Hamas says it accepts ceasefire deal proposed by Egypt and Qatar

Hamas says it has accepted a ceasefire deal proposed by Egypt and Qatar which seeks to halt the seven-month war with Israel in Gaza.

In a statement Monday, Hamas said the head of its political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, told the Qatari prime minister and Egyptian intelligence minister that the militant group had accepted their proposal.

Displaced Palestinians are ecstatic after hearing that Hamas has agreed to a deal for a ceasefire, especially after fearing an imminent invasion of Rafah.

However, no detailed conditions on the ceasefire deal has been released and Israel has also not made any official statement to confirm the acceptance.

It’s unclear whether Hamas has agreed to the most recent ceasefire proposal, as outlined last week, or a revised version of it.

Meabwhile, it is worth noting that Netanyahu has said he would carry out the offensive in Rafah with or without a ceasefire deal. In fact, the new ceasefire deal may not be done, with an Israeli official quoted in the past few minutes saying that even though Hamas had agreed to a softened version of the proposed deal, that was not acceptable to Israel.


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    Over the weekend, Israel refused to accept the demands put forward by the Hamas for a ceasefire in Gaza. Despite the pressure from Western allies, Netanyahu has vowed to move ahead with his planned offensive in Rafah. Today, Israeli Defence Forces asked 100,000 people in Rafah to evacuate, paving the way for an IDF invasion of Rafah.

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