Israel bombs World Central Kitchen convoy killing foreign aid workers

World leaders have expressed outrage after seven aid workers with the charity World Central Kitchen were killed in an Israeli strike on their clearly-marked vehicles in central Gaza.

Meanwhile, Israel PM Netanyahu has dismissed the attacked as "unintended and tragic".

“These things happen in wartime,” Netanyahu added, saying an investigation is under way. Officials are “checking this thoroughly” and “will do everything for this not to happen again”.

An earlier statement by Israeli spokesman Daniel Hagari expressed “sorrow” over the strike and said Israel’s military would carefully probe it, without directly taking responsibility.


4 Responses to “Israel bombs World Central Kitchen convoy killing foreign aid workers”

  • According to the US and UK governments Israel has a right to defend itself against a civilian population, children, infants, the elderly, doctors, nurses, surgeons, academics, civilian police, reporters and humanitarian aid workers.

    While this incident is very sad, the world will not act and the US will die die protect everything Israel does, so Israel can continue to do what it wants and US and UK will continue to supply the weapons needed.

    Case closed, let’s move on.

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  • Dulunsenjata!:

    Israel also bombed the Iranian embassy in Syria, killing seven people, just days ago.

    The actual war between Israel and Hamas was already over within a month. Anything that follows should be considered as search and eliminate, this is especially so when IDF rolled into Gaza and conducted operations within the territory of Gaza.

    The existing land being considered as Israel territory is no bigger than twenty five thousand square kilometres, there are @ 9.5 million inhabitants (including about two million Arab ) living in the land. Their per capital income is about US$ forty five thousand per annum. A country of this size could single handedly commission so much humanitarian crisis requires much reflection by the larger world community.

    Why Israel is so “gallant “? Is that because they have nuclear weapons in their arsenal and ready to use them once they’re about to collapse, so that they won’t “finish “ alone?

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  • Observer:

    The media said it was not on purpose.

    Just like traffic accident.

    So cannot blame anyone.

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  • rice:

    Wars are almost always centred around the whims and fancies of “THE FEW POWERFOOLS” and innocent bystanders are the victims.
    And ,when “the cause” is lost,the “POWERFOOLS” flee away to save their own blinking arses?!

    If you are not happy with Hamas,go get them,better still their Leaders.
    If you are not happy with Biden,why screw others?
    It is such a sick world,war or “peace”.

    On the one hand,those who shout loudly against killing in wars also see no harm in KILLING UNBORN BABIES.
    And,those who support ABORTION also shout loudly about their rights to be LGBT and have “children”?

    The world is upside down inside out and outside in.

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