A typical horseplay in Parliament

This is not meant to denigrade the August Parliament but simply to give a flippant portrayer of an overview of its proceedings.for the amusement of discerning Singaporeans.

Have you ever seen the interaction of monkeys in a zoo? Do you not think that this could be a parable of the Singapore Parliament because of its massive majority the PAP holds court is a foregone conclusion and no argument about it. But the Opposition can still see some defiant voices to cock a snook at the PAP which could trepidate their arrogance. A fierce freedom-fighter is MP Leong Mun Wai who has become a bee in the bonnet of the formidable Minister K, Shanmugam . It's a thrill to watch the duel of wits between the two in Parliament with Leong Mun Wai making a mockery of the redoubtable K. Shanmugam despite the eloquent superiority of the latter. Another quite fierce MP is Hazel Pao but a little less aggressive than Leong Mun Wai. Both are from the People's Progressive Party (PPP) helmed by Dr. Tan Cheng Bock who could be a prime minister if not for age handicap.

Pritam Singh with his serious character flaw is a liability and could lose his seat in the next general election.

The PAP MPs are anything but brilliant. Some of them speak like robots and could hardly make themselves intelligible to the audience. But this is only to be expected as they are quite secure in their tenure which is a golden rice-bowl to them even if they are dumb. This is the price that Singaporeans have to pay.

Are the PAP's 4-G stalwarts up to their marks? Ong Ye Kung is the only 4-G candidate who shows he has talent which could match if not surpass DPM Lawrence Wong. But he lacks the patronage of PM Lee Hsien Loong. DPM Lawrence Wong is really a big mouth. Have you ever watched a Taoist priest chanting to the devils and don's you think that DPM Wong looks like one in his ranting? This is all an irony of fate.

Lee Hsien Loong has dominated the political scene for a coniserable long time, much longer than he deserves. Has he and his avaricious ministers really brought prosperity and progress to Singapore? There is a Chinese saying : Each has his own wisdom (人各有智). What one sees may not be the same with another. You should open your eyes wide to view the millions of people's money that they pocket for so-clled public service.Even the American President draws a salary more than four times less than Lee Hsien Loong. You don's think they are enriching themselves with people's money and are really serving the people?

When will Singaporeans really wake up and vote in people who are really for the people? May \God bless you all.


Yoong Siew Wah



14 Responses to “A typical horseplay in Parliament”

  • Cates:

    The henchmen are celebrating.

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  • Sinkie Silver Serpent:

    ”Teo Chee Hean says public service leaders must have courage to speak up, even when they disagree with ministers”
    ”Ngiam Tong Dow says his recent comments on ministers unfair and illogical….Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has welcomed former top civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow’s clarification of several negative comments he made recently about the current crop of ministers. — ”.. ST.AUG 20, 2020.
    ….”“it is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair.
    When they do speak, they get butchered immediately.
    Highest paid civil servants in the world…’better not rock the boat’ is the motto of sinkie civil servants..aka silver serpents

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  • Mr Yoong should not be too harsh against Pritam. Pritam is very busy doing what he needs to do, like checking on who his members are bonking after office hours.

    He is trying to hold the party to the standard set by the lightning, or else how to justify he is paid so much and qualifies for lightning Team B?

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  • rice:

    @Uncle Yoong
    Most of what you say is reasonably acceptable.
    But me cannot agree that Ong You Con is talented
    Besides his arrogance ,which is quite obvious,he is just another bird-song singer.
    Perhaps,at most,just like a one-eye Jack in the Valley Of The Blind.

    As for P$,the Erected Oppo Leeder,he should go hone his legal skills with his JD as an apprentice.
    That will do him some good and do us some justice should we want to vote for him.

    As for the rest of the $alaried sitting on both sides of the bench,they arebeing paid for doing nothing.
    How many of us wish we also could be paid for shaking legs.

    Yes,Mr LMW N Ms HP deserve to be more appreciated.
    And,Mr DR TCB is surely a respectable man.
    I would hope for Dr Chee to be treated more squarely and fairly.

    As for WP,keep wayanging till you cannot anymore.

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  • VOTE:

    It’s PSP & not PPP! Progress Singapore Party!

    PPP is People’s Power Party!

    Not easy to remember so many oppo parties!

    Better to fight pappy with 1 United Opposition Party!

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  • Cruel reality:

    In Jin Yong Novel, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, 天龙八部, 虚竹 son of “无恶不作”叶二娘 , 段誉 son of 四大恶人, 恶贯满盈”段延庆 all get happiness, prosperity and power. Jin Yong novel depict the cruel reality of our world -Bad guys’ son and descendants get all the good things and poor people are left to suffer.

    Many people wants to do good but they have no chance. If people become kings, high official and rich man, they too can do some charity to build good image and keep the bulk of the wealth and power for their descendants and their own enjoyment. The worst is the powerful and rich has been doing many evil to become rich and power and history write all the good about them because they are powerful and rich.

    Powerful Kings and officials always do many evil to destroy their competitor and enemies and bad name them. For example, Li Yuan is womanizer and rebel, who rebel Sui Dynasty to be King causing many deaths and write all the bad things about Sui Dynasty and its emperor Yang Kuang. Li Shimin, first Tang emperor kill own brother Li Jiancheng and then write bad things about his brother and how good he is. If we look closer, Li family in Tang dynasty are very bad guys who seize the throne and do all evil things to stay in the throne. Li Shimin even kill his own brother and rightful heir which is inhuman and unacceptable to Chinese culture, yet he is name emperor and people had no choice but to accept him and accept evil. Power dictate history and many truth are not written in history. People believe in those trusted people who are high educated and in high position but these people are all bought by money and power. In today world, you can see for yourself, so many people tell things for wealth and power. People only know lies support bad people descendants to be leaders, so these leaders does not deserve to be leaders.

    This is not the society we want. We do not want those rich man who make huge profit on us like in food, housing and medicine get away with all money to enjoy and pass to their descendants and all live happily ever after. We do not want to be damn with Emperors and Kings who seize the throne with people support because of fear. In the end, we do not want to end up to be failure state ancient China writing all good history about themselves and reality is ancient China conquered by Yuan dynasty, Qing dynasty and become backwards from the west till today still cannot be more advance than the west. They, the hypocrite get wealth and power through evil means and they and their descendants enjoy and sometimes with good image, this is unjust and bring serious consequences to the fate of people and nation.

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  • opposition dude:

    “Pritam Singh with his serious character flaw is a liability and could lose his seat in the next general election.”

    Good joke there Mr Yoong, keep dreaming hor. If Pritam was to lose his seat he would have lost it in 2020 because hor, people on TRE have repeatedly said WP are lousy co drivers so should be voted out. But strangely, the voters of Aljunied don’t agree hor? Very funny don’t you think?

    And who doesn’t know the 4G cannot make it? Remember some netzens’ interpretations of what the G in 4G meant? Ranging from garbage to goondu amongst a few other choice words. Pre pandemic, bragging and boasting that these clowns could take over ANYTIME. Sure man whatever. One pandemic later story change to “4G needs more time” and also “Heng with his abysmal win percentage in East Coast now says his runway is too short”. Pure comedy gold sia which only the PAP can provide.

    Let’s see if voters are fired up enough to vote moe opposition in when the election is announced. PAP will scare the dafts by saying “coalition government no good, see what happened to Malaysia!!!” but for the rest of us fewer monkeys in parliament will be a whole lot better for the country.

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  • 2Daft2Live:

    I still think it was a mistake for Low Thia Khiang to pass the baton to Pritam. His performance had been subpar and mediocre at best. Sinkies should judge their politicians objectively based purely on their performance and not based on prestige, pedigree or hearsay. Only then can we squeeze the best out of them and not the other way round.

    YSW want god to bless sinkies? God only help those who help themselves. Alas, stupidity has no cure except sufferings and extinction.

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  • Dalai Says:

    Have to DISAGREE with YSW that OYK is a *cut above the rest*. LKY’s caliber? A mediocre or joke at most. In fact can’t find any 4-Gs jokers in the present cohort worthy of note.

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  • U2:

    Add two word to sg.”kena cancer”

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    段誉 虚竹 ?
    Problem is these 2 没做什么坏事. And they cannot chose who their parents are or which family to be born ? If can chose who dont want to be Li Kah Shing grandson or grand daughter ?

    And many incidents were shit stirred by 慕容博 because he wants to 伟大复兴燕国 ( like someone we all know in current china but results generally 烂尾 ).

    So is 大理 or 西夏自古以来 China’s land. Obviously Nope. It was the mongolia army who conquered Song dynasty then also about the same time conquered the above 2.

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  • rice:

    I sincerely put across to all,MPs and humble sgs.
    Can many of our current LEADERS serve for a “token” salary?
    The answer is YES!
    If,and only if,our ministers truly want to SERVE the people instead of “$$$”.
    Our ministers,most of them,have enough savings earned from their high compen$ations to buy tens of 5-room HDBs !
    Many sgs are merely struggling to get by.

    Serving the people was what our more decently paid 1G did for their countrymen.
    Nowadays,the Spirit to SERVE is different.
    It has become the $pirit and nothing more!

    This is the humble TRUTH that our leaders keep denying.

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  • taxi uncle:

    New 5-room BTO now closing up $1M.
    The secondary market being pushed higher and higher by PRs.
    In the end,Singaporeans will be the last-dtanding fools as PRs reap hundreds of thousands from selling their HDB.

    The time has passed for the Govt to take the due action.
    COL is simply too high.

    Many sg-families are suffering quietly.
    Time to stand up ,Singapore.
    No more crappy reasons.
    No more birdie-talking.

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  • History and Nation:

    You are wrong. You don’t understand what China is. To the small brains, like you, China is the continuation of Qin #1.

    PAP mandate strong: So is 大理 or 西夏自古以来 China’s land. Obviously Nope. It was the mongolia army who conquered Song dynasty then also about the same time conquered the above 2.

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