreigners, locals face unemployment dilemma

    CPF – “Con People’s Fund” (short-Changed People’s Fund) or Retirement Fund which tend to be inadequate as the returns cannot catch up with inflation & rate of wage growth (no living wage).

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  • ganeshsk:

    If a man who claimed in parliament that 1000 can buy an HDB flat these people voted him as president so much for Sinkies.

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