UK’ David Cameron slammed by Netizens for ‘hypocrisy’

A clip from a Sky News interview featuring British Foreign Secretary Cameron has gone viral, stirring controversy over his remarks on Iran's recent attack on Israel. Cameron labeled the attack as "reckless and dangerous," sparking speculation about potential British response if a British embassy were targeted.
Amid calls for action, Cameron's admission of readiness for "strong action" if a British consulate were hit raises concerns.

Meanwhile, as details emerge about Iran's unprecedented aerial assault in retaliation to an Israeli strike on its embassy in Damascus, tensions soar. With Israel's vow to retaliate and the specter of a wider conflict looming, the situation in the Middle East remains highly volatile.


3 Responses to “UK’ David Cameron slammed by Netizens for ‘hypocrisy’”

  • Ghanajeel:

    Wonder if the Jew in Israel has suicidal mentality!

    Just a few years back, read somewhere about world nuclear powers.

    Of course the seven nations with nuclear arsenals at that time were in the list. It was quite surprising that Israel was listed as one of those countries with nuclear warheads, not officially confirmed though. The estimated number of nuclear warheads, based on reliable sources, was said to be about 90 pieces.

    If the Jew in Israel really has suicidal mentality, and truly they have nuclear weapons ready for use, wonder once they are cornered, would all hell will break loose!

    Here, kowtow to South Africa and Ukraine, they were once nuclear armed but for world peace, they relinquished their nuclear weapons willingly.

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  • Evil:

    That one is an evil man. He attacked Libya, murdered Gaddafi, and left Libya in years of civil wars.

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  • UN vote Palestine State:

    US blocks Palestinian push for full UN membership at Security Council

    US vetoes UN Security Council resolution that recommended the state of Palestine’s full membership in the world body.

    UK hide (abstain) and US veto.

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