Houthis to escalate attacks against Israeli ships that are ‘within reach’

Days after Houthis rejected US's offer of money, the Yemeni group announces '4th Phase' Of Red Sea ship attacks, vowing to escalate attacks to "any areas within our reach".

Houthis spokesperson Yahya Saree said, "We will attack all ships heading to or having links with Israel in the Mediterranean Sea as well as in any area within our reach." Saree also warned Israel against launching an operation in Rafah.

The Houthis have developed a sophisticated ballistic missile arsenal over the past years, with some able to hit targets hundreds of kilometers away.


One Response to “Houthis to escalate attacks against Israeli ships that are ‘within reach’”

  • rice:

    The “HOLY LAND” (region) is fast turning into the “Devil’s Plan”.
    This is getting uglier.
    If it persists,it may ignite into Third World War.

    Division and Destruction motivated by Satan.
    Even the “students’ protests” look more like Division than Peace and Freedom?

    Angmohs need self-reflection and seek CONTRITION.
    What is badly missing is HUMILITY NOT HUMILIATION OF OTHER nations?

    Go figure.

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