New militant group in Bahrain joins fight against Israel

Fight against Israel in the Middle East region amid ongoing Gaza war snowballs. A militant group from a new Arab nation has now launched an attack on Israel.

The group also released footage of the drone it said was launched towards the Israeli city of Eilat on April 28. The resistance group also claimed to have attacked Israeli targets in the Dead Sea.

The Bahrain-based militant group Saraya Al Ashtar is linked to Iran.


6 Responses to “New militant group in Bahrain joins fight against Israel”

  • Indians:

    Indians (India) out to create trouble, again.

    Earlier today, Saraya al-Ashtar, an Iranian-backed Shia militia in the island Kingdom of Bahrain, claimed its men launched a drone attack against the Israeli city of Eilat last week.

    The claim cannot be independently verified as no open-source evidence of a drone strike taking place in Eilat last week was reported.

    And despite no evidence of this attack actually taking place, it nevertheless marks the first claimed operation by the militia since at least December 2017 according to data kept by FDD’s Long War Journal on militia attacks in Bahrain.

    All talk, no bomb.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Rider:

    Sad day for both sides.

    Even Democratic OPENLY threatened anyone who
    OPPOSE/Against them.

    Democratic Free Speech? Really?
    Facial recognition can determine whether you participated in the pro Hamas protests at the universities. Your jobs and your degrees will be worthless. Your hiring opportunities will be limited.22 Apr 2024

    Either you are with us or against us.
    If with us, yes, free speech for you.
    If against us, no, no free speech for you.

    Come debate. Pro US Democratic supporters.

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  • rice:

    Attacked from all sides,left,right and centre.
    No more Moses to raise his stick.
    How will the Israelites redeem themselves now?
    Not easy as Humility is the Only Way.
    And,Humility is a difficult virtue…

    Shalom,my friends,shalom.

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  • Taking fire from multifront, I wonder if the US will send in NATO to fight in middle east or not. I am dying to see how long Israel withstand the attacks with buildings destroyed one by one.

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  • Singaporean R Free Rider:

    TRE Tech:
    Taking fire from multifront, I wonder if the US will send in NATO to fight in middle east or not. I am dying to see how long Israel withstand the attacks with buildings destroyed one by one.

    US don’t have to send in NATO to fight.

    US had many canon fodders to choose frok.

    From Hong Kong you have about one millions stupid pro democracy rioters to Singapore we had a big mouth name Goh Meng Seng who fly to Hong Kong to join Hong Kee protest against CCP.

    US just need to send in the one millions stupid pro democracy rioters and Goh Meng Seng to middle east to fight Hamas or Ukraine to fight Russians and they will win the war.

    BTW, where did Goh Meng Seng family members/relatives/friends work at?

    We need to use above Democratic Free Speech Mossad X strategy on Goh Meng Seng, his family members, relatives and friends.

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    Has anyone ever wondered who creates and funds the various “terrorist,” groups who supposedly against the West? We know Osama Bin Laden was a CIA spy.Later he was labelled as a terrorist and the Americans who trained him killed him. Now we know that Hamas was created, trained and funded by the Israelis to ensure that a State of Palestine is never declared as the US has declared Hamas to be a terrorist organisation. Why is it that the Taliban,Isis,Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis and now Saraya Al-Ashtar have never come together to attack Israel as a combined force? The weakness in Israel’s defence was shown on OCT.7th.Can Israel withstand a combined “terrorist,” attack? It is the puppet masters that hold all these “terrorist,” groups.If the puppet master is identified perhaps the arms selling will reduce. Until then expect the loss in human lives to continue and our govts. will spend more of our revenue in the arms race.

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