Drones that supposedly attacked Iran were not launched from Israel

Tehran claims the drones shot down by Iran's air defence systems over the city of Isfahan were launched from the country’s territory. Iran’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace spokesperson Hossein Dalirian said “the range [of these drones] is very short, undoubtedly from inside the country”. An analyst told state TV that mini drones flown by "infiltrators from inside Iran" had been shot down by air defences in Isfahan.

The analyst also revealed that the drones were actually quadcopters, not actual attack drones. Quadcopters are normally used for sight seeing and agriculturael dusting, not suitable for attact because of its limited short range and low speed.

All 3 quadcopters were shot down by Iranian air defenses and no damages were reported.


4 Responses to “Drones that supposedly attacked Iran were not launched from Israel”

  • Observer:

    SIA should fly through North Pole to Europe.

    SIA should discuss with Russia, China and Korea about this.

    US government thinks Israel is more important than Ukraine.

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  • Lianggonggong:

    About the missiles launched by Israel at targets in Iran.

    USA diam diam, as if it is none of their business.

    Israel government also diam diam, as if they are the obedient kindergarten children.

    Iran government also didn’t identify the country responsible for the missile attacks.

    It looks like all parties involved have no desire to go to war.

    Thanks goodness for the very sensible people in charge this time around. Sinkie can avoid having another round of infections again. Liangpopo is blessed, he is very lucky, he brings luck for all sinkie and himself.

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  • My in-law has 2 of these quadcopters, they use them for spraying insecticide, they have very limited range, at best 1KM even if powered by diesel.

    I would assume some Iranian farmers were spraying insecticide and the drones lost control and ventured into some areas triggering the air raid alarms.

    It was a false alarm and the lying Israel and US cooked the event up to make it look like an attack.

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    If oil price rises our food costs goes up. All govts. should pressure the US to grant the Palestinians a Statehood to end the war.

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