Israel under multi-front attacks from barrage of missiles and UAVs launched by Iran and Axis of Resistance

In a series of escalating events across the Middle East, tensions have reached a boiling point as residents from Iraq to Israel share alarming footage of the night sky ablaze with explosions. Reports indicate a flurry of activity, including drone and missile strikes targeting Israeli territories, prompting world leaders to monitor the situation closely.

With Iran at the center of the storm, condemnation from European powers adds fuel to the fire, while military forces scramble to intercept incoming threats. As the situation intensifies, the region braces for further escalation, leaving many on edge.

British journalist Richard Medhurst reports on the Iranian response to Israel's bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1. This violation of the Vienna Convention (1961 and 1963) went unanswered until today (April 14). The world has watched anxiously in anticipation of Iran's response. Now Iran has fired a volley of drones and guided missiles at Israel, accompanied by an orchestra of similar calibers out of Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

Contrary to the claims by Israel, most of the 36 cruise missiles from Iran (3rd wave of attack) were not intercepted and reached their intended targets. These missile attacks reportedly wiped out 10 Israeli Bunkers and 3 Airbases, all military in nature thus avoiding unnecessary civilian casualties.

Meanwhile, the attack is reportedly still ongoing. Iran has promised to stage a bigger attack should Israel escalates.


One Response to “Israel under multi-front attacks from barrage of missiles and UAVs launched by Iran and Axis of Resistance”

  • According to the Western media and some pro-Israel ones, 99% of the drones and rockets were intercepted. So since there are about 500 attacks, that would mean only about 5 got through, there are no casualties or damages to speak about right?

    So Iran put on a firework show for the Israelis people, why is the world crying father crying mother about?

    Anyway, this fiasco managed to weed out the Arab nations’ American a$$e-lickers that are Jordan and Egypt. UK and France are already world-known, so no secrets there.

    Noticed that Hamas did NOT fire any rockets, I wonder why?

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