Houthis reveals hypersonic missiles in its latest strikes

Yemen’s Houthis have released footage of their attack on an Israeli ship in the Arabian Sea. Houthis used the home-made hypersonic ballistic missile 'Hatem-2' in the Arabian Sea attack. Houthis claim their 'Hatem-2' achieved an ‘accurate and direct’ hit on MSC Sarah V.

The statement by the Ansar Allah Movement accompanying the video noted that the footage’s release marked the first time ever when the projectile was being revealed.

According to various sources, no single anti-air systems is currently capable of intercepting these missiles, which means that all ships within range of these missiles are very vulnerable.


4 Responses to “Houthis reveals hypersonic missiles in its latest strikes”

  • rice:

    “WAR” is now being treated like the “COMPUTER GAMES” teenagers loved getting hooked on their terminals and mobile devices.

    We are in dangerous times.
    It just take one “fanatic” to trigger off the Third Word War.

    No different from the “ego” teenagers derived from “killing” their virtual opponents.

    And,GOING FORWARD,when current “game-maniac” teenagers take over national leadership positions,it will be even more disastrous.

    So much for the “hype” given to “DISRUPTORS”; guess it will be more like DESTRUCTION?

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  • Observer:

    Houthis threaten the USD.

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  • Looming WW3:

    Looks like the looming WW3 is inevitable.

    All countries should start stocking up dry food and other necessities for their people to survive the very least over an indeterminate period of extreme hardship.

    Political leaders should stop internal politicking and infighting and focus on human survival.

    Borders shall become very porous as humanitarian crises grow out of proportion and beyond control.

    This grim reminder is not warmongering and it should not be taken lightly as Armageddon is visible fast approaching.

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    The Houthis are causing financial loss to the West as they use missiles and drones. The cost of maintenance for the navies in the region trying to shoot down the missiles and drones would have increased tremendously.

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