Iran warns of ‘decisive and much stronger response’ of Israel retaliates

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has warned Israel against retaliating after it launched a salvo of drones and missiles against it. He warned Israel and its allies against any “reckless” move. Raisi said in a statement that "if the Zionist regime or its supporters demonstrate reckless behaviour, they will receive a decisive and much stronger response." Earlier, Iranian commanders said that their attack could be deemed concluded unless Israel takes any action. Another commander also hailed the attack as “more successful” than expected.

Meanwhile, Russia's foreign ministry expressed "extreme concern over the latest dangerous escalation in the region" and urged all sides to "show restraint".

It has also warned US that should it assist Israel in any attack against Iran, Russia would not sit "ideally and do nothing".


2 Responses to “Iran warns of ‘decisive and much stronger response’ of Israel retaliates”

  • Israel has been given a slap on the wrist. Netanyahu should not push his luck too far, for without the US and American a$$e-lickers, Israel won’t survive a full-scale attack from Iran.

    Apparently, Iran gave advance 72-hour notice of its intention to retaliate against Israel ( Now we know why 99% of its attacks were defeated.

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  • Sinister:

    British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said he hoped there would be no “retaliatory response” to Iran’s attack
    ‘Time to be smart’ – UK on Israel-Iran tensions

    Israel has every right to retaliate after the Iranian drone and missile attack over the weekend but would be better served by refraining from an escalation, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron has said.

    Ang Mo (+ Israel) have every right to retaliate. Others have no rights.

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