Iran’s preparations for ‘mega strike’ against Israel underway

Iran is completely exasperated ever since 'Israel attacked' its consulate in Syria. The Middle East media is claiming that Tehran's revenge strike could hit Israel soon. Some outlets, citing military sources, said the attack could take place within 48 hours as Iran moves its hypersonic missiles to launch sites.

Meanwhile, Israel has bolstered its air defences amid reports of Iran's possible retaliation. The IDF said it has called up reservist soldiers to prepare for a possible Iranian attack.

According to military experts, Iran's retaliation may involve hundreds of suicide drones and its new hypersonic missiles that cannot be stopped by conventional air defense systems like the Arrow or Patriot. These hypersonic missiles are reportedly so fast that the response time is barely 10 seconds when it is detected.


One Response to “Iran’s preparations for ‘mega strike’ against Israel underway”

  • Iran should NOT retaliate and should just bite the bullet for now, let Israel destroy itself economically and on the world stage. Netanyahu knows that once the war is stopped, he is as good as dead. So he intentionally attacked the Iran consular to entice Iran to retaliate so that the US would be compelled to get involved to extend the war. The US on the other hand wants to get involved as it has been wanting to take a go at Israel for years, that is the reason why despite knowing that Israel will attack the consular, it chooses to do nothing. Hezbollah and Hamas can continue to do what they have been doing, again Iran should not get itself involved in a direct confrontation. The world’s attention is now on the Palestinians issues, Iran should NOT distract with a full-blown war (that is almost certain) that will gain little or no sympathy from the world. Let the world concentrate on the Palestinian issues and a Palestinian state. The world has a very short memory span, if Iran distract now, the world would forget about the Palestinians and never remembers again, thus Hamas’s sacrifice would be in vain. Netanyahu is busy destroying Israel, with the PE in US in about 6 months time, time is running out for him as a new President may not be as accommodating as the idiotic Biden and his cahoots. Then Israel is as good as deleted, completely isolated on the international stage. Iran can then retaliate and punish Israel all it wants, when the war in Gaza is over and done.

    HOWEVER, if Iran thinks that they cannot take this lying down, then it should throw everything it has ar Israel and finish Israel off, for once the attack starts, both the US and Israel will retaliate and lay to waste whatever weapons that Iran may have (think Houthis). Rather than holding on to weapons that are in pieces, why not use it on Israel?

    My 2 cents.

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