Major traffic accident in Tampines

Many people woke up to a major traffic accident in Tampines yesterday morning that involved a speeding car, numerous other vehicles, several injured persons were conveyed to hospital, took the life of an innocent woman and a young student's life.

Many must be shocked and saddened. I know I am. An innocent live full of promises and opportunities was cut short.

Reading social media, many people called for more traffic cameras to be installed lalala. I am not convinced about doing more of the same thing and expecting different results.

Many people must have forgotten by now but just last february, again, a speeding car crashed into some shophouses at Tanjong Pagar (TP) in the dead of night that took the lives of 5 young men who were trapped in that wrecked car and were burnt to death.

It is my view that it is naive to believe that having more speed traps and cameras will rein in ultra impatient, hardcore, seriously could be bothered and recalcitrant drivers and riders. I ask didn't the TP car crash and yesterday's Tampines prove my point?

Good and generally decent people do not need 'so much laws' to guide them in their behaviours and bad people will ignore or try to game the laws.

I seriously do not want to see any more innocent lives lost or suffer unnecessarily due to the driving behaviours of seriously couldn't be bothered drivers; not any more road users, pedestrians or even ministers' children and/or their loved ones.

So, I ask myself. If we cannot stop such dangerous driving behaviours of some people despite having so many cameras and traps already, what is the next best thing to do?

My answer is simple. Make sure that our laws must provide for them to pay adequately and I mean seriously adequately and not just some points deduction and some monetary fines. Kid's gloves.

I repeat, I do not want to see any pap ministers' children pay the ultimate price on the road before they move to table laws to enable our judges to hand down, among other things, mandatory minimum 6 to 12 strokes caning, very lengthy jailtime and a life time of driving/riding ban for some seriously dangerous drivers or riders.



Simon Lim



12 Responses to “Major traffic accident in Tampines”

  • COE fault:

    Why are such accidents that fault of the COE system?

    The high COE ensures only the rich can drive. So we get a large number of rich arrogant inconsiderate drivers on the road. These drivers look at other road users an say, “Get out of our elite uncaring face. You die your problem.”

    We don’t have enough humble not-so-rich drivers to show the way.

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  • Juwrong:

    Benefit from accident.
    1)Tel company.2)rescue personell.3)coe,4)car shop,5)coffin and wheel chair shop 6) legal area.etc etc…

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  • Smart Nation:

    Change driving habit; re-orientate the mind. Do not speed up when approaching traffic lights. Instead, ready the mind and foot to slow down (for amber) and come to a halt (red). How much time can one save by beating the light? A couple of seconds/minutes? Not worth getting yourself killed or ending another person’s life over those few seconds/minutes. Better late than never; better safe than sorry. Be patient, be courteous, be considerate; and do not “chiong” on the road.

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  • Sporeans Keep Govt Employed:

    I think death penalty will work.

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  • OMEN 1505:

    What happen on this day is not just an accident, it seems to foretell the tragedy coming after the 1505 change of SG PM.

    Do you remember the SAAB black car number that killed 2 persons & 6 other casualties conveyed to hospitals is 1505!

    This number is an omen telling us that something BAD is going to happen in SG!

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  • Observer:

    During LKY times, Singapore had a rule that heavier goods vehicles have stricter lower speed limits.

    It made a lot of sense because heavy vehicles have longer braking distance and greater momentum.

    Maybe install modern sensors on our vehicles to detect pedestrians.

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  • Trust only myself:

    Speeding and causing death………minimum life in prison…….what else?

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    Too many people on a tiny island is driving many to insanity. There was also the incident of a lady jumping onto the bonnet of a car and the driver still kept driving. Population increase on everything concrete around us is changing our behaviour. The increase in punishment is not the only solution but the removal of our forests has to stop for our mental wellbeing. Watch people on the streets and on the trains,everyone is on the phone. How about drivers and pedestrians? Technology is taking over all our lives. So the accidents will only increase as our mental health in Singapore is declining. This is the root problem and has to be addressed. Singapore under the PAP looks good on the outside but is breeding layers of stress that is showing itself in the form of accidents and suicides.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    Rich people can afford to drive Supercar.
    Also got money to pay for good lawyers.
    My advice to these people.
    Singapore too small for you to drag race.
    Emigrate to big countries with big open roads. E.g Germany with the Autobahn (No Speed Limit).

    If you want to crash and die. Your own business. Don’t have to bring other people with you. They have other plans for their own lives.

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  • Very “Dulan” people!:

    Motorised vehicles normally require drivers.

    The drivers have many choices!

    They can drive slowly, carefully, with consideration, friendly attitude for other road users or just the opposite!

    Worst comes to the worst, they can choose not to drive, be driven around by someone one or jalan kaki.

    The only type of commuters who have no choice are those who have to walk from point A to point B along pedestrian walkways.

    Now a a day, this category of commuters really have to risk their lives walking on the pedestrian walkway when bicycles, motorised mobility aids are allowed on the pedestrian walkways.

    There are already many instances of people walking on pedestrian walkways being injured by cyclists or by motorised mobility aids being used by irresponsible and inconsiderate users.

    Most of the incidents went unnoticed, not reported. Thus, nothing seen, nothing heard, everything seen to be ok and peaceful.

    However , there are very many very “Dulan “ people who have no choice but to use pedestrian walkways to get from point A to point B every day! They have been thinking why nobody cares about their welfare and the rights of using the pedestrian walkways safely, they really have no choice!

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    @ it seems to foretell the tragedy coming after the 1505 change of SG PM.

    Please lah. No correlation ok.

    Yes. An unfortunate incident. Take care when driving. Stay alert.

    Malaysia also a tragic accident involving 2 helicopters and claiming 10 officers lives. Anwar luck no good is it ?

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  • Light The Way:

    CareShield Life can’t help you when you are already pronounced dead on arrival.

    Maybe CPF should work more closely with the Singapore Traffic Police?

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