Iran will respond ‘within seconds’ should it is attacked by Israel

Tehran has responded hours after Israel confirmed its plan to hit back. Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani warned Israel not to commit any fresh "mistake." Ali Bagheri Kani said that this time Iran will respond to the Israeli mistake "within seconds."

On April 15, the IDF chief confirmed reports of Israel planning retaliation against Iran. The IDF chief promised a "response" during his visit to Nevatim Air Base, which was attacked and damaged by Iran.


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  • By “within seconds”, I take it to mean that Iran will respond immediately once it is aware that an attack from Israel is on the way, which means that Iran will also launch its drone and missiles at Israel before Israel’s projectiles even reach Iran.

    That I believe would be a defense nightmare, what do you think?

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  • No more free attacks:

    Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami, the commander-in-chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, issued a similar threat. Iran “decided to create a new equation,” he said on state-run television. “From now on, if Israel attacks Iranian interests, figures and citizens anywhere, we will retaliate from Iran.”

    Israel has been bombing Iranians in Syria, for many years. They have killed many Syrians and Iranians in such bombings. Iran has never responded. If Iran means what it says now, Israel will have to think hard before it bombs Syria again.

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    The Iranians gave the Americans 72 hours notice before the last attack. If Israel wants to show its might, the next attack won’t be notified. Only the Dome,the Americans and the British were able to down the missiles. The IDF could not do it on their own. Six ballistic missiles found their target of the airport used to launch the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. Israel claims the damage was minimal but the successful strike in itself has shown the weaknesses of Israeli defence to the Arabs.So if the Americans and the British stay out perhaps the IDF can be forced out of Gaza and the West Bank by the Arabs themselves.

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  • rice:

    Just my humble take.
    The world has enough for everyone except that humans choose not to share.
    Between 2 warring parties,there is the Devil.
    Arrogance(pride),$ and lust for power.
    Some humans even wanna play God.
    The Devil and his minions are busy sowing discord.

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  • Simple fact, no need PhD to figure out.

    IF Iran war with Israel:

    1. WITHOUT the US and its warmongering cahoots, at most the world’s economy tanks.

    2. 1. WITH the US and its warmongering cahoots, World War 3, economy tanks or not no longer relevant.

    Compared to the allies that Iran has, US, UK, France and Germany combined are NOTHING.

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  • Mountain rains chilled:

    It was reported that missiles intercepting homing in attacking missiles is very expensive to produce.

    Eg the patriots, each cost about 3—-4 millions US dollars to produce.

    On the other hand, ballistic missiles is much more difficult to intercept but could be produced at @ 1/5 of the cost of a Patriot missile. Drones are even more cheaper than ballistic missiles.

    The recent retaliatory strikes by Iran against Israel proved something significant. one is Iran has the capability to hit Israel directly from home. The next is 300 missiles and drones fired at Israel had made Israel much poorer. The retaliation caused no civilian deaths but on the day of the strike, no Palestinian children died in Gaza.

    Israel is likely to adopt an eye for an eye in response despite advice against it by their allies. The most probable scenario is a number of F35 stealth fighters jets homing in on important military targets in Iran, the nuclear facilities especially.

    Iran should be in heightened alert now with every thing they have ready, to protect themselves. There are still options in Iranian hands which were not used during the retaliation. If Israel really goes ahead to attack Iran home ground, a bigger problem will come head on to the Israeli.

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  • Attack ?:

    Seconds after israel attack …
    Still counting… many seconds already ?

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